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Im starting again and all fresh and new :)


for those you read the other version thanks alot. There isnt going to be a total change in the plot but a chang indeed. I have changed some of the characters.


Gale Richards - Ashley Greene

David Olden- Robert Pattinon

Jack Neil- Paul Wesley

Catherine Miller- Nina Dobrev



My name’s Gale, I’m not like you at all, I was but it’s been 50 years since, I pretty much look the same, brown hair, grayish eyes, it all the same; but the truth is there is something different about me.

I can move faster that I used to, I’m stronger and my senses are more sharper but there’s more, much more, I can make the earth move, seriously I can like earthquakes and stuff, I have not mastered it yet but I’m learning. But I’m not alone, three others are with me, Jack, he’s sweet, smart and funny, well more on the funny side he can control the fire, he sure can heat things up then there’s Catherine, she is shy well kind of, always up for a fight and shopping ha-ha, she love the water and can make it do whatever she wants it to do and last but not least David, he’s a nerd but has a way with words , he can blow you away, if you what I mean. But the main thing is what are we, never the less you have heard of vampires and myth on them, fangs, ability to turn into bats and drink blood, some say they have no reflection, I have read in some books that the sparkle and have special powers. Most of it is true, yes I’m a vampire, I have powers as I said, I don’t sparkle, neither does my skin burn in the sun, I have fangs, yeah I do, and no I don’t go all batty ha-ha, but I’m one with nature as you can tell and I love looking at myself in the mirror, but how did I come to be well, I will soon tell you.

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I was sitting on a tree branch, away from the world. I have my dairy in my hand. Not just the new one I have, but the really old ones that I’ve had for centuries; yes, I said centuries. My name is Gale and I’m a vampire. Super speed, strong as ever , etc.. etc. But I do have a beginning and I so happen to write it down, all of it. I look down at the pages of my past and it all comes back to me as I read...



Being new was never easy but this was what Gale Richards had to deal with because her father got transferred. She hated her father and hated the fact that she had to leave her friends all behind. As she entered the school, she noticed that everyone was looking right at her,

“How great?†mumbled Gale as she walked towards the building with her head down. She entered the building and headed for the school office.

Pushing the door open, Gale walked towards the lady behind the desk, “Hi I’m Gale Richards I-“ she said but was cut off.

“You must be the new girl, right†The lady asked, she was thin and had dark hair.

“Yes†said Gale

“Good, I here is your schedule and you class room numbers and the map for the school so you don’t get lost†the lady said with a smile.

Gale took the papers, thanked the lady and walked out to find her English class. It was after five classrooms that she found her class and walked in, she took a seat at the front and waited for the teacher to come so she could collect her books.


Gale looked up and was about to say Hi but was stunned by who stood in front of her. He was at least g feet tall or many a inch or too shorter than that Gale couldn’t tell and the most amazing blue eyes she has ever seen, she blinked twice before replying, “Oh Hi “

“May I sit†he asked

“Sure†Gale smiled.

“I’m Ken by the way†he said

“Im Gale†Gale said with a nod.

“Nice name†Ken smiled and brushed his hair back and turned to look at the front as the teacher arrived.


Gale collected her books from the teacher. As class began she found it hard to concentrate with Ken by her side, her eyes kept wondering towards him. Ken didn’t look at her but she saw a smile on his face. How can someone be a beautiful she thought as she turned once again to face the teacher and back to taking down notes. Moving didn’t turn out to be that bad after all , the bell rang and Gale stood and took out the papers to see where her next class was. Gale was at her last class and all she could do was stare at the clock , she could wait to have another glance at Ken, the whole day she seemed to bum at him and it seemed like fate was in blame for this, she couldn’t help but fall for a boy she hardly knew.


Heading to the school bus she looked around but there was no sign of him, sad she turned and climbed up to the bus was it halted in front of the gate where she was waiting and took a seat. The drive home wasn’t that long and she ran and headed to her room where a diary awaited her and she opened a fresh new page.

Dear diary

I’m in love for sure and who can blame me, he is just too damn hawt ha-ha. School was okay but meeting him made it worth moving here. I can’t wait for tomorrow.


