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  1. Keeping busy ('coz I can't sleep) looking to find any of my old friends from back in the day I was online all the time lol.
  2. It looks like I'll have to pass on this after all. Sorry guys Hope you'll all have a great time though Take lots of pictures!
  3. I live in Belgium, so it's really easy to get into England. For us, it's enough to get a letter from city hall which has to be filled in by the parents giving the minor written concent to get into England. I see you live in Bulgaria, so I don't know if that paper will be enough, but you can always go ask the people at your City Hall and your parents. But it's definately not impossible Aww, how come? On a brighter note, it looks like me and R_HR_Forever might make it after all
  4. Looks like I won't be able to make it after all... I do hope you'll all have fun though
  5. You forgot me and R_HR_Forever Back when I was a mod, forgetting me was a ban-able offense
  6. Guess who's baaa-aackkk??? As my lovely gf said before, count me in! I'll have to make some arrangements for work, but I'll figure it out Yeah, the Eurostar, you gotta love it! Just a shame the other trains here don't run all night. Last premiere (GOF) I had to leave way too early or I wasn't getting home once back in Brussels
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