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Gale liked the quit wilderness of the forest, high up on the tree where the wind whispered in her ear and sun shone on her face. She smiled as she jumped down from the tree and began to walk with a cry for help caught her attention,

“Oh†she turned and ran towards the location of the sound but stopped, he eyes widen and the hand flew up to cover her nose. In front of her was a girl, she was on the ground cry for help, she had fallen badly and was bleeding,

“No no no.. Gale don’t don’t don’t†she cried and fell to her knees.

“Please help me†The girl begged, “help me pleaseâ€

Gale screamed as she felt the fangs draw out from her jaw, her head was pounding, “No no no†she clawed the ground and tried to move but her body wasn’t willing to, she was staring at the blood as the girl begged and begged for help. Gale finally stood and walked towards the girl,

“I’m sorry.. I can’t†Gale cried as she walked away and fell when the girl grabbed her feet.

“Please please†she begged.

Gale turned and looked at her and then noticed she was so close, she closed her eyes as her body shook, “NOOOO†she growled as her attempt to stop failed. She was on top of the girl now, feeding off her, she had bitten her on the neck. Gale sat up crying,

“What did I do..I-I†she started to crawl away from the girl, lying flat on the floor she turned on her side and curled up into a ball, she was covered in blood and surrounded by the stillness of the night.


“Where is Gale, its dark already?†David asked as he climbed downstairs to the hall where the other two were, “Did she even tell where she is going?†he said without waiting for a response from the other two.

“She said she needed some fresh air but she didn’t say where†Catherine answered.

“I will be back I-†David stopped short when he heard the door open, he turned to find Gale standing there dripping in blood.

“Gale†Catherine cried as she ran towards her, “Oh gosh, are you okay?â€

“I didn’t mean to.. I didn’t mean to I tried I –I†Gale mumbled on and on and then burst out crying as she fell to her feet, “I wanted to help her and...I-Iâ€

“You what Gale you what†David asked, he was kneeing next to her, “What happened?â€

“I KILLED HER†Gale cried out and ran up to her room, she banged the door of her room shut and screamed and yelled, she threw things around and banged and cried yet again; at this the house shook and it wasn’t because she was banging on the floor, no it was her powers, the earth shook with anger.

“Oh shit†Jack said looking up at the ceiling, “That can collapse, we have to calm her down†he looked at David, “Only you can do that Davidâ€

David looked up at the stairs, he stood like that for a while before he went up to her room, his hand froze in the air, inches from the door after a few minutes and thinking of what he was going to say he was about to knock the door but it opened. Gale stood at the other end,

“I’m okay.. I need a bath and...†she said turning to walk back to her room to get clean clothes and a towel. She turned to look at him, “And I want to be alone†she said heading to the bathroom, opening the door she entered and closed it behind her.


Gale remained in the bathtub for about a hour now, the water had turned red. Her eyes were shut but all she saw was the bed girl and her dying screams, Gale’s eyes opened wide as she sat up. She walked out of the tub and dried, then changed. She stepped out of the bathroom and stopped, finding David standing front of her,

“What did you do to the body?†he asked.

“I called the police from her phone and left†Gale replied looking down.

“You could have left finger prints on the phone Gale†David replied.

“No I- I..†Gale said looking up at him with wide eyes.

“Relax I took care of it†David said walking up to her and hugging her. Gale remained still and rested her head on his shoulders.




The following months the four had to make themselves stronger, knowing that the even a small drop of blood could make them loose control, so they decided to spend time with people. No matter what they had to be strong and avoid at all cost in harming anyone.

“This hard..argh I cant stand it†Catherine cried as she watched little kids playing and running and some falling. They all decided to head to the park this time and it was the most crowded place ever.

“Can we go David... my head is pounding.†Gale cried who hand were at both sides of her head, she closed her eyes and tried hard to remain in control.

“You can do it Gale, you can do it†David replied, patting her on the shoulder. He looked up and saw a ice cream stand, “Want ice cream?†he asked

“Do they have hot ice cream?†Jack asked, he was hugging himself, “Why the heck is it so cold here, I need something to warm me upâ€

Catherine looked at him, “What’s wrong with you?†she said taking a sip of water.

“I could ask you the same thing, You are drinking water like there is no tomorrow†Jack said pointing at the bottle in her hand.

“I can’t help it†Catherine cried out, taking another sip of water.

“Weird.. if you notice both you’re problems are related to your powers..†Gale said, she turned to face them, she pointed at Jack, “You have the power or control over fire... you need constant heat...Catherine... your power is water.. thus you feel the t thirst for it and David just the other day, in the heat you felt suffocated.. you created that storm when you were angry.. heat evaporates water and the less moisture in the air- er sorry†she said when she noticed that they were staring at her.

“Its okay, you make sense, air needs moisture ..if there is no moisture there is no air.†David said and smiled.

“But what about you Gale.. do you have weird cravings..†Catherine asked titling her head to on side.

“Nah I don’t†Gale replied smiling at them, “Hey Jack look.. they have chill-dog†she pointed.

