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  1. Yes, it's a good idea, I will create my own logo ! Thank's
  2. Thessalie ------> Merci beaucouuuuup Elena -----> God, Emma is soooo beautiful on your avatar, I think she probably turn me gay, aha Anyway, Thank you !! I have a Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Emilia-D/641574539273586?fref=ts I often post my drawings on fb groups for advice and opinions and to discover others artworks. My dream is to be able to sell my work or have orders, that would be great, maybe one day!
  3. Jigz ---> I can't give you an answer because it depends of each person, me for example, I love drawing as much as I love painting, and for me, there is no easier way, it's just different. In class of Art, we must try so much techniques to find the one that suits us best For the shape, I contrast the photography on photoshop (not too much) so it's easier to draw, I always begin by darkest areas Hair are so hard to draw, I watch a lot of vidéo on Youtube which explain how to draw hair but it's pretty hard for me, aha. I guess it takes a lot of practice ! Elena ---> Yes exactly, it's l
  4. Elena ---> Yes, I couldn't polish because I made it with a ink pen, it's a technique call Dotwork Thank you very much for your opinion jigz ---> ahah, yes, I have studied art for 3 years (and it's not finished ) so yes, I practice a bit, but it's the first time I use the technique of Dotwork Thank you very much for all your sweet comments, ça m'encourage à continuer !
  5. HI ! I watch The perks of being a wallflower the other day and I was soooo in love with Emma in this movie. Then I watch Bling ring, I found her so beautiful ! So I decided to draw her, it's one of my first portrait, I hope you like it ! You can watch it here : Bye ! P.S : I create my Facebook page today, you can like it if you want : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Emilia-D/641574539273586?ref=hl Sorry If I make some mistakes, I'm French
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