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  1. thx a lot - finally, some first-hand information
  2. your opinion, I restrain myself from telling about who is and who is not boy or man. Because only i can see is a photo. But your right to have an opinion
  3. maybe, i'll be happy like hell but i hope She's aiming higher. Besides i don't want to wait whole year or longer for another movie. I`am naive but i still belive in YVIMH
  4. yeah name one. the one with at least 40% probability
  5. damn, maybe it`s me but i think she should play more, one movie in a year? she`s an actress right?
  6. wait, is this mean that I and all of you, We'll see Ems in only ONE movie in 2014?
  7. can i see online broadcast? anywhere?
  8. Hi , any news about filming this? Or maybe project is dead?
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