Jack got up and ran to the hog dog stand, “Three chill dog please†he said. Later he was back with the other eating his chill dog, “That’s hot†he smiled as he ate the second and the third.

“Er Jack eat slowly.. those Kids are staring at you†Catherine said hitting Jack on the arm.

“Who cares†Jack replied licking his lips and smiling as he laid back on the grass.

Catherine looked at him through narrow eyes and pick her bottle up but noticed it was empty, “Great its empty†she said standing up to throw the five empty bottles in her hand in the bin.

They whole was peaceful from then, they stayed even after everyone was gone. Later the walked the dark streets on their own, heading house,

“Its so peaceful..†Catherine said hopping and spinning around as she stared at the moon.

“Yes it is†Gale agreed and smiled as she walked behind Catherine. The boys were right behind them. They reached home pretty fast and all headed to their rooms for the night.



It was the month of august and Jack just remember it was Catherine’s birthday, he walked into Gale’s room without knocking,

“What happened to knocking before you enter†Gale said sitting up on her bed.

“Sorry†Jack said closing the door, “Gale you’re a girl..so you will know what a girl likes rightâ€

“Wow you just figured that now did you†Gale said smiling at him.

“Not funny.. you know what I mean, Its Cathy’s birthday and I don’t know what to give her†Jack said sitting next to her.

“Jewellery will be nice.. how about a charm bracelet or a necklace†Gale said

“ I never got her those†Jack said as he stood up and paced up and down, he stopped and looked at Gale, “How about a necklace with a heart pendent?â€

“Sounds great.. Jack.. is she in the house?†Gale asked.

“Oh no no I saw her go outside†Jack replied and smiled, he hugged Gale, “Thanks†he said and walked out of the room.

“No problem†Gale replied as she stood up and walked to her cupboard, she had already got Catherine a gift, a dress.


Everyone was at place now, all that was missing was Catherine. The hall was decorated with balloons and banners,

“Oh I hear her..†Jack said hiding behind the door.

Catherine walked in a hurry and practically banged the door in Jacks face as she opened it,

“Guys we – oh my I forgot†Catherine said shocked as she looked around, “Where is Jack?â€

“Behind the door†Jack cried, pushing the door shut and walking up to her. Gale and David were laughing.

“Oh shut up†Jack said as he turned to Catherine, “You were saying somethingâ€

“Yeah.. I said we have a problem..†Catherine said frowning as she tried to get the words out right, “I think we aren’t the only vampire in townâ€

“Oh†Gale said frowning, “Did you see them do something bad?â€

“Yes.. I just watched them kill five people, they were like animals..†Catherine replied looking even more sad, “They ripped them apart like chopsticks or something, I tried to help but they were stronger than meâ€

“They could have killed you Cathy†Jack said taking a hold of her, “Did they hurt you?â€

“No no.. I was trying to get away but to attacked me and well the hit me and it pissed me of and well... they got wet†Catherine said.

“Er..wet?†David asked and then realised what she meant, “Oh okayâ€

“Yeah.. and I got away†Catherine said with a smile, “So what did you get me?†she said walking to where all the gifts were.

Gale watched Catherine happily open the gifts and in spite of the ups and downs in their life’s their had some good but wasn’t that life even if it’s a bloody mess.

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  • 1 month later...

a quick update.. after so long... its small but i hope u enjoy it :)



Two months had passed, and now the four have come to understand their weakness and strength. Everything seemed so perfect..but that was never going to last wasn’t. It was a sunny afternoon and came rushing in the house screaming,

“ Cath is missing†he said over and over, he was pacing up and down.

“Jack!!! Stop†David said as he noticed the place where Jack was walking was heating up. Jack stopped and looked at David and then he noticed the smell, “What the-“ he said looking down at the ground, “Ohâ€

Gale frowned when she noticed the smell too, “ I smell burnt rubber tooâ€

“Oh shit..my shoes†Jack said pulling his shoes and his socks off, sadly his sock were burnt, “Oh great I have flaming feet†he said annoyed now.

“Where did Cath go off too?†David asked

“If I knew I wouldn’t be screaming she is missing would I?†Jack said frowning.

“She is a big girl Jack, lets give her some time and see if she comes, if not we will go looking for her okay†Gale said with a gentle smile.

Jack frowned and nodded, “Okay..I guess that seems wise†he said walking up to his room.

David looked at Gale, “Lets hope she comes homeâ€


Catherine didn’t show and Jack was worried, so much so that he was on fire, his balled up fist was on fire, his eyes flaming orange and the other worried. Gale suggested that the look for her together,

“That would take agesâ€Jack cried.

“It could be him, that why.. I don’t want someone else to be missing too†Gale said now said.

“Stop doing that to yourself Gale†David said, he sounded angry.

“Im sorry†Gale said as she turned and walked out of the door;The boys followed her. Even after a hour there was no sign of her,

“If anything happens to her-“ Jack said but burst out crying, he fell to the floor and he was dressed in flames, the other two couldn’t touch him.

“Please don’t cry Jack†Gale whispered, “We will find herâ€

“Yeah buddy.. be strong.. we wont stop till we find her†David said and as he did a chilling breeze passed them, so strong that the flames died out. Jack looked up at the other and stood up and began running looking left to right. The two close behind him,

“Jack will be slow down.. you are actually faster than us you know†Gale yelled trying her best to keep up.


