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  1. Just imagine though all the letters that must have been sent home about the stuff Hermione did at school or updates the school sends to muggle parents so they’re kept in the know. And she’s never been in trouble before so her parents think this is just regular wizarding school hijinks because it obviously never has context for them and Hermione just rolls with it “She saved the philosophers stone.†“Oh good for her! She must have gotten there before everyone else in class†“People must get petrified all the time. It says not to worry though so it can’t be a serious illnessâ€
  2. Ok yes!!!!! Thanks Roberto!!!! I heard this same release time frame too
  3. My nephew told me then showed me the video COME ON MARCH I have not been this excited for a movie since DH...I have seen all of Emma's movies, have never been disappointed in any performance...but I am just overly excited more for this-she just looks at home in this role and OMG we will hear her sing!!!! Not background but solo!!!!! And dance too!! Dan Stevens is too hot- wig bad LOL
  4. Aww thanks Ashley was away for vacay and then headed back into work world lol...back now!!
  5. Back y'all Denver was ever so lovely!!! Thrown right back into work (had less days to get classroom ready this year-County decision don't ask Lol-I can laugh now but was not laughing last week. R/E have now both seen CC!!!! Awwwww....SO CUTE!!! Emma posed a few weeks ago with "Hermione" and Rupert recently posed with "Ron" guh I love these 2-they are die hard HP fans til the end- yet another thing these two share DONT STOP BELIEVIN IN GRINTSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Hey!!!!! I am back!!!! Been on vacation, then was immediately thrown right back into work... Read CC...this is all I have to say---THANK GOD ROMIONE WAS STILL THEMSELVES....the Romione moments made me laugh and smile. Everything else- BLECH..... I read FF because it gives me my Romione fix but yeah I know they can be non- canon at times. You just have to weed thru and find the true Romione writers. ROMIONE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Guhhhhhh yes!!!! I am back into reading FF (Romione of course ) after being away from the net the last few months (that will not happen anymore LOL). I will start reading it Wednesday. Oh but back to FF- watch out anyone who has not read CC. I am grateful to the writers for spoiler warnings. ROMIONE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. My friends and I have talked for years about writing a children's book (read aloud for classrooms in Elementary Schools) not easy at all. I respect anyone who can write!
  9. I don't live in the Netherlands!! ;) buuuuut that may bode well for a US release date thanks for the info Thessalie!!
  10. Hmmmm.... Love hearing your critique!!! I will be reading it on Wednesday...my friends are reading it and I told them I would curse their tongues!!! ROMIONE moments I am DYING to read.... Awww REALLY???? But they are not only the trio, they are also related now!!!!!!! Weird.... ROMIONE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. AHHH OK WAIT GUYS!!!! Please!! I am waiting on my copy and will not get it til next week-I am away for vacation but will be taking book with me- soooo will discuss with yas then!!!!!! ROMIONE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. ANY word yet on this movie's release???? I am DYING for this to come out already!!!!!! This cast is gonna ROCK!!!!!!
  13. That's how I felt too- I was like ok this is an Emma starring project and I can't wait to see her. You truly forget it is Emma after a few minutes into the movie. As I said she didn't get much dialogue (the movie seems to have lil dialogue) but when she did, she delivered her lines perfectly. What really got me was Emma's facial expressions. You just saw this defiant, not going to beat me young force, who would do anything to save people she cared about, even people she hardly knew. I own it and as I said I have already watched it twice and will be doing multiple viewings in the future
  14. She is part of our shared book club. I believe it was Emma being a guest interviewer. But hey with this young lady, we never know
  15. Ok I FINALLY saw Colonia!!!!! I agree Ashley- I thought Emma was awesome with her role- her reactions were spot on-there were not many moments where she could do happiness it was a rough movie- hard to believe that this place let alone THAT MAN existed. It makes you feel sick. Movie itself: It was on the edge of your seat moments, had you shaking your head, had you want to look away many times. I wish there could have been more dialogue but this type of movie all you needed was actions. Emma: her portrayal of Lena was superb!!!! She shows vulnerability, fear, sadness, shock, bravery so
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