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The darkness is everywhere, but not everyone can see them. But some eyes are open, open to it all; when they sleep...when they are awake, the pain of death is all over. These people see death even before it happens and it haunts them until they find the victim, whose death comes knocking. Can these gifted people stop or even fight Death..can this unseen darkness be stopped.

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You guys inspire me to write :king:


Can I have stories from you ladies pdf format? Please?(that for later when the stories done).

Or I can create the pdf on my own, and I'll add your graphics in it, just like a e-book(read:bestseller).

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just when the chp is posted.. i have no problem.. i have another one if you would like to have a read of that too :) and thanks hun :)


make a graphic for me to add to the doc I'll make it pdf when you're done writing, coz I wanna read it when I'm not here as well, i don't want many hrs of internet lolz. welcome :blush:

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omg can't wait!:) never read a fanfiction here lol i was leaving under a rock all this time..

haha this is my second one :)i hope you like it.. will post soon


make a graphic for me to add to the doc I'll make it pdf when you're done writing, coz I wanna read it when I'm not here as well, i don't want many hrs of internet lolz. welcome :blush:

i make graphics for each chapter :)

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I watched as she ran, fear filled eyes, her top soaked in blood, I tried to catch up to here, I screamed for her to stop that I was here to help her but it was like she couldn’t hear me, I saw as the man in a black hood ran after her with a knife in his hand, but it seemed that no matter how fast I ran I could not reach up to her and when I did, it was like time was still, he was on top of her , the knife dripping in blood…

Kris woke up screaming, sweat running down my fore head , she gasped for air and looked around her dark room and watched as the curtain flew with the wind. She got up and went downstairs to get a drink, she opened the fridge and got out the orange juice bottle and poured it in a glass and turned to sit on the chair in the kitchen, taking small sips of the juice. Kris has been having the same dream for the last one week and didn’t understand what it meant. She didn’t even know the girl or maybe she do.

“Kris hun,â€

She look up to see my mother standing at the doorway of the kitchen,

“Hey mom, did I wake you up?â€

“No, I just came for a drink,†she walked up to the fridge and remove the water bottle and opening the bottle, she poured water into a glass and came to sit next to Kris, “another nightmare â€

“Yeah the same , I don’t get it mom?â€

“Maybe it a message for you â€

“What you mean?â€

“That’s what you have find to outâ€. Her mother smiled and took the last sip of her water , she stood up and left the Kitchen.


What Kris didn’t know was she wasn’t the only one who was getting these dream. Leo who studies in her school and who lived just three blocks from where she did was having the same dream of the same girl…the same killer.


Leo was getting ready for school it was seven in the morning and he woke up from another nightmare, the same one he has been having for a week now and it was getting worst.

“I got to find out why this is happening…and why do I feel I have seen that girl before†he shook his head and walked out of his room and headed for the main door.

“Leo have some breakfast†his mother said from behind him. Leo turned and smiled, “Nah mom Im good†and he left the house

Leo had just reached the bus stop in time as the bus came to a halt and he jumped on, “That was close†he said to himself as he looked for a seat and found one next to Kris,

“Hello can I sit hereâ€

Kris looked at him and smiled, “Hi, sureâ€

“I’m Leo by the way, we share almost all the classes togetherâ€

“Yeah I know… I’m Kris with a K†she smiled at him.

“Hi Kris with a K, I’m Leo with a L†he laughed and so did Kris.


The Bus moved and headed to school, Kris was looking out of the window when she noticed a shadow floating up a girl…the girl,

“OMG†Kris practically jumped and turned her head to look at it better, “That’s her..OMG†she said again.

“You saw that too..†Leo asked with wide eyes as he looked at Kris, who now looked at him too.

“Yo-you saw her.. the shadow too†Kris asked now in a lower voice.

“Yes I did†Leo said looking around, “Don’t tell me..you have been having nightmares.. about a girl..that girl†he pointed at the window, “Being chased by a hooded man with a knife..†he held his breath.

Kris simply nodded her head, “Yes yes yes†she said shaking her head, “How can that be.. how can we both see the same thing…â€

Leo ran his finger though his hair and looked up at her, “I don’t know.. I really don’t know and what was that shadow above her did you see that?†he asked her.

The bus came to a stop before Kris could answer, “When do you have a free period?â€

“My third class is free†Leo answered

“Same here†Kris said as she stood up and threw her bag over her shoulder, “See you then and we will talk about thisâ€

“And maybe try and find this girl too†Leo said as he made his way out of the bus, Kris was behind him as they walked to the building. They smiled at each other as they both disappeared to their classes.