Catherine was crying was she was curled up in a corner, she cried for Jack. She didn’t know who caught her or beat her up but now she was so badly wounded she couldn’t move. She hugged herself and hide her head, she stopped crying when she heard footsteps,

“Aww does the little baby wanna a huggy waggy†said the mocking voice, yet Catherine couldn’t see who spoke,

“Leave me alone†Catherine cried.

“haha†The laughter echoed the room, “In due time all in due time†and the dark figure disappeared , when Catherine tried to run to the exit she found that it was block by a huge rock and this place she was in seemed to be a cave and the heat was increasing by the minute, “I need water..†she said fanning herself, “YOU CANT LEAVE ME HERE†she yelled banging on the wall, “ I don’t want to die... please let me go†she cried falling to the floor, “Jack where are you?†she cried.


“They are looking for her†said a red haired man.

“Good good... coming to me like a lamb to the slaughter..†said the dark figure with a nasty laugh.


To be continued...

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aww thanks >.<


“If anything happens to her-“ Jack said but burst out crying, he fell to the floor and he was dressed in flames, the other two couldn’t touch him.

and incase no one got what i meant by dressed in flames, i meant Jack was on fire from head to toe

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Catherine grew weak with every passing minute, it was getting hot and she felt drained,

“I-I’m going to die here†she cried burying her face in her palms. She stopped crying when she felt a presence in the room but this time she saw his face,

“Ken†she gasped,

“Hello Catherine†Ken said with a grin, “It seems that no matter where you three hide I will always find you and your friends are running right into my trapâ€

“You won’t get ways with it...†Catherine said as she stood up, she felt better as Ken while entering the room left the door open letting some air into the room and making her feel better but before she could even think Ken spoke,

“Don’t even go there Catherine.. I’m faster than you†he smiled and walked out of the room.

Catherine sat down on the ground crying again.. was there any hope for them.


“Jack stop just stop†David yelled running ahead of him, “we are getting nowhereâ€

“Shut up...don’t say that.. she is here and i wont give up†Jack yelled as she stopped in front of David. Gale remained behind and watched them, she looked around and stopped short when her eyes fell on a broken down building ahead of them to the left,

“Guys..†she said pointing but the continued to argue so she yelled, “GUYS†and that’s when they looked at her and then at what she was pointing at, Jack was the first to run followed by David and Gale,

“Jack wait don’t rush it can be a trap too†Gale yelled causing Jack to stop and turn and look at her,

“Oh yeah that’s there†Jack said rubbing his head and looking at both of them.

“I know he is there, I can feel it but we have no choice†Gale said signing.

“Lets do this together..no matter what we stick together†David said with a nodded as he balled his fist in anger.

“Yes†agreed Jack as he turned and walked towards the building, Gale on his right and David on his left.


Catherine curled up in a corner, crying, “Jack where are you?†she said resting her head on her knees.

Jack , David and Gale entered the building to caution, looking around there was no one,

“She has to be here†Jack whispered as he pushed the door opened and looked inside but no one was there.

“Do you hear that†Gale said pointing up to the ceiling, she heard footsteps. David and Jack both looked up, They walked closely up stairs and came up a corridor, at the end was a room was was guarded and they knew then it was where Catherine was. Gale stared at the door and concentrate on it, the door started to shake and then crack. The guard turned in surprise and backed away, the door shattered to the floor, David and Jack ran and killed the guard. Catherine jumped to her feet and almost screamed with joy when she was the boys and Gale,

“Gale!!†Catherine cried and ran to her and hugged her, “I was so scared...†she looked at Gale, “Its him Gale its himâ€

Jack came running and lifted Catherine from her feet and kissed her. He hugged her and cried, “Don't you ever leave my side ever!â€

“Oh isn’t that sweet†Ken said as he and a bunch of vampire walked in, the four turned to face him, “You looking beautiful Gale†he said smiling.

Gale growled and balled her fist, she was about to attack Ken bit David held her back.

“Now is that any way to treat the love of your life†Ken said shaking his head.

“You are no one to me.. my love is right by my side†Gale replied and held Davids hand tight.

Ken growled and turned to his men, “Kill them all†he said and he looked at Gale, “You chose wrong Gale, with him you will get death, with me life and all its gloryâ€

“David is my life, I don’t need you to have it. With him I have all the treasures of the world, with David I’m in heaven while with you it will always be Hell†Gale replied.

“Then DIE†Ken said as he walked away. The six vampires inched closer to them growling as they got ready to attack.

“Lets do this guys†David said as his eyes changed color and his fangs came out and he growled.

Catherine forgot how weak she was and walked towards the man in the right, while Gale to the girl and man in front of her, Jack walked towards the man on his left and David had two men who looked like twins.

