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  1. i understand so much! this forum helped me during my early teen years with depression and anxiety <3
  2. oh yes you shouldve been here when the potter films were still coming out! welcome anyway! hope to see you around!
  3. ugh no!! i'm still so mad they fired him
  4. welcome back! i'm still here once in a while!
  5. her fanmail address is inactive last time i heard. now that she's no longer on social media, i'm not sure how you'll be able to contact her in any way.
  6. She looks amazing!!! Do you guys think this is a real tattoo?
  7. The link on the main site doesn't go to a photo gallery?
  8. My laptop is working again!!! I've already made some icons and banners! I thought this i haven't made any edits in soooo long that I would just start a whole new showcase! so here's my first few edits! Icons: banner:
  9. I had my second session today! Only one more until it's done!
  10. I thought this would be kinda fun to do! I love love love food (and i'm sure many of you do too haha) so i thought this would be a good idea to give each other food ideas and talk about the yummy things we eat! :P     okay, so for me the last thing i cooked and ate was a breakfast burrito type thing. i put bacon, potatoes, and eggs in it! :)
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