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  1. Hey! I read she's dating Roberto Aguire, is it true?
  2. Hello guys? How are you doing? I'm from Brazil and I need to practice my English. So I'm doing some Vlogs about being a fan of Emma Watson. Do you guys think I should post them? I'm a little bit shy but I really like talking in English and from 0 to 10, I would say that I'm a 10 fan of Emma!
  3. Hi guys! I'm searching on the Internet about the real address that Emma uses for fan mail. I'd like to write a letter to her. I found this one: Emma Watson Markham, Froggatt & Irwin 4 Windmill Street London W1T 2HZ UK Is this the real and correct one? Has anyone here ever wrote a letter to her and received an autograph or maybe an answer? What address did you use? Let me know! Thank you guys!
  4. Yeah, I had to stop college and I have nothing to do
  5. Here you can check out all the boyfriends she had: http://dating.famousfix.com/tpx_810/emma-watson/dating Who is the next one? Any clues?
  6. Do you think she treat us well? Have you ever taken a photo with her? Have you ever got her autograph? Say anything related to her relationship with fans here!
  7. I'm Sticking With You - The Velvet Underground
  8. My wish for 2014 is that I could meet her in LA in the end of December. I'm going to USA, yay!!!!
  9. Andre

    Taylor Swift

    Any fans here? Beautiful woman, inside and out.
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