Catherine Jumped the man but her grabbed her by the head and threw her to the ground and was on top of her but Catherine kicked him off her. Gale looked from girl to boy, the girl was the first to attack and it was a good thing that noticed from the corner of her eyes, she moved in the right moment causing the girl to land face first down the ground, the boy grabbed Gale by the neck at the same time she was avoiding the girl and had her in such a position that he could break her neck at anytime. David notice and since he was busy with the twins attacking him, he used his powers. David’s power helped not just Gale but Jack and Catherine, Jack punched the guy that bit him.


Gale was getting tired by now by the attacks that she used her powers on the vampires, both of who turned out to having powers of their own, fire and air. Similar powers to what David and Jack had, turned out that whoever Ken turned ended up getting one of the four powers, Fire, water, wind and earth but why was that. Gale’s power though helped her block the forces of the other two’s power. David was now on the ground, he was wounded and the twins were on top of him, ready to rip him apart but Jack who killed off- more like burnt his foe came to David’s rescue, on the twins, used his power water and soaked Jack but only for Jack to heat up and roast the vampire and his twin. From no where water flooded the room, washing the four and the dead bodies of the vampire. When Gale, David and Jack looked to was Catherine who washed away the vampire that was about to kill her.

“Sorry†Catherine said with a smile as she rushed to kill the vampire that was about to run away and she ripped his head apart.

“She is so beautiful isn’t she†Jack said staring in wonder at Catherine.

“Did you hit your head or something...†Gale said standing up, “Here we are fight for our life and you are more bothered about how beautiful Catherine is†she growled and kicked Jack, “GET UP YOU DICK .... and lets kill Ken†she hissed.

Jack jumped up, “Sorry sorry†he said walking to Catherine, “What’s got her undies in a knot?â€

“Oh shut up Jack and lets find Ken†Catherine said as she walked out of the room and others followed. But they looked everywhere and Ken was out of sight.

“No .. he got away.. DAMN IT†Gale said punching a hole in the wall.

David put a hand on her shoulder, “Hun don’t worry we will get him soon, promise†he smiled and hugged her and then kissed her, “I love youâ€

“I love you too†Gale replied and hugged him back

“Aww I love you three†Catherine said with a giggle

“Me me I love you four†Jack said with a grin as he kissed Catherine on the lips. The four laughed as they walked out of the building and headed home.


“Laugh all you want Gale.. I will make you mine somehow†Ken said to himself in a whisper as he turned and disappeared.

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i made a mistake opps


David was now on the ground, he was wounded and the twins were on top of him, ready to rip him apart but Jack who killed off- more like burnt his foe came to David’s rescue, on the twins, used his power water and soaked Jack but only for Jack to heat up and roast the vampire and his twin.


the bold part is a mistake sorry


i meant on one of the twins he was about to use his power but one of the twins used their power of water and soaked Jack but only for Jack to heat up and roast the vampire and his twin

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  • 5 weeks later...


The year was 1840, Thomas Hilton, a young , smart and charming man but on the other was a coward, cruel and immature man. This flaw was what always got him on some peoples wrong side. And he never learned his lesson at all. It was on a sunny Tuesday morning that his lesson was learnt and in the most horrifying way than any man can imagine.

A mother of two named Annabelle was taking her son and daughter to the market. Smiles on their faces and the sun in their eyes, the most happiest day of all. Annabelle was so busy that day, she was planning a birthday party for her sister and wanted it to be perfect. Running from one side of the street to another, her hand got full after a few hours that she couldn’t even hold her children’s hand,

“Now look both sides before you cross†she said as she crossed the road, she told her children to be by the shop door with the bags till she comes back and she went in the shop while the two kids waited. Thomas was in his car heading to a friend’s house, he drove like he owned the road and eyeing all the ladies as he drove, instead of keep an eye on the road. Annabelle’s kids was playing with the ball the son had and just as Thomas turned the corner to the street they were at was when the daughter missed the ball which was passed to her and landed on the road. Both the girl and boy ran after the ball, Thomas hadn’t noticed them until it was too late, the street was filled with screams of horror along with the screeching of the car when the break was applied. Thomas stared with his eyes wide open as he saw the two children lay there death. Everyone was gathering to look and out of fear he turned the wheel and was about to flea when he out a glimpse off Annabelle who screamed and cried when she found her children dead. Annabelle was able to get a good look at Thomas and so the curse began, beware of the gypsy curse but even worst beware of the curse by a grieving mother.


Thomas thought he was free and no one will ever know it was him. He never got out of the house after that and remained home, he convinced himself it was a accident when he knew he should have paid attention. For days he remained in the confines of his home until one day there was a knock on the door which he ignored but it didn’t stop,

“Thomas Hilton, I know it was you that killed my children and for that you will pay ..open this door you monster†Annabelle cried.

“No no it wasn’t me your mistaken ma’am†Thomas replied.

“No i am not mistaken, it was you and you have to pay, confess to the polices it was youâ€

“Never never..I didn’t do it ...â€

“Yes you DID†cried Annabelle banging in the door.

“I didn’t mean to†Thomas said.

