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  1. That statue is dated.. Make a new one.. Now days celebs are baring it all in a global competition to show who has the best woman parts... Couple months ago I simply asked in various wild-one celebrity news blogs, "which one has the nicest boobies".. Suddenly celebrity nakedness became the trend.. I read that New York made bare breasts legal to be exposed and seen uptown.. Seems the ladies are having a lot of irreverent innocent fun with it.. This is a facet in the birthing of the Aquarian Age of Mankind, as is "the safric-cemetery in Germany".. It's gonna be a lot of fun.. It'll drive r
  2. Did acting in the Harry Potter series make you magic in any way..? Were there great secret lessons in it..? Just asking.. because I managed to download an uncle's mind who read in Rome's many secret libraries at every op during his 14 year stint stationed in Rome as treasurer for a pathetic little monks-hood.. Accessing the data made me be magic on sorcery levels.. Rome is holding out on us from learning what the ancients taught us about life.. Rome is traitor to humanity.. Sorcery is the ultimate magic of love and life, without the evil and payment requirements.. Sorcery is like the gent
  3. There is life after death, but it's not for most humans.. At least six made it.. Heaven is empty, and stinks like hell.. The afterlife is not the BS "heaven" as is written and described in your insane narcissistic childish fantasy story books.. The gate to the afterlife, and the afterlife is made of absolute innocent pure love.. It holds four layers which repeat, or a delta as one wishes.. Haters, abusers, and the mindless, will never get to it.. You must be 100% love to even find and see the way into the afterlife, and you must have a fully functional mind running at at least 27% capaci
  4. Dear Ema (princess and warrior angel).. Since you are strong and aggressive in the Feminism project.. I thought you could use a little high powered ammunition to make your messages heard as you present it, and understood by the Numb's bosses.. So, I created this debate to wake a few giants up to some honest reality... Hope this helps your project your majesty... DonaldJ ("dragonspirit, cosmicbrat")... p.s: a few infantile people complain that I write "too-long posts".. That's just a lie.. I make my posts as short as I can, just enough to say what needs be said.. This needed to be
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