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  1. Oh, this is so gorgeous :wub: Thank you so much, I love it <333
  2. Aww, this is so nice of you! I love my gift, it's beautiful Thank you so much!
  3. Hocus Pocus Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2
  4. Ooooh, mine's gorgeous! Thanks so much <333
  5. That's really pretty, I love the effect
  6. That is fantastic! The colours are beautiful and I really love how you made it :wub:
  7. The Coldplay stuff is great I'd freaking LOVE to go and see them in concert <3
  8. These are my favourites :wub: Great job!
  9. Forwood, Taylor and Phoebe wallpapers are beauuuuutiful :wub: Thaaaaanks <333333
  10. :wub: You KNOW I love it, thank you soooo much! <333333
  11. omg Candice :wub: I love it, thank you soooo much
  12. I don’t have anyone else but her and she is gone, even my desire for Gale has vanished just like Vivian did and I feel horrible; like my desire for living has just died along with my best friend, my fire buddy. - This is so sad My world suddenly became meaningless, dead and colourless. - This sentence is beautiful <3 A heartbreaking start and a sweet ending. Very good Stef, I really enjoyed this chapter And you're very welcome for the banners
  13. I just told you that it wasn't really what I was expecting, but that's not important. What is important is that it was a good chapter You can definitely write, just be careful when you're going back over to check spelling/grammar.
  14. I LOVE IT :wub: Thank you soooo much <3333
  15. Their blogs are pretty amazing tbh xD Thank you, btw http://barbie-k-l-a-u-s.tumblr.com
  16. Awww, thanks Lindy! <33 One more
  17. It was a good chapter. Not much action, but I like what you wrote, your writing's getting better
  18. Your set is beautiful <3 I like the first Delena one too and oooh, Hugh Jackman!
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