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    Answering your question about what I think about vegans and veganism- I have considered going vegan in the past however, after much reflection, I decided that it's not for me because I don't feel very strongly about it. I'm also not a fan of restricting anything from my diet- I prefer moderation over restriction. What do I think of vegans? I think that they are often (not all but most) are very passionate about animal welfare and take their food lifestyle extremely seriously/very passionate about it. I think they're very convicted about not eating any animal meat or animal byproducts. I do
  2. I love how consistent you are with making icons. It inspires me to icon as well <3
  3. Thanks. Yeah I do. click
  4. You make so many icons <3 <3 Love the coloring and cropping <3
  5. Hi everyone I make graphics using Adobe Photoshop Cs6 and have been making them since 2004.
  6. Understandable. It is a lot of work.
  7. Hey everyone. I was just on the website (emma-watson.net) and when I click the "gallery" link nothing comes up. Any ideas? Thanks
  8. Hey! Yeah I remember it used to have so many members online back in the day. But it makes sense, Harry Potter movies and books were still coming out. Still, it's nice to have the forums still here and some of the original staff members.
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