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Michael Jackson

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^you're kidding right?


I love michael Jackson...

I think we should like talk about our favorite songs and stuff...

for example: I love "billie jean","Smooth criminal","They don't care about us" and "Human Nature"

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Michael Jackson is the best.


I'm not sure which musician I'm more obsessive of - Michael Jackson, John Lennon, Peter Gabriel, or Sarah McLachlan?


Anyway, I collect MJ stuff, and know a lot of useless MJ trivia. My favorite album is Dangerous, closely followed by Thriller, HIStory, and Invincible.


I love the new album, and a friend of mine was just featured in the new MJ video (she's very excited!)

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OMG! Michael Jackson is a genius! He is and always will be one of my favorite music artists ever! I am soooo sad that he died so soon. I wish I could have seen him perform and/or met him. I love you, Michael Jackson, no matter what some people may say about you!!!! This is what I say to haters ---> :tongue0020:

He was also so very sweet. There will never be another like him. R.I.P. :king:

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