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One of the Dutch princes is probably dying.

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A week ago, Prince Johan Friso, the younger brother of our crown prince Willem-Alexander, had a serious ski accident while on holiday with his family in Lech, Austria. He was skiing with a friend and went off-piste. An avalanche of snow came down and he was under it for 25 minutes. The lack of oxygen caused cardiac arrest, and he had resuscitation for three quarters of an hour. For a week, there was no news about his state of health. The only thing we could see on the television was his family, including his wife and brothers and our queen (his mother), entering the hospital to visit him. Today, it was stated at a press conference that the prince has huge brain damage and that the doctors doubt whether he will ever wake up again. I feel so sorry for his family, he has two really young daughters and our queen, his mother, has already lost her husband and both parents over the last few years...

I just wanted to share this with you, I do feel quite sad about it...

Read about it here on BBC website if you want.

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I'm really sorry to hear that. :( It's a horrible thing for any family to have to deal with the sudden loss of someone, and having to do so in the public spotlight of the nation can't make the grieving process any easier. That said, I'm sure that having a nation of people who share in your grief is very moving too and I think it's great that their country-men and women (you) care so much about the well being of their family.


My prayers will be with him, his family and esp. his young children and wife.

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