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  1. Emma is always in my heart. Oh, and ridicule is nothing to be afraid of. I'm an unapologetic romantic
  2. yes, if you like. and i would use "babe" in a comforting olde worldy sense.
  3. Perhaps she fell into their clutches on a UN mission or because they took exception to her comments about women's rights all over the world? I'd take it upon myself personally to seek her out and deliver her from a fate worse than death. As I'm cradle carrying the Hollywood princess away from danger, she'd look up at me with those big brown eyes and say "what could i ever do to repay you?"- and I'd reply with a comforting caress of her hair- "no problem babe, he for she remember?"
  4. I ask because she has this very classy and regal princess vibe about her and I'm sure she'd faint very gracefully
  5. I only used the term "family friendly" to make it clear I was not referring to or inquiring about SEXUAL fantasies about Emma.
  6. this weird interpretation is going off in a rapey direction now...
  7. what's sexual about being unconscious and holding hands?! you have a warped imagination
  8. Call me a sappy romantic but I like thinking about rescuing Emma as a pretext to falling in love- I know she's a strong woman but the idea still makes me sigh. In one fantasy we're on a small plane flight and briefly brush past each other and share a mutual smile/flirty moment. However disaster strikes and the plane crashes over the desert leaving us as two of the last survivors. Emma is not badly injured but sprained and unable to walk - I pick her up cradled in my arms and carry her for miles and mile in the blazing sun as she lols in and out of consciousness and begs me to leave her and s
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