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  1. I think out of all the religions I like to learn about Judaism the most. I'm not even sure why. It's just the most interesting to me. It's a little confusing but once you learn about it, it's not so bad. Speaking from an outsiders perspective of course. lol Same friend ended up giving me more candy coins and some dreidels. XD I'm here like "it isn't even December yet!" This was round Thanksgiving. lol Ok this is something I wanted to ask. I'm rusty since I haven't studied in like 4 years. Okay, so you guys have Passover right? When does that happen and what is the story behind it? I know I c
  2. That's right. I'll listen to Jo before I listen to anything else. I honestly don't get how people fall into rumors or pure speculation. It's a bit ... off putting. How could you possibly know that? It's obvious and logical that the sun is in her face. I've had crap days, good days, so-so days and if the sun is in my face, I'm going to make, well, that face. That picture is no proof of anything other than the sun is a pain in the ass bro. She's not hurting anyone so what does it really matter? It's her personal life. We have no right to judge her or her relationship. I'm happy she's with s
  3. I said that like a page ago. No one listens to me. XD LOL! I dunno why, but this made me really laugh. ...Can I hug you for that Doctor Who reference?? Well, gonna do it anyway. *hugs* I dunno.. some of the bad ones might be work.
  4. He is so gorgeous and so sweet. She is also gorgeous and sweet. I totally approve of this. I know she has a bf now but part of me is really hoping this is true and that they get together. Okay, I'm evil. I just think they are both so .. unf.
  5. Oh okay, I think I got that down now. The different branches anyway. I tend to forget people's religions or sexuality or whatever because to me people are just people. I need a reminder now and then.. lol. I wonder what they mean. I don't think she even knows. XD She just gave out candy to everyone in our group of friends. I think she'll be giving out more once Hanukkah starts. I like saying the word Hanukkah.. I don't even know why. Hebrew sounds fun.. XD!! It is. What's odd is that my theology professor back in college was an atheist...o.O So that was kinda like "okay.." XD But she was coo
  6. Who. Cares. What. He. Wore? Honestly, people who give two craps about this kind of stuff really annoy me. I don't know him and I don't know her personally so I have no opinion on the matter other than: As long as she is happy and he treats her right, what does it matter? He's not a bad looking guy. I didn't think he was that cute until I saw the picture with him in the scarf or whatever. He dresses a bit too "classy" for my tastes though. lol I'm not the one wearing it though so why am I even making that comment... smh. Dude, the sun is in her face. I make that face when the sun is bl
  7. All of my lolz at this thread. I mean.. srsly. We all wanna be her friend. Unless you meet her by chance and she happens to think you aren't a creepy stalker who resembles Slenderman then you may have a shot. Otherwise, not gonna happen. I think you have a better chance at winning the lottery champ. Guise... the cake.. it's a lie. Don't feed her a lie. Ling, this is why I think you are AWESOME!
  8. Dafaq is Hope Solo? ... ... Okay, yeah, my hopes for this movie are low. I have to be honest. I don't know if this is going to be any good.. then again Star Wars stopped being good around 1985.
  9. LOL Nah, it's fine. I don't mind looking younger than I am. I hear it will come in handy later on in life. XD We'll see right? I love your glasses. You are also very cute. Just sayin'. XD
  10. Wow. I think kids should learn about all religions. They should learn about Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Taoism Wicca, Voodoo, Santeria you name it. Like a world religion class or something. Even let them learn about lack of religion. Teach them what an atheist is. That's how I grew up. We learned about everything in my household. Nothing was taboo. It was all open. I'm a firm believer in teaching kids HOW to learn not WHAT to learn. Just because you are Christian doesn't mean you stop living life. I hate when people make those assumptions. "Oh you're a cool guy." and then they find out
  11. YES! YES! ALL OF MY FAN BOY YES!!!! omg omg omg If it's Jania Solo... I would DIE if she played Jania. She'd be so kick ass at it too. *squee* Sorry I'm a nerd. Like to the max nerd.
  12. Meh, he's not my type lol but I'm not dating him. XD As long as she is happy, that is all that matters.
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