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Ocarina of time 3d

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Not sure if any of you have purchased the 3DS console, either way this topic is relevant to those who have played this game on 3DS, Wii, Gamecube, or N64 as its been released countless times on the nintendo platforms.


it seems rather harsh of nintendo to do up the graphics of this game, and then demand you buy the console to play it, as its not compatible with the ordinary DS...however i was one of those crazy people that love this game so much - that I bought the 3DS. haha


anyway from the moment I started to play this game on the 3DS console, i love how they had made the graphics look so much better, I didn't play it with the 3d on very often because i cant normally see 3d anyway.


the cut scenes were beautiful, and there were some nice little additions.


This is my favourite game of all time, so it was nice to play it in handheld format!

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as in re-do it in 3d/ i may sound like and awful zelda fan but the 2d games i could never get into very well! I think its coz i grew up with the 3d games. I dont think its worth buying the WHOLE 3ds for...but it was just so pretty to see the new graphics <3 and this game never gets old to me

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