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Christian Songwriter Andrew Peterson talks about Harry Potter!

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I love Andrew Peterson's Music...and I love his Wingfeather series of books.  He is on the list of people I would like to meet in person. 


But here's what's crazy.  I can mark that off my bucket list...BECAUSE I ACTUALLY DID MEET HIM...I was serving as an intern at a larger church, and they needed volunteers to set up for one of his concerts.  So I volunteered to help.  

And he was there...and I was helping him carry in some kind of heavy sound stuff...and I'm like..."Hi".  And he's like "Hi".  And I didn't know what to say...but my wife was really a fan of his music, too...and she wanted me to get him to sign one of her CDs...they were going to have a CD signing afterwards...but I'd have to wait in line forever...


So I was like..."Can I ask you a favor...I hate to even ask this..."  He's like, "What?"  I'm like...I know you're having a signing later...I don't mean to be skipping line or anything...but I have this CD...and I have a pen...can I get you to sign it for her?


He looked at me...I bought out the CD and pen...he took out the insert...and he said, "What's her name"?  I said, "It's Julie".  


He wrote, and smiled as he handed it back to me.  It says, "To Julie, tell you husband I said NO SKIPPING"  Then he put a smiley face next to it and signed is name.  


WE STILL HAVE THE CD, of course.


One more thing...if you live near Nashville and actually want an opportunity to be in his latest music video...they are having some kind of casting call this coming Wednesday (2/21/18).  You have to fill out the form here:



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Yes, the link is at the top. I realize it is an old article. CT posted an interview about a month ago with Andrew Peterson talking about his feelings for Harry Potter. But the ChristianityToday interview requires a paid subscription to view it. So after some googling around I found the Rabbitroom article that I linked above. :) And it's free!!

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