But no matter what Annabelle said Thomas wouldn’t accept that it was his fault,

“Curse you Thomas Hilton, truly you are the worst man ..no monster I have met..You will suffer the curse of this mother, that you will live a life of a monster, the very monster you deny to be, that only lust and knows nothing else, forever will you be this blood lusting monster who will hide in the dark away from the world..one day you will learn to pay for your crimes†Annabelle wiped the tears and turned to walk back home, night was near and all she wanted was the man that killed her children behind bars. She might come from a weird heritage but she never followed it at all, so she thought. Deep inside her heart, that burned with pain for the loose of her child she wanted him to suffer the was her beloved children did. She reached the graveyard and walked up to their grave of her children, she feel on her knees and cried as laid down on the ground, she clawed the dirt in her hands,

“How can I live without you?†she cried as she laid there still unaware that her words spoken to Thomas was coming true, as the full moon came to be and the pain that Annabelle felt triggered the spell to the most deadliest curse man will ever know. The burning pain, the painful tears of a mother was all that was needed, unaware of what was happening or what she was doing Annabelle stood up as the weather began to change, the wind blew heavily and it creped her out a bit. She headed home and what was going to happen next well, a monster was born.

Thomas was sleeping at his bed as the wind shattered though his window and blew his blanket off his body, he got up with a fright and went to shut the window but was blinded by rain drops that went into his eyes but his kept trying to shut the window and finally succeeded to do so. As he crawled up his bed he felt a bit sick and he thought it was because of the sudden cold. As the moon light shone on him, his body started to turn cold, his skin losing its reddish colour. Becoming hard and strong like as if it was frozen by the chill in the wind, his throat burned and his stomach hungered. When morning came and the sun was out , the light hit his face. .. he woke up and walked to the window he wondered why he felt drained so he walked away from the window, he was thirsty went to take a drink of water but one glass wasn’t enough, so much so that he drank the whole jug but he was still thirsty and hungry too. He was confused but ended up eating everything he could get his hands one, fruits, vegetables etc.

“What’s wrong with me?†he cried out. He felt like his was dying, he could breathe, he walked over to the window and opened the door. As the fresh air blew in he felt better.

What Thomas didn’t notices was that what the he hungered had to do in relation to the curse.. a twisted curse that not even Annabelle indented to be true, the strange dehydration because of the sun, the uncontrollable thirsty for water which wasn’t common for a human and the craving for fruits and vegetable, which was common but had a meaning on its own and there was something he couldn’t put his finger on, he felt like having something that was hot... Thomas as a kid could never eat food that was spicy at all and now he craved for it. His mouth watered when he thought of it and then he stomach ached like never before and he cried and fell to the floor, what was happening he wondered.


After dark Thomas opened the main door to his house and looked around, the street was quit he walked around holding his stomach, it was still aching. He sniffed the air and it pleased him, he didn’t know what it was so he followed it and it led him to a coward of people, he stomach danced with joy and pain shot through his jaws and cried softly. He looked around for a mirror and stopped at a window and opened his mouth. His eyes widen as he shut his mouth and covered it with one hand,

“NOnono this isn’t happening.. I have to find her†Thomas thought and ran around looking for her until he spotted her walking with a old lady. He hide in the shadow and waited till she was alone. After a while she turned and parted her ways from the old lady, Thomas followed her and straight to her home. Annabelle was unaware that Thomas was there.

“You did this to me†Thomas hissed.

Annabelle jumped and turned around, he eyes widen, “Thomas.. w-what are you doing in my home?â€

“You cursed meâ€

“There is no such thing as a curse Thomasâ€

“Oh really†Thomas said and walked closer to her, “Then why all of a sudden I get dehydrated in the sun and want to drink gallons of water, why do I want to eat fruits and vegetables, which I might add I don’t eat so much.. and then out of the blue I want food that is spicy which i cant eat cause im allergic to hot food ever since i was a kidâ€

“That doesn’t even sound like a curse.. you have just lost your mind..†Annabelle said backing away.

“Oh yeah.. then please explain to me why your scent pleases me... and why are my teeth sharp as a animal†he said baring his teeth.

Annabelle was shocked and stared at him, “What is happening?â€

“That’s what I would like to know†he growled at her as he inched closer to her, he mouth watered and his stomach aching even more.

“Please don’t hurt me†cried Annabelle

Thomas didn’t listen to her or say anything, Annabelle grabbed a vase and hit him with it but it didn’t affect him. It was too late, Thomas pounced on her and bit her on the neck, she cried in pain but he didn’t stop. That was the last anyone heard of Annabelle and that was the starting of a new breed of beings. The once cruel and immature man you would hope to change was worst, a monster Annie wished she hadn’t created and a mistake Thomas made by killing her for now the curse remains bound in the poison he now has in him and just one bite could create another monster and another... and so a river of Crimson flows on this earth and regret is one thing monsters don’t have... this is a fight man can’t win.

