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  1. I am the casting director that works for the company that hired Emma Watson I know what I am talking about. Not to get you confused but the secret service looked into Emma Watson boyfriend and the Boston PD if you dont not now that for being assoicated with Al-Quedia.
  2. Emma Watson is not going to do the little mermaid that is going to be played by Miley Cryus. Emma Watson is going to play Beauty in the Beast.
  3. Emma Watson is going to star in a new movie that is going to be filmed in New York City,NYC. The movie is going to be about Emma Watson who is a campaign worker that gets bipolar disorder. Emma Watson sees a pretend person played by Will Moffett who trunting Emma Watson that she she is in love with him. Emma Watson has to see a psychologlist to get the voice out head the Emma Watson keeps hearing. Emma Watson boyfriend Will Moffett is the Co Star to the movie. The Casting Director is Casting: Aquila / Wood Casting
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