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Talk like a pirate day 2013 - Welcome aboard!

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Ahoy mateys!


As you might know we have a little tradition on these forums on September 19th. Of course it's the birthday of Miss Hermione Granger but also International Talk-Like-A-Pirate day. Normally, the mods all change their names to something piraty and I go around change the forum names as well. 


We are going to do that this year but we want YOU to join us. So, if you would like to have a pirate name for a day post a comment in this thread with your pirate name of choosing and I will change it for you on Thursday. On Friday, I'll change it back to the name you currently have. 


First come first serve, so with that being said!


Below names are already taken:


- Edward Kenway

- Nami

- Antarres


(Antarres will be my name obviously)


So, please go ahead and surprise me with your pirate name!



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