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My Wolf Pack




thanks to Ellen for the banner



It was all Gale needed, a game of hide and seek and she was seeking,

“come on guys, i hated this game when I was human and I still hate it†she growled as she kept looking. It has been over two weeks since the kidnapping of Catherine and everyone has been on the edge so they thought they should have some fun. But this wasn’t Gale’s idea of fun, try looking for a bunch of clever vampires, it wasn’t fun. Gale had jumped across the river as she began to sniff out her family, up till now nothing and that’s when she spotted a bunch of kids, boys and girls. They smelled weird as she walked in closer, one of them noticed her and what looked like a growl he marched forward, one minute he was man and next a big scary wolf. Gale’s eyes widen and she frowned in confusion as she turned and ran, the next thing she knew she had a bunch of wolves coming at her from every corner,

“Oh yeah†Gale said loud as she jumped the river and concentrating hard enough the earth shook and rose to block the wolves path, she smiled and turned and ran off to find the rest.


What Gale didn’t realize is that she just came across her mortal enemy. A curse of a monster bigger that you can imagine. No one knows how they came to be. In the depth of the forest in a little tribe is where they are from, by blood they are bound and by the power of the wolf have these tribes protected their kind from the Blood cravers as they call them. A cross between a Werewolf and a shape shifter. The truth behind the formation of these wolf like monsters are a mystery but it began with one man and his sons after their mother was killed. No one knows what happened to them on that full moon night but when they came back they were changed. This was both a curse and a blessing to the tribe and the Blood Cravers worst nightmare. A full moon was the trigger, anger was another but when they sense the presence of these blood craving monster it would drive them insane turning them to wolves. Generation to generation they grew, one wolf to another, protector of the land and defenders against these Blood cravers. This is a never ending fight which there is no escape from, the fight between the Vampires and Werewolves.

“So how big are we talking about here?†David asked Gale as they reached home. He pushed the door opened and let the others in.

“Like twice the size of a normal wolf†Gale replied, she was biting her lips nervously as she looked at the other, “I think they were werewolves or somethingâ€

“But werewolves as some books say turn on a full moon, I don’t see one†Jack said as she Lean back against the counter in the kitchen.

“Yeah Jackie is right†Catherine agreed with a nod.

“Well whatever they are , they are defiantly not our friends†Gale said shaking her head, “I almost forgot i could use my powers on them, I’m such a foolâ€

“You’re not love†David said wrapping his arm around her waist and kissing her on the head.

“Get a room why won’t you†Catherine said and smiled.

“Oh shut it†Gale said hugging David and resting her head on his shoulder.


“one thing was weird about her†Dawn said frowned as she sat down next to Jared.

“What was that?†Jared asked looking down at her. They has just come from chasing the vampire, they were alone in the forest.

“She seemed confused to see us, like she didn’t know who we were†Dawn said looking up to him.

“That’s there... maybe she is a new born and has no clue about us†Jared said and smiled at her.

“What?!†Dawn said frowning, “Is there something on my face?†she said brushing her face.

“Wait I will get it†Jared said and got closer to her and pretended to brush whatever was there and kissed her on the cheek.

“Jared..†Dawn said looking around, “Stop thatâ€

“Relax no one is there†Jared said and turned her face toward him and kissed her on the lips, “Its not a crime to kiss your girlfriend†he pulled away and looked into her eyes.

Dawn smiled at him as she stood up, “Evelyn will be waiting for me, got to run†she said turning and run. Ever since her parents died in a car accident Evelyn, Dawns aunt has been taking care of her. Dawn reached home and walked in the kitchen, “What’s cooking?â€

“Chicken pot roast†Evelyn said with a smile.

“ Yum†Dawn said as she went to wash up.


The Fletcher brothers had reached home and walked up to their room to wash up, “you should think by now vampires should know by now that they shouldn’t walk in our territory†Colton said putting his shirt on. He walked out of his room and to the bathroom to wash his hands.

“Not all vampires know that i think†Declan said as he stood behind him.


Felix was at his cousin Nikolai place, “It has been a while hasn’t it†said Felix

“What has?†Nikolai said as he took a bite of his beef stake. They both were sitting on the ground away from their parents.

“Seeing a vampire around here†Felix replied.

“True†Nikolai said with a nod and took a sip of his coke.


The Clearwater’s sibling had just finished eating and were in Audrina’s room, “What’s with a smile bro?â€

“Nothing, it was so cool to turn and chase that vampire.. it was my first chase†Evan said and smiled even wide.

“Well it was there will be a lot of chases Evan but don’t do anything stupid okay†Audrina said.

“Don’t worry sis I won’t promise†Evan jumped off his bed and walked out of his room but appeared again, “Plus when I have you why should I worry†he smiled and disappeared, Audrina smiled and laughed. Evan is five years younger to her and she has always taken care of him all the time and she wasn’t going to stop even though he is 15 now.


Back with the vampires


Gale was sipping blood from a big glass, she couldn’t stop thinking of those wolves and how close they were to her. They was so much for them to learn and they had no one to teach them,

“Guess we will have to learn on our own†she said aloud.

“Learn what Gale†Catherine ask as she walked in.

“Er†Gale said looking up at her, she was sitting on the ground lost in her own thoughts that she didn’t sense Catherine walking in, she got up and thought for a moment, “Well there is a lot to know about being a vampire but there is so much more we don’t know at allâ€

“Agreed†Catherine said pouring herself of Blood too, “we just have to learn so we go on, like we are doingâ€

“I know but it’s just so hard, it’s like learning to live all over again†Gale said signing as she sat on the chair. Catherine sat opposite her,

“I know, it bugs me too but like Jack says life is a mystery waiting to be discovered we just have to keep digging†she smiled at her and took a big sip from her glass.

