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  1. At least, “Dookdookdook†and “130671†had the courage of bringing some arguments. As a society, we’re not used at exposing the sexism that some women have against men and boys, and that you probably have. And I can understand why it can generate the kind of fear we can see in your insults (fear of change).
  2. You’re a very stereotyped man, “130671â€, and it’s sad that you have assimilated the misandrist ideas of sexist feminist women, who don’t care about men and boys (example: this notion of world “made by men, for menâ€). I prefer to dream of a world with a real gender equality, than to dream of a world where men and boys would be considered second class citizens (= the HeForShe campaign), a world that would only protect women and girls. Or to conform to an ideology which exploits the lack of solidarity toward men (exploits you, by the way). Fighting the sexism of these women is the
  3. Dookdookdook, we can continue this “dialogue of the deaf†for a long time, but may I remind you that because of feminist sexism (and its gyno-centrism), there has been no liberation of men that’s why men and boys are still stereotyped, and that’s why film and video game producers can still produce products that presents stereotyped men and boys, which targets them with traditional role models (contrarily to women and girls, who benefits from non-traditional roles in the medias). Liberation of men is the next social evolution still remaining to do. “Circumcision does not significant
  4. “130671â€, wrong guess, I’m not near from “being called†for a military service, I simply find that sending men to wars and preparing them for that in military services is one of the worst sexism (against men). It’s the “mother of all sexismâ€, and we cannot achieve a true gender equality without addressing this discrimination against men. I’m not blaming on Emma Watson for “not saving menâ€, I’m blaming her for only saving women, in a world where both genders have to be saved. Gender equality means saving both genders, and it’s ironic to see that she demonstrates sexism
  5. I see, when we are showing solidarity toward women and girls, that’s a liberation movement. But when we are showing solidarity toward men and boys, that’s “hot air†as you said. Don’t you see the double standards, the sexism of the feminism you are defending? You said: “I hope you are not trying to equate circumcision with female genital mutilation� Wow, this is a good example of the lack of solidarity and empathy toward men and boys. This is a good example showing that we are protecting girls more than we are protecting boys, and we should all be ashamed of our silence on t
  6. To “130671â€, Szalka, and Thessalie: To use the expression of “130671â€, I don’t want a “Daniel Radcliffe†(… I have to admit I had to search who this was) to only show solidarity toward men and boys, I don’t want an “Emma Watson†to only show solidarity toward women and girls. I want a real gender equality, I want human beings to show solidarity to all human beings, whatever their gender, whatever the capacity of a gender to attract empathy. If we were living in a world where issues affecting men and boys would be addressed as much as the issues affecting women and girls,
  7. Emma Watson, why are you hiding behind the expression “gender equalityâ€? The HeForShe campaign is NOT about gender equality, it’s about protecting women and girls, and only them. As found on the web site, it is “committed to take action against all forms of violence and discrimination faced by women and girlsâ€: it’s obvious that those women want to exclude violence and discrimination faced by men and boys, as if issues affecting men and boys shouldn’t be equally addressed. The feminist sexism of the HeForShe campaign creates two classes of citizens: those who are important enoug
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