Gale smiled as she combed her hair, last night’s dream still fresh in her mind; Ken was there, he brushed her cheek and held her close and was about to kiss her when she got up,

“Damn why did I have to get up†Gale scolded at her reflection, she turned and picked up her bag and headed downstairs, “Mum I’m going see youâ€

“See you hun†Gales mum Kate replied.

Gale reached the school and walked slowing , turning all around just to look at him, even if he was far off .

“Looking for someoneâ€

Gale Jumped and turned, it was Ken, “Oh shit- you sacred meâ€

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do that†Ken apologized.

“Its okay†Gale replied with a slight smile.

“So who you looking for?†he asked

“Yo- er no one†Gale said.

Ken smiled and walked beside Gale as they headed towards classes. Oh please fall in love with me Gale begged as she walked with him, with her fingers crossed behind her back. Love surly seemed to be in the air for Gale Richards or was it?

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thanks jade<33 means alot that u took some time to read, as i said in ur thread (which i was suppose to post here instead) I will post the 2nd chp soon, max. by a weeks time :)


:rofl: i posted in ur thread, im such a fool :doh:

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Pretty please?


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Dear diary,

I can’t believe its been a month, Ken and I have become really close. I don’t know if its right that im falling so hard for him. He shows some signs of sharing the same feeling for me but something doesn’t seem right or I’m just being doubtful, it just like me to judge anyone and everyone before i know them. Like yesterday when I met my new Bio partner, David, he has this geeky long hair and big glasses, yuck..but he has the most beautiful eyes.. damn those glasses.


Gale closed her diary and started to do her homework, she grabbed her headphones that were next to her and put them on, pushing the play button before starting her work. First was History, then Math and finally English, she closed her books and placed them to the side of the table,

“Finally†she signed remove the headphones and stood up stretching and yawning; she climbed onto her bed and under her blanket and putting the lights off she drifted to sleep.


The next morning Gale rushed to school and ran through the school grounds and into her classroom just before the teacher who had just turned the corner could see her.

“That was close†Gale whispered dropping her bag to the ground.

“It sure was†David said looking at her sideways and back to the teacher who had just entered.

“I over slept†she whispered to David still keeping her eyes on the teacher.

David just smiled as he kept his pen ready to take down notes.


Class got over and the two walked out of class,

“So what you doing this weekend†David asked.

“Hmm not sure yet†Gale replied as she stopped front of her locker and opened it to put her books in.

“My friends Jack and Catherine and I are going to the movies, y-†David was cut off when Ken approached her,

“Hey Galeâ€

“Hi Ken†Gale smiled

“Want to go for a movie with me?â€

Gale smiled, “Cool yeah I’d love to†she turned to David, “What were you saying again?â€

David shook his head, “It’s nothing, you have fun at the movies†and he turned and walked away.

Red was Gale’s choice of colour when she picked her dress, she looked at herself in the mirror and smiled as she combed her hair and turned to walk out of her room and down the stairs,

“Mom I’m leaving†she called out.

“Have fun dear†her mom said.

“I will†she smiled and turned and opened the door, “ DAMN!!†she jumped when found Ken in front of her,

“Sorry†Ken smiled at her with a guilty grin on his face.

“It’s okay, you sure love frightening me don’t youâ€

“No no†he giggled, “Let go then†he held out his hand for her.

Gale took his hand and walked out with him, closing the door behind her. It was a beautiful night, the stars shining bright, “Amazing night don’t you think†she said

“Not as amazing as you†Ken said smiling and opening the car door for her.

“Thanks†Gale entered the car , Ken closed the door and went to the driver’s side and soon they were off.

They went for a movie and Gale didn’t even know which one cause her mind was not in it but was all set on Ken throughout. As they walked out Ken looked down at her and asked,

“So did you like it?â€

“Like what?†Gale asked with a little hit of confusion in her voice.

“The movie†Ken said with a grin knowing very well she wasn’t actually paying attention.

“Oh the movie was great†she lied.

“What a liar?†Ken laughed

“Sorry I was distracted†she looked down at her feet and then back again.

“It’s okay hunâ€

They drove for a while till they reached the restaurant Ken was planning to take her to,

“Here we are†Ken announced.