“Wow that was good... does he make those phase up as he goes†Gale said with a giggle.

“Hey no bad mouth my man†Catherine said laughing, “But yeah I’m pretty sure he doesâ€

“But it was good advice, thanks Cath†Gale smiled as he drank the last drop of blood. She got up and washed the glass in the wash basin and turned to head out of the kitchen.


The very next day at wolf territory


The pack was jogging around the forest like they always do, to keep in shape. Something Evelyn made a habit of. She was the Alpha of the pack and she wanted all the young and not so young wolves to be prepared for anything that comes their way. Once the jog was over they ended up in her place for breakfast,

“That was fun Eve†Evan said with a smile as he dropped down on the sofa.

“Glad you think so son†Evelyn said with a smile as she began to cook, Audrina and Dawn were helping her making pancakes.

“Make loads of pancake Eve, I’m starving†Felix said.

“Me too†Jared said breathless, “Man Declan do you have to be first all the timeâ€

“Yup†Declan replied with a smile as he was staring at Evelyn. He had a crush on her ever since he joined the pack, problem was she was three year older and the head of the pack, will she ever love him the way he does? That’s all he wondered. He looked away when he noticed she was looking and paid attention his brother , “Yeah?â€

“Look†Colton said counting his abs, “Look at these hahahâ€

“Brother stop being a child†Declan said.

“Well Declan he is a child, he is like four years younger to you†Evelyn said with a smile.

“Well I guess you’re right†Declan replied.

“Like everything you think Eve says is right†Jared said.

Declan growled, “Shut up Jared†he said sitting upright and looking at him and the same time blushing.

“Oh come on did I say anything wrong†Jared asked.

“Stop it Jared†Dawn hissed at him, “Don’t bug himâ€

“Im being honest that’s all†Jared said looking at her and back at Declan.

“Boys cool it†Evelyn said and continued putting the dough in the pan. She was well aware of Declan feelings towards her and thought it was the cutest thing ever cause she liked him too. She wasn’t that old as anyone would expect her to be, she was only Ten years older to Dawn and was a aunt too. Meaning she was like ten when Dawn was born, her sister was twenty when she had her. It was a hard job but with the way Dawn looked up to her she had to be strong for Dawn and the pack.

Breakfast was ready and the girls had set up the table, the boy sat around and began to eat.

Dawn smiled as she watch everyone eat, she loved it when they all gathered for a meal, like a big happy family it made her less sad. Even after a year she missed her parent, it wasn’t something you can get over and it affect her sometimes, her studies , her relationship with Jared and with Evelyn. But she was glad that no one just gave up on her and was always there, at times she was nasty and moody and took it on them but they wouldn’t say a word to her and she was grateful that they understood her but she wanted to try and be brave about it.

“Dawn?†Jared said as he looked at her, “Okay love?â€

“Hmm sorry was lost in my thought†Dawn said smiling and continued to eat.

“Well don’t think so much, we get those worry lines on your head†Jared smiled at her.

Dawn giggled and paid attention to her plate, Jared always had something to make her smile or laugh about and she was Glad she had him in her life.


After breakfast was done every one who had school or college rushed out. Jared, Felix, Evan and Dawn were in on school so they meet at the same bus stand waiting for the bus. While Colton, Audrina and Nikolai were heading to college in Nikolai’s car. They might me wolves but they had a life and Evelyn said that it was lesson for them to learn to control their temper. And It was a challenge for them every day. Being a Wolf wasn’t what it is cut out to be, its a secret that must be kept but hard to hide.

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Vivian was walking behind a man, he was tall with dark hair and had no clue she was following him for the past 2 hours. From his house to work to his girlfriends place to his wife’s work place and to a dinner where they had lunch and now back to his office building. The man turned a corner but it was to an alley and nowhere near his office,

“Hm†Vivian said as she too followed him in the alley only to find him facing her.

“Who are and why are you following me†he asked

“Don’t you mean what are you?†she asked him and took a step closer.

“What?†The man asked looking confused and he stepped back.

Vivian smiled at him, her fangs already out. Her eyes changed to an orange red in colour and hungry growl erupted from her chest, “Believe in monsters Mister?â€

“W-w-what are you?†he asked in panic, his eyes widen and his jaw dropped.

“Vampire†she smiled even more widely and pounced, he was drained of his blood. She stood up and looked at him and then around her surroundings, “Good not a soul in sight†she turned back to the man , she raised her palm which now was on fire and aimed it at the man who caught on fire, then she disappeared.


Ken was as usual keeping tab on Gale, trying to manage another way to get her back in his life or end it. It’s been a while since he took Catherine but he knew that the four will be prepared. He stood up and walked out of the room of the old house he took refuge in with whatever vampires he had left with him.

