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  1. Hey, thank you for your answer. Believe me or not, I agree in every point! Really! But the thing ist, that Emma repeats in almost every Interview how shy, introverted etc she ist. That she never wants to be a woman who attracts attention with sexiness or nudity. I remember that so well because then I thought "wow! Finally a star who wants to attract attention through achievement and not just through her appearance". And this is exactly the picture, Emma drew of her over all the years. She whispers the word "condom" in an Interview and on the other hand she wears a dress with a cleavage til
  2. I had to laugh very hard, because two hours ago an article about emma came up. The magazin is from germany and serious. If I try to translate it, it means: " Emma Watson fights down her Good-Girl Image" It says that Emma is one of the most serious Child Stars in the world who doesn´t want attention through Drug or Sex scandals. But know she wants to get rid of this image. It says that its a very great achievement to go through puberty in public without any scandals. But now she wants to catch this up. To the Magazin Elle she said, that she broke into a hotel pool at 3 am. To the sunday
  3. You can believe me, it´s still very hard for me to critizise anything abpout emma. She was my saint rolemodel for years. Maby you know the adage about germans, that they really, really hate changes. They´d like to live in a world where nothing changes. Maybe this adage fits also to me I know that people change. Opinions change. I do this all the time and this is not what i critizise emma about. It´s just that the no longer sticks out between all the female stars on the red carpet. All are wearing the same. The more you reveal, the more storys are written and photos are made. Thats how most
  4. yes, now i know this. I didn´t know the existence of these blogs and sites before, so I went to this forum i´ve known for ages now. I really had no idea this is such a delicate topic here. I can do better with my time than trolling, believe me I wouldn´t talk abput it here when it´s just fun to me. It really bothers me.
  5. What? No, I Am a woman, not a man. Why should I have a problem with my gender?
  6. Yes, no, I don´t know. Like I said in my first posting in the closed topic, it´s really hard for me that she lost this shy, correct image. I identified myself with her for years and I always thought that it´s nice to have a actress to look up to, who is just..I don´t know how to explian this right.. It just has a bad taste for me. Miley Cyrus and Lindsey Lohan also started as nice, innocent girls. And look what happend to them Maybe I´m afraid this will happen to Emma. Do you know how it is to have a rolemodel? Just because of emma, I got better at school, because I learned more...I than
  7. Hey, thank you fpr this normal answer. I really don´t believe all I read on these blogs, really. I totally hate how media blurr the sight and change it to their like. But I SEE what Emma wears on official occasions. She reveals so much skin, almost never wears a bra....yes, that makes me think she does this on purpose. Can you wear a shirt with a cleavage to xour bellybutton a whole evening without revealing too much? Believe me, this is very difficult and I know this. sometimes I wear such clothes... When I really don´t want people to see so much of me (what Emma claims very often in In
  8. Oh lord, stop being so childish. Do you all live in a world full of fluffy clouds and unicorns shitting candy? Wake up, Emma is a human being like we all are. Nothing makes her better than us. Shes just famous, thats all. I know what it´s like to fancy her. A few years ago nobody could say to me she isn´t beautiful or a bad actress. I punched him/her right in the face. Only in my thoughts of corse. But being more mature now, having an own family and that, I question some things about her, thats all. I wouldn´t do that, when she wouldn´t draw such a holy picutre of herself.
  9. Yeah, thank you! I really don´t want to critizise this site, i´m following this site since 2008 (i think) and I respect and like the people that work on it and make sacrifices of their freetime. I also like the message to respect Emma, but respect doesn´t exclude to question anything about her or critizise. She is not a saint. Nobody is. But isn´t that what makes people interesting?
  10. What kind of forum is that when no one can ever ask a critical question? It´s not like I said Emma is a silly chit or something like that. I just wanted to talk about her changes without getting repectless. An no, i´m not Zain or what his name was, but his Topic made me think about it more intensive and I decided to open another topic without being unfair against emma.
  11. From the Years 2005-2009 I was a really big fan of Emma. This ended because I grew up and there were more important things in my life. I am at the same age as Emma and she was my rolemodel. Being that famous and being anyway so down-to-earth is really great! But what I loved most on Emma was, that she always acted and mostly looked like the girl next door. Like a good fried of the neighborhood to have fun with. I was always so happy when she said in in interviews, that she doesn´t like being too sexy. Showing cleavage or wearing miniskirts. I liked that because I can´t stand all the women
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