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  1. Hi, I’m back after a few years of being away. The only reason people are not active is because real life takes precedence over our hobbies you know. Priorities take people away from things like chatting on forums, but of course I will always support Emma Watson. I liked Emma when I was 12, now I admire her more than ever. Once we liked someone, we never forget them, even after many years. God bless everyone here!

    yes this!

  2. Nah, nobody will be back. These days are long gone. Maybe a few people check this forum out every once in a while but most people moved on with their lives. I miss the old days, even more the old forum days prior to this one. I wonder how long this board will continue to exist.

    i hope forever....i enjoy it when people do post. i wish it would come alive again for sure

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