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What Made You Smile Today?

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My father in law. I can feel how I'm special to him, he's always handing me chocolates and telling me "These chocolates are only for you, don't share it to your husband" haha ayyy Papa.. :D and my husband replied "how she wish" hahahaha.. :D I just love how they love me. :D making my heart chubby. :wub:

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My Cousin And I Chatting: blah blah blah blah
My Cousin: Everything that you're gonna say, my answer is "I've been there that I've done that"
Me: *felt bad* told my husband, "babe, my cousin said that everything I'm gonna say she's been there that she has done it."
My Husband: Ask her If she has smelled the a$$ of a donkey, and ask her too If she has kissed the mouth of a horse. 
My Husband: Because she said that she has done everything, hahahaha.
Me: *told my cousin*
My Cousin: *laughs* HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
My Husband And I: *laughinggggggggg*

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