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  1. OMG. I wrote this messages 2 years ago.. Time has passed so quickly. Maybe we should try again:) I will send a new e mail for signed photo. Maybe they send a new photo to me:))
  2. yes only 6 hours:) 8 page. it is very long ı think Emma doesnt write
  3. I wrote a lot of thing. I wrote why I love hers..
  4. omg 4 month I sent e-mail. 6 hours after Emma's manager sent me answer. I sent my home address and 10 days after I took signed photo.. I think Emma doesn't write letter I hope you understand me. I m speak english very bad:)
  5. I think you don't wait much longer..
  6. Yes , I have got an automated letter. I feeling different but very good.. Emma's new hair is very very nice. My signed photo : she has got shortly hair...
  7. ok.. Emma Watson offical site - contact... fans@emmawatson.com .. I sent e-mail this adress. sorry Im speak english very bad .. I m from Turkey:)
  8. How do I add photography ı dont know..
  9. I have Emma's signed photo. I sent e-mail and They sent me photo.. I m very happy... very good photo and Emma's new hair.
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