“I have to make her love me somehow...†He growled. Ken was not used to being rejected and after so many years he found someone that made him feel alive. All the girls, humans or vampires just liked him for his looks but Gale actually loved him, he saw that in her eyes but why did that have to change when she found out what he was. It made him angry that she would ignore all those feeling she had for him.

“Are you talking about me?†Vivian said, she was sitting on a chair that a few feet away in front of him. She stood up and walked towards him.

“Vivian what are you doing here?†Ken asked.

“I missed you†she replied

“Oh okay†Ken replied and walked outside of the house and sat at the steps, “Been a while?â€

“Yup†she agreed and sat next to him, “So is the girl you are talking about? Human?â€

“Was human... her name is Gale†Ken said looking sideways at her, “But the moment she found out what I was she ranâ€

“Well don’t expect every human to be okay with it Ken†she said placing her hand on his shoulder, “Stick to dating or falling for vampire, you won’t be disappointedâ€.

“I guess I should...†Ken looked at her and then looked away, “ no one have looked at me the way she has, the love I have seen in her eyes were true†he looked back at Vivian, “she wasn’t into me for only my looks, did you go out with me cause of my looks?â€

“Yeah and cause we have the same powers†she laughed and shook her head, “Remember how we would test who throw fire betterâ€

“You always got pissed because I would win†Ken smiled at her.

“Yeah yeah well I don’t get how a young vamp like you can be better than me†Vivian said shaking her head, “but I went out with you because I liked youâ€

“Did you love me or like me?†he asked her

“I Like you... I just guess we weren’t meant to be soul mates huh†she said smiling.

“Guess not ... I think i just lost it when she rejected me you know†Ken began and stood up, “I made things worse by killing everyone and turning herâ€

“Hey when did you start caring about people’s feelings†she asked standing up and crossing her arms, “The Ken I know doesn’t give a damn about anything and anyone and does what he likesâ€

“I’m still that person ... I just wanted to spend the rest of my life with someone like her that’s all and now I can’t have and all i want is her†Ken turned and looked at Vivian, “I only have eyes for her nowâ€

“But she hates you right?â€

“Sadly she does.... I have been a bad boy†he smiled at her.

“You never were good to begin withâ€

“Ouch that hurts†He laughed.

“Well if you want her make her want to be with you†Vivian said

“What?†Ken asked tilting his head to one side, “how?â€

“Threaten to hurt everyone she cares for, her friends for oneâ€

“I tried that and she came with the rest of her friends and saved the girlâ€

“Oh well does she have a new love in her life?â€

“Oh yeah...†Ken said growling.

“She will be devastated if anything happened to him...â€

“She will but his power is something that can cut of oursâ€

“Water?†she asked with a frown.

“No ...Air†Ken replied.

“Well I will help you for old times’ sake... two is better than one†she smiled and extended her hand.

Ken took her hand and shook it, “Thanks Vivianâ€

“Hey we bad guys have a heart to...so to speak†She laughed and took his hand, “But can we do some catching up, it’s been a while...what you say my fire buddyâ€

“Well I guess I can give you some time†He said with a grin.

“Oh how sweet of you†Vivian said narrowing her eyes and looking angry.

“Kidding†Ken said biting on his lower lip and laughing

“I know†she giggled.


Ken and Vivian walked through the forest, filling each other on everything they missed; from the people they killed to the vampires they met, to places they have been too and things they managed to get away with.

“We still are our naughty self, some things don’t change†Vivian said

“Nope they don’t†Ken said with a smirk.

“Good, I like you this wayâ€

“You always did, didn’t you?â€


“Anyone there in your life now?â€

“I don’t stick to one in particularâ€

“Still the picky one aren’t you?â€

“Yes†Vivian smiled as she climbed the tree and sat on the branch of it, “I’m in no hurry to find loveâ€

Ken had climbed onto the opposite tree and stared at her, “you are way older than me, and don’t you long for anyoneâ€

“I used to have someone but I lost himâ€

“I know that but you never tell me howâ€

“Why does it matter?â€

“Cause we are friends, that’s why†Ken answered her crossing his arms.

“It was around the time I was turned, we both were attacked and well I woke up but he didn’t†Vivian looked at Ken and then turn to face her back towards him.

“Oh†Ken said as he started at her back, “You know who did itâ€

“Yes but he belongs to a larger clan, I can’t possible winâ€

Ken smiled, “Well what are friends for?!â€

Vivian turned and looked at him, “Do you mean you will help me?â€

“If you are willing to help me then why not return a favourâ€

Vivian smiled and Jumped from her tree to the one he was at and hugged him, causing them to fall and hit the ground, “Opps†she started laughing and so did Ken.

“So that settles it then doesn’t it†Ken said as he stood up and held his hand out towards her.

“It does†Vivian smiled and shook his hand.

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I noticed a few grammar mistakes, words missing and I think some wording should be changed, but other than that good update. The first paragraph reminds me of Twilight. xD There's nothing wrong with the theme to the chapter though. xD Maybe write it on Microsoft Word? It will sort the things I mentioned out. xD

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i know i have not updated in nearly six months and i feel so bad about it but i lost my muse.. but i think i just found it :) so look for a update, i will put posting as soon as i can :)

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