After school Leo and Kris walked to the street where they saw the girls but of course it wasn’t like she was going to wait for them there so they walked towards the direction she went off to,

“She has to be around here†Leo said looking around for the girl or that shadow that was near her.

“Is it just me or does this place look-“ Kris said looking around and bit her lips.

“Oh no this is the same from my dreams†Leo said looking at Kris, “You too, right?â€

“Yes†Kris said and started to walk faster and Leo was behind her,

“She has to around her I just know it†he said and stopped short, “Whoa†he raised his hand to his head and closed his eyes.

“Leo what’s wrong?!†Kris frowned as she studied his face, “Leo?!â€

Leo opened his eyes and looked at Kris, “I’m okay… but I think I just saw where she is..â€

“Like a vision?†Kris asked confused, “I thought it was only in dreams, this is new, so where is she?â€

Leo looked around and pointed at the alley across the road, he looked both ways before signaling for Kris to follow him. They both crossed and walked towards the alley but no one was there,

“Hmm maybe it happens when its dark?†Kris said looking around, “We could hang around in the caféâ€

“Yes, I think we should cause I don’t think I could deal with another nightmare†Leo said walking to the café and looking around for a seat, “That looks like a good spot†he said looking at her and smiled.

Kris nodded and walked to the table Leo pointed at and sat down, “I hope she shows upâ€

“Me too†Leo said sitting opposite her, “Well want to eat something?â€

“Hmm I would like a cake I think.. a chocolate one†Kris said.

Leo called for the waiter and ordered a chocolate cake and coffee for himself.


After a few hours and as the sun started to go down, the two had gotten to know each other even better and turned out that their dad actually worked in the same place,

“What’s the odds of that huh?†Leo said smiling.

“Gesh I know “ Kris said looking out of the window and just as she did the girl walked by and she jumped to her feet, “Leo the girl†she said running to the door.

Leo stood up and paid the bill before he ran after her and found Kris talking to the girl,

“You have to believe me.. you are in danger†Kris said.

“Kid please stop joking around.. it’s not funny and you shouldn’t be telling people stuff like this†she shook her head and walked away.

Kris turned to Leo, “She won’t listen Leo†she frowned and turned to look at the girl going into the alley. It was late and Leo and Kris were one of the few people in the Café which looked like it was closing now cause people started to lease.

They both followed the girl to the alley and looked like she was taking a shortcut or something cause there was another opening to the alley, “Wait†Leo called out but she didn’t listen,

“Leo the shadow†Kris pointed out and they both ran behind her and that’s when the hooded man stepped out from the dark and stood behind the girl and she screamed when he grabbed her.

Leo and Kris ran faster to help, “Hey leave her alone†Leo said pouncing on the man and try to pull the knife away from girl and Kris tried to pull the girl away from the man’s grasp. Kris looked above her and the shadow was just above them watching, she frowned and turned her attention to the man’s hand, she signed and walk too him and bit his hand. The Man yelled and let go of the girl and he pushed Leo away and ran off.

“Leo are you okay?†Kris ran to him and help him up.

“I’m okay..are you two okay?†Leo asked

“Yes†Kris said and turned to look at the girl, “I told youâ€

The girl was in shook, “I’m sorry.. I thought it was a prank†she walked to Kris and Leo and hugged them, “Thanks†she said.

“I think we should walk you home just to be sure†Leo said.

Kris was looking around, “It’s gone Leo..â€

“What’s gone†The girl asked looking around.

“Yes it is†Leo said knowing what Kris was talking about.


They all went home but what they didn’t know was death doesn’t always leave that easily , it always comes knocking on the next door.

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I really thing you should consider writing it into a word document to help you correct your spelling and grammar. It's hard to understand what you write sometimes when you put wrong words in places like 'here' instead of 'her.' I can't still understand what you write with poor grammar though, so that's not a problem, I'm just always fussy with grammar as you know. But yeah, I'd write it in a document like Microsoft Word, it's helpful because you can save it there too and keep adding to it. You seem to have spaces in the middle of some places to, that sometimes happens to me, so I usually preview it on here before I post it. Usually when you copy and paste from word to here the spaces are either to big between paragraphs or aren't any at all. I usually just fix this through a preview.


Other than that it was a decent first chapter, I love the banner with a passion.

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i do use word Jade, what other place would i write it up. And the here instead of her part, that was my bad cause i wrote half of this chapter a year ago '“That’s what you have find to outâ€. Her mother smiled and took the last sip of her water , she stood up and left the Kitchen.'till there was a part i wrote a year ago, it was a rough thing and i didnt look that part through. And I did look the whole chapter as i typed for mistakes though. I made sure. Im not really sure what other ones I left out, sorry about that... I will try better.


and Ellen made that Banner.

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