“Oh it looks like a expensive one Ken, may-†she was cut off when he raised his hands to her lips.

“I’m doing this for you come on†He stepped out of his car and she followed.

They were soon taken to their seat, Ken being as sweet as he was pulled the chair out for her before sitting himself.

Gale smiled and looked at him, “No one has done this for me beforeâ€

“Well I’m glad I was the first then†Ken smiled and called for the waiter. After they placed their order, most of the time was spend staring at each other and even after their food arrived they were staring till Ken moved his eyes towards the food,

“Lets eat†he said picking up the fork.

Gale did as she was told, without saying a word she began to eat and every now and then looked up to look at him.

“Gale?†Ken said


“Eat dear , you can look at me all you want later†He laughed

Gale blushed and ate, she noticed that he hardly ate anything but she said nothing. After she was done she placed her fork down and looked up at him, Ken was already looking at her and it startled her.


They were on their way home, Gale’s eyes were on Ken most of the time and there was time were his glance met her. Gale smiled and looked down at her hands but still she found herself looking at his angelic face,

“What is it dear?†Ken asked.

“Why did you pick me , when there are so many prettier girls than me?†Gale asked

“and you think you’re not one of them?†he asked.

“No†she replied and looked away.

“That’s where your wrong Gale, you the most beautiful girl these eyes have seen.†He replied with a smile as the car came to a stop. He got out of the car and walked to her side and opened the door, giving her his hand; Gale took his hand and climbed out of the car. Ken closed the door and walked Gale to her door, still holding her hand,

“Gale, I hope you know how much I love you right, you mean the world to me†Ken said looking down at her.

Gale stared at him and for a moment she couldn’t breathe, “You what?â€

“I love youâ€

“Really?†Gale asked still in shock.

Ken smiled and bent down and kissed her, “Yesâ€

Gale smiled and looked into his eyes, “I love you tooâ€

“I know†He kissed her again, “Goodnightâ€

“Good night†Gale said taking out her key and opening the door, before she entered she turned to see him, Ken was already in his car, he waved at her before driving away.

The moment Gale was in the house she ran up stairs and to the table where she kept the dairy, and she wrote about the day’s events. Dreams were coming true for Gale, she found the love of her life, well so she thought...

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Poor David about the movies. I really like the way you put classes into this fiction. Most I read say they go to school yet don't put actual classes in. I love it Stef, update soon. :)

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Ian and Ashley would actually look pretty damn cute together! :wub: Aww, I liked that :D But poor David :( <3


hehe yeah i know :) thanks so much<33

Poor David about the movies. I really like the way you put classes into this fiction. Most I read say they go to school yet don't put actual classes in. I love it Stef, update soon. :)

aww yeah i know , thanks and yes i will try :)

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It’s been a week and Gale was in Bio class, she took down notes as the teacher spoke but her eyes fell on her watch most of the time. ‘What was it that Ken said was important that he needed to talk to me about?’ she thought, ‘Is he breaking up with me?...I hope not’. The bell rang and Gale was first out of the class, she didn’t even have time to listen to what David said to her, she reached the parking lot where she saw Ken was waiting for her and he didn’t look happy.

“Hey†she said


“So Ken what did you want to tell me?â€

“Gale, I want you to know that I will never harm you what so everâ€

“Ken what are you trying to sayâ€

“I don’t want to keep it from you.. I just want to be honest with youâ€

“Okay, what is it?â€

Ken took a deep breath and looked deep into Gale’s eyes, “I’m not exactly humanâ€

“so you’re superman†Gale asked with a grin.

Ken smiled for a moment but then it disappeared, “ No Gale, I’m a vampireâ€

Gale’s grin disappeared and she backed up a little, “You are serious?â€

Ken nodded and took a step forward, “Gale please don’t be sacred of meâ€

“Please tell me you’re joking†Gale whispered, tear building up in her eyes.

“I’m not†Ken said taking her hand, “Look into my eyesâ€

Gale did and just when she did Ken’s eyes changed for blue to reddish brown then back to normal. Gale gasped and pulled her hand away from him, she shook her head is denial ,

“This is some trick ,right?†she asked as tears ran down her cheek.

