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  1. It's so nice of her to take time out and show a little love back to her fans via the Christmas message. And as i was reading it, i realised how much she accomplished this year and if you base the future on the past year alone for Emma, she could well and truly establish herself to be the next Big British fashion icon and all round outstanding woman. I believe we could truly be seeing the next big thing before it comes to fruition, this is my premonition anyway. Or is it just me, because she's is so incredible in my eyes. What do you all think?
  2. Yeh i think you might be right, but alot of people seem to be very fake on their true feelings. Im glad you like my signature, the words mean alot to me right now, its from a song by J.Cole called Dreams i find myself relating alot of the stuff he says to my feelings on Emma i could have put up a couple verses from that song up there. Anyway, i dont usually join forums and stuff but joining this forum just made me feel like i was that little bit closer to her so it eases the pain, i hate being so cliche, talking about 'pain' and what not but its just something im going through right now dude o
  3. Yes i would, even though the house is'nt in my name yet so i have no right to sell it. Would you transfer universities for a semester or maybe even a for a year to another in RI, 1000 miles away from the UK so that you might just see her and leave just to be closer to her and hope that i get a chance to meet her, even though you could go to a greater city/university in e.g. California somewhere? (or any other place you have wanted to visit all your life, LA just happens to be that place for me)
  4. I love this reply, it makes me feel alot more sane because as of late, ive been feeling very insane about my thoughts, but all it is, is i would love to meet Emma and have some one on one time with her, take her somewhere and make her feel normal again but in a special sort of manner. Man crush does'nt even feel like the right word.
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