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This video is so over the top...:P

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Not many of you might know this video...it's from a Dutch television program called "Gemma Glitters Gezondheidsgala", which was a popular children's programme here in the Netherlands some years ago. The lady in pink is presenting this health program and in 2003 she held a competition. The prize was a trip to the Harry Potter studios. One had to write down one nice, original question and the nicest one was chosen. I joined too, but didn't win. Well, this is the video, most of it is in Dutch so many probably won't understand it, but Emma is interviewed by this hysterical woman from 2:28 till 3:30 of the video. This woman is of course playing a role but I felt vicarious shame that the producers thought it would be funny to let her be so hysterical in front of the cast...and the question this boy made up isn't that original if you ask me :P.

Emma's cute in it though!


Well, it can be seen here:

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OMG I saw this years ago! It was on EW.net's video archive :P Pretty funny stuff. Thanks for sharing!


http://ewva.net/displayimage.php?album=6&pid=143#top_display_media there it is if anyone wants to download it.

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