“No hun its not†Ken said reaching out to wipe her tears but Gale turned and ran away from him.


She reached inside the school and walked into the girls restroom,

“It’s not true..no...no†she cried to her reflection, she washed her face and took a deep breath before she turned to walk outside, she pushed the door open ,

“ouch†Catherine cried when the door hit her in the face.

“Oh I’m sorry†Gale said helping Catherine, “I wasn’t looking...so sorryâ€

“No its okay†Catherine said with on hand on her head, “No brain damage†she smiled.

“You are okay right†Gale asked to make sure.

“Yeah I am†Catherine smiled, “Hey aren’t you David Bio partner, he told me about youâ€

“He did†Gale said frowning, pushing hair behind her ears.

“I’m Catherine by the wayâ€

“I’m Galeâ€

“Yeah I know†Catherine smiled, “David can’t stop talking about you, I thi-â€

“Catherine†David said approaching the two girls.

“Hey David†Catherine said smiling.

“Jackson is looking for youâ€

“Oh okay,†Catherine turned to Gale, “See you later†and turned to walk away.

“Yeah†Gale smiled weakly back.

“You okay Gale?†David asked.

“Oh†Gale looked at David, “I’m okay†she looked down at the ground and up at him, “I have to go†she said as walked pass him.

“You ignoring me Gale?†David asked

Gale stopped and turned to look at him, “No..I’m sorry it’s just†she closed her eyes , “I wish I can tell you but I can’t sorry†and she ran away.


It was the week end and Gale most of her time researching and think of what Ken told her but she always got frustrated and gave up. She was in denial and decided that she need a distraction so she called David, she dialled his number and waited,

“Hello†said David from the other end.

“Hi David is me Galeâ€

“Gale.. hi how are you?â€

“I’m good... do you still want to go for the movie with me?†Gale asked biting on her lower lip.

“Yeah hell yeah..but what about your boyfriend?†David asked

“Err.. He isn’t my boyfriend anymore.. I will tell you about it later okay†Gale said.

“Okay then.. should I pick you up say in 10 Minutes?†David said.

“Okay†Gale said and cut the line, she ran upstairs and started to get ready . In 10 minutes she was in David’s car and off to cinema.


Unknown to Gale or David they were being watched, while they were buying the tickets, while they were watching the movie and even when Gale told David everything,

“That wasn’t wise of you my love†Ken said as he hide among the trees, “This changes everything†he turned and ran off.




It has been over two and a half months, there wasn’t a sign of Ken anywhere, it was like he disappeared off the face of the plant. Gale had tried his number and only if she knew where he stayed or even had a house to begin with,

“Why am I even bothered†Gale said as she put the phone down. Since Ken had gone David and she had become close and he was the most sweet man ever.


The school was having a party as it was the schools 17th anniversary, there was posters all over the school, Gale was reading one when David sneaked up behind her, “Want to be my date?â€

Gale jumped and spun around, “Don’t do that.†She said but smiled, “I would love tooâ€

“Aww aren’t you two cute†Catherine said, as she and Jack walked up towards them.

Gale blushed and smiled, “So are you two†she giggled

“How true†Jack said smiling and turned to David, “Bro we need to rent tuxâ€

“Yeah I know that†David said with a nod

“So Gale.. “Catherine said pulling her away from the boys, “What happened to Ken?â€

“I don’t know†Gale said looking down, “Did David tell you?â€

“Something like thatâ€

“Anywhere what are you wear, want to go shopping with me?†Catherine asked

“I would love to†Gale smiled; The bell rang and the four were off to class.



The day of the party everyone was greeting and chatting, teachers, parents, students. How would Gale and her friends know what was to come, That the monster lurked among them; that this was the end.

Gale and David arrived together and waited for the other two to come,

“Oh wait is that Catherine?†Gale pointed and waved.

Catherine waved back and walked towards them, “Hey you look awesome... I told you that you wouldâ€

“Yeah, thanks hun†Gale smiled and avoided David’s gaze.

“Let’s Party then†Jack said.

They turned and headed inside the school main hall, where students were already dancing, Jack led Catherine to the dance floor and the danced to the beat.

“Err.. David I suck at dancing†Gale said look up at him.

