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  2. Why no edit feature? I wanted to edit my above post.
  3. I know many on here are not from the U.S. I was just curious, what does the cash me ousside girl sound like to those from other countries? For reference: https://youtu.be/nyUFzNVolG8?t=3m24s
  4. No, not Rickman and Reznor. Snape and Reznor. Do you guys not remember this when the first HP movie hit the screen? People were making jokes about them casting Trent Reznor in Harry Potter etc. It was a thing.
  5. Maybe when Jo wrote the book she was thinking of Trent. Perhaps she was a big NIN fan.
  6. I don't remember if this has ever been discusses here but... Do you think it was intentional that they made Snape look like Trent Reznor? I remember the first time I watched HP and the Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone, I honestly thought it was Trent Reznor at first glance. It took me a few moments to realize it was Hans Gruber.
  7. I didn't watch the entire video (skipped around), but as an American I get kinda tired of these "certain things confuse Americans," "Americans don't understand stuff" kind of things. I know Jeremy on Top Gear likes to take shots at Americans and it's said in jest, as a joke, but after while, it just gets tiring being someone's punching bag. I tend to stumble across a lot of videos on YT of English people talking about Americans and what they don't get or talking about their visit to the US and the weird things that we do differently. As for the video, it's mislabeled. It's a difference in cu
  8. She's really not saying anything that people who paid attention while reading the books didn't already notice. She put R/Hr together to serve a plot she had thought out beforehand. And it was a plot that was her own personal wish fulfillment. R/Hr had more to do with her and some lost love than it had to do with the Harry Potter story/universe. The characters got away from her and began to go in a direction she hadn't planned but she shoehorned them into this plot anyway just to make it work. Haven't you ever watched a tv show/movie where someone did something that was completely out of char
  9. If by "changed significantly" you mean got hot, and if by "take cover" you mean under the covers and if by "patronus" you mean dick, well then...
  10. I didn't know Zach Galafanakis was in this movie.
  11. This is several months old but still funny.
  12. I think most people who have a 360 will hang onto it so they can play old games. Once the next gen consoles hit the market, you'll begin seeing less and less games for the PS3 and 360. As I understand it, new consoles having backward compatibility is like the difference between a $400 console and a $700 console. I'm sure those numbers aren't exact since no prices have been released yet but that's kind of the idea that's being put forth. As far as the DRM and used games, yeah that sucks. MS is the only one that I've heard float the idea of being able to play used games for a fee. PS has made
  13. I've read interviews and stuff from her over the last several years since she's gotten out of acting and always thought she had a very level head on her shoulders. This should be required reading for parents of child actors, parents of children wanting to get into acting, current child actors, children wanting to get into the biz and former child actors who need help (I'm looking at you Lindsay).
  14. You're being very vague. Did you like the movie or not? What are your feelings on George Clooney?
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