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Source: http://www.stuff.co.nz/life-style/fashion/9203258/Emma-Watson-reveals-her-eco-side


With recent exposés on the real cost of clothes, more shoppers are reconsidering how they go about stocking their wardrobes.

This trend has played out on every level of fashion - from H&M's 'Conscious Exclusive' formal wear line, which launched earlier this year, to Net-a-Porter.com's most recent effort, the Green Carpet Challenge (GCC).

As part of the GCC, the luxury e-tailer asked five British designers to create sustainably produced gowns that are A-list appropriate.

The resulting designs, by Christopher Bailey (of Burberry Prorsum), Christopher Kane, Erdem Moralioglu (of Erdem), Roland Mouret and Victoria Beckham, can be seen here showcased by Emma Watson in their digital magazine, The Edit.

Watson was a natural choice for the shoot. The 23-year-old actress has definitely done her part to catapult ethical fashion into the global spotlight, designing three collections for fair-trade brand People Tree and creating a sustainably produced capsule collection with Alberta Ferretti.

The undergrad has also spent the better half of this year studying fair-trade practices at Brown University.

Speaking passionately about the project in Net-a-Porter.com's The Edit, she says, "We don't support slave labor in this country, so we shouldn't support those conditions in other countries. I can't wrap my head around why ethical clothing is a specialty and not a base standard. Why is it special to have something you know wasn't made under terrible conditions by a 12-year-old girl for 20 pence and hour? It's hard to talk about this stuff without sounding preachy."

We think you're doing just fine, EW.

You can shop the collection here, with 20 per cent of proceeds going to (RED) to fight AIDS in Africa.

- Daily Life

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Kudos to Emma!!! I've always said that she would be a great activist--and here 

she is!!! 


Her fans--especially the little kids/teens, admire and respect her, so it's easy for her to relate

her message to all of her fans and admirers. All the experience she's had with People Tree

doesn't hurt either. 


I love the way she shops at resale shops, and gives her designer clothes to friends and charity. A great

and refreshing role model. WAY TO GO EMMA!!!

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It truly is awesome to see someone who has this much in life give back to others...I know she (as well as my best friend who is eco-friendly, fair trade etc) make me think twice when I buy things. Go Emma!!! :)

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