David bent down and whispered in her ear, “Me tooâ€

Gale laughed and hugged him as they watched the others dance,

“You want a drink?†David asked her.

Gale nodded and let go of him, David walked up to the table where the drinks where. When he turn to walk back the lights went off and screams echoed the floor,

“DAVID†Gale yelled out.

“I’m here†David said back.

Gale tried to walk up to him but tripped and fell over something or someone, she felt something wet in her hand but couldn’t make out what it was. She stood up and tried to adjust her vision in the dark but it wasn’t possible. She head growls and cries and she started to panic when suddenly someone wrapped their arms around her,

“You shouldn’t have crossed me Galeâ€

Gales eyes widen and she was about to scream but his hand was over her mouth and he dragged out of the hall, lucky for her the light in the passage enabled David and in turn Jack and Catherine to see her been taken away.


Ken threw Gale onto the floor in a classroom, Gale turned and looked at him, his fangs where out and his eyes a mix of different colour that didn’t make him look at all human,

“No one cheats on me Gale, no oneâ€

“You left†Gale cried out.

“Look what you made me do... all those people, you parents ..dead all because of you rejecting meâ€

Gale cried and tears fell down her cheek, “no-no...no-noâ€

“If you had accepted me for what I was and didn’t run, this won’t be the result†Ken said walking towards her.

Gale stood up and backed up, stared at him, “But why kill them?â€

“Oh I’m not the only vampire here dear, I made some and brought them here with me†Ken said inching closer, “and young vampire do need to feedâ€


David, Jack and Catherine looked around for Gale but there was no sign of her, they opened class room doors but no luck what so ever,

“Where is she?†David said.

“She has to be here†Catherine said

“Whoa what was that†Jack said as he turned and looked in the direction of the sound and before he could get a good look someone jumped and Catherine screamed as David tried to fight him off but got bitten instead. Catherine looked around and found a fire extinguisher and grabbed it from the wall and pulled the trigger, spraying it all over the person who Jack was fighting off. The person hissed and jumped her biting her in the neck but Catherine used the extinguisher and sprayed it again which caused him or her whatever it was to run. David then turned his head to the direction of the a scream,

“Its Gale†Jack said, who managed to stand up, he was bitten but the boy was strong enough to be on his two feet.

They ran towards the sound that seem to be coming from the class room in the end, Catherine still had the extinguisher in one hand and the other over her wound,

“What the fuck is going on†Jack said as they reached the door and pushed it open. Gale was on the floor and Ken was over her, she was trying to push him off her.

“Leave her alone†David hissed as he grabbed the extinguisher from Catherine and hit Ken with it. Ken growled and turned to face him and was about to jumped and attack when the emergency light came on and voices echo the passages , smell of smoke filled the halls; he pushed David away and ran, followed by the remaining vampire who were being chased by some football player who somehow created fire torches out of cloth and alcohol, they were throwing it towards them. It missed one vampire but hit the other setting it on fire, the rest speeded away into the night.


Darkness and ramose filled the hearts of the town people that day, as the dead piled up and the river flowed of crimson red. David carried Gale to his car and he along with Jack and Catherine drove to his house. David was crying when he knew his parents where gone along with Jacks and Catherine’s, Gale was still breathing and that was a good sign but what was going to happen now, all was lost and what about them, from what they gathered they were the only ones who were bitten and lived while the one who survived where bruised but not bitten. What happens to you when a vampire bites you? Will you turn into a monster too? Will you live forever in regret?..in Crimson Regret.

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Finally a update


made by Ellen


It has been twelve hours has passed since the attack, everyone was asleep. The wounds now healed, something new shone on the four teenagers faces, a change; a change for the worst. Gale’s eyes opened, she looked around her new surrounding, she sat up and frowned at the others. She suddenly remember all that happened, her hand went on her neck but the was no bite marks, she stood up and walked around to look for a mirror, once she found it she stared at her reflection,

“It’s gone..how is-“ she froze, her eyes suddenly look a shade of brown but now it was back to grey again, “I’m sure I saw it change..what’s happening†she turned to the others, “David..Jack..Catherine.. get up†she said bending down and shaking them each, “Wake up pleaseâ€

Catherine mumbled and turned her head in Gale’s direction, “Gale..GALE†she said sitting up, “You’re okay†she cried as she hugged Gale, “I’m glad your okay..†she pulled away from her, “what was those things Gale?!â€

Gale looked at her and frowned, “Vampires Cath..they were vampiresâ€

Catherine gasped, “They bite us Gale†she said touching her neck and her eyes widen as she felt nothing, “Wh- Gale its-its goneâ€

Gale didn’t say anything and turned towards the boys, “Were they bitten tooâ€

“Yes they were†Catherine said as she stood up.

