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I want to get my wife's car repainted.  I got a quote of $411 from Maaco.  I've heard good and bad things.  But I don't really have a budget for much more.


I used to have an old Neon that I painted white with rustoleum.  It was cool because for different events at the church I would take the church projector, put images on it and trace them with colored sharpie markers.  When the event was over, I'd just sand it off and start over.


It was cool.  Really cool seeing band members take pictures of themselves next to my car because I had drawn their pictures on it.  


But Julie won't let me paint her car with rustoleum.

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Here is a picture of my old car that I had painted with white rustoleum and I used to decorate it for different church events.


It actually looked pretty good...I would just use sharpie markers to draw on it, then when the event was over, I'd sand it off and put on some more rustoleum.


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