“And now its gone†Gale said standing up, “Something wrong is happening to us Cath.. something very wrongâ€

Catherine cried, “I don’t want to be a monster... I don’t want to be†she said sobbing into her hand; Gale reached out and hugged her.


It had been few hours now, the boy were awake too and they all were trying to figure out what were they going to do,

“Where are we to stay now?†Catherine asked, she was sitting in the stairs and looking at everyones scared faces.

“I don’t know but not here, too many people†Jack replied to her question.

Gale stared out of the window, “Guys.. its ..its daylight..†she turned and looked at them, “don’t vampires burn in the sun?â€

“They do fr- wait a minutes wasn’t Ken in the sun†David said walking up to the window. He waited there till the sun reached him, he closed his eyes hoping he was right.

“Hey you right†Gale said when the sunrays didn’t harm David. She turned to look at the other two.

“I think its best for now we find a house that’s far and maybe isolated from everyone till we know what we can do." said David.

The others agreed, it wasn’t long before David gathered all the money and valuables he could find and put it in his moms car. They then headed to Gales place, no one seemed to be there and she didn’t know even if her parents were alive. She entered from the window of her bedroom and gathered all that she needed. This was done for Catherine and Jack too. And they were off to a place they could be alone and figure out what was the next step.


Two weeks and 3 days later

The four were staying in a house far from town, a little house surrounded with trees. Gale couldn’t remember the name of the place, she wasn't paying attention. She was so so hungry at the time and so were the others but they didn’t want to hurt anyone.

David who was sitting on top of a tree watched as two bears fought, it was brutal that one of the bear was bleeding. He sniffed the air and his eyes widen and his mouth watered. Before he knew it he was on top of the bear wrestling it, few minutes later he had killed it and feed. He stood up and turned to find the others,

“Gale†He said when he spotted her.

“What the hell?! Gale stood up and stared at David who was cover in blood, “you-you..David why?â€

“Relax its bear blood†David said with a small smile on his face.

“Oh†Gale said titling her head to one side. But before she could say anything there was a scream which came from inside the house. Gale and David ran inside and found the kitchen flooded,

“Cath what happened?†Gale asked.

“I don’t know.. one minute i was grumbling to myself and the next the tap burst and-†Catherine said indicating to the water all over the place.

“What the-â€Jack said as he walked in the Kitchen, “How...â€

“Okay this is just weird, first the fire thing and now this, how is this happening and why?†Gale said.

“Good question but first lets get bac-â€David began but was cut off by Jack.

“First tell me whose blood is that?†Jack asked.

“Bear†David replied and turned to walk out of the house, “Come on if you’re hungryâ€

They three followed and after a few minutes they were feeding. It felt good, better than they have felt in over two weeks since all this happened but questions yet needed to be answered and non were.


Gale washed her face after she was done feedind and stared down at her reflection,
I was a normal girl.. with a normal life and now..im a monster..a blood sucking monster. Im no one now, I lost the life I never got to appreciate at all..dreams are gone to hell
. She sobbed and buried her face in the palm of her hands. David bent down and hugged her.


It’s said that monsters have no heart, how true it is no one is knows for sure. But what these four teenagers knew was that they felt it. Pain...lose..loneliness and worst of all Hunger. The urge that can cause you to snap at any point and forget the person you once was. Can they risk that and give in or should they keep fighting this lust for..

Edited by Elena Gilbert
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I love the chapter and I was reading and was like Monster? She's not a monster. I quiet like vampire's myself, the gorey one's. Like 30 Days of Night style. (though you don't get to see them much. ¬¬) Sorry rambling on! Awsome chapter and update soon woman! :P

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