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Well, I thought I'd post it here since I haven't yet! :o Here are the prologue & Chapter One (I'm posting both at once because I'd like to post the newest chapter as soon as possible)

Enjoy! :D



Made by Lindy




Has there ever been a moment when your life suddenly flashes before your eyes? When everything goes by so fast, you can't even blink because you might miss it? Everything's all blurred and you can't hear anything properly, not even your own heart that's all of a sudden thumping so hard against your chest, it could jump right out at any moment.

I don't know how it happened, or even why. I don't know what made me walk towards her that day. I could've just walked away. Part of me knew that I should have, but I didn't. I walked right into something you'd call a living nightmare. I wasn't going to make up upcoming events in my head, I was going to live them. I was going to hurt people and people were going to hurt me. My worst nightmares were going to come true.

It's too late to turn back time but even if I could, I wouldn't. I wouldn't walk away. I wouldn't change anything. I'm dying in her place and that is how I want to die. I'm ready for it, but my would be killer isn't coming any closer. She's watching me from the corner of the basement she's locked the both of us in, her scarlet eyes gleaming hungrily in the darkness. They're all I can see, apart from the sharp white points of her elongated upper teeth. She's not normal. She hasn't been normal for two hundred years. Even when she was still human, my would be killer was never normal. She told me once that she'd been an awkward child and teenager, never really fitting in. She told me that the so called friends she had...well, it wasn't hard to tell that they were never really her friends at all. She went after them and killed every single one. Revenge, she said. She described all the details of every murder, and there were a lot of details. My would be killer is a vampire, you see. Yes, one with fangs who can't enter a house someone lives in without being invited in. It was already too late when I found that out, she'd already been invited into my house.

She's getting to her feet now, her eyes still fixed on me. With a slight smirk on her disturbingly beautiful face, she's suddenly towering over me, her eyes wide and mocking me wordlessly. So, this is it. Neither of us needs to say anything because we both know how this night is going to end. It's all over. After all that's happened, this is where everything has to come to an end. I know I'm going to die tonight but trust me, I'm not going down without a fight.



Made by Stef


November 15th, 1816

The sun went down over Willow Creek, California, giving the town some sort of red glow. This was the time of day when the people of Willow Creek usually started to panic. Sunset. This was when the town's legend sprang into action and attacked. The vampire. It was this town's legend because there were rumours going around that the world's first vampire had originated from Willow Creek itself. It attacked at sunset because as the sun descended, it not only gave the town a red glow, but it also turned the town's people's eyes a deep red, the colour of an 'evil' vampire's eyes. At this time, when the day started to give way to night, you could not tell apart a human and the red eyed demon. However, even during daylight hours, you could not pick a human from a 'normal' vampire. Not exactly 'normal', but not the 'evil' kind. The townsfolk didn't want to believe that there was such a thing as a 'good' vampire', but Mayor Richard McKinley himself had come across a blue eyed vampire a few years before this fateful night. It did not attack him. As a matter of fact, it had actually saved him as he had been about to be attacked by a red eyed vampire. This is what led him, along with the people of Willow Creek, to believe that the vampires themselves were involved in some kind of war of their own, although it didn't stop the red eyed demons from murdering innocent people. Maybe that was what the blue eyes and red eyes were fighting over. Humans and their 'right to live'. The blue eyes wanted humans to live and the red eyes didn't, was that it?


The mayor looked up from where he was sitting at his desk. The chief of police was leaning into the office, the downturned corners of his mouth giving away that there was something wrong or something bad was about to happen.

"Forbes?" He stood. The chief glanced down at the floor and back up.

"We've found one."

"A vampire?"

"Blue eyes, but..."


"Richard, it's a child."

The mayor walked around his desk. "Lead the way."


"What is it, Forbes?"

"It's alone..." Forbes now stood in the doorway, blocking the mayor's way out. "It just appeared all on its own. No mother. No father. No sister. No brother. No one. Although, I did hear something amongst its crying...it was calling for its mother. She must be nearby."

"Maybe the mother is the vampire that's been terrorising this town..." The mayor stepped around in his office. They were both silent for a while, before Forbes spoke up again.


"Yes, Forbes?"

"The child is still out there. What do you suggest we do?"

The mayor thought for a moment. "Bring it to me. If the mother is nearby, watching us and our every move...if she sees that we have the child, it'll surely lure her out of wherever she's hiding. Then we'll kill the both of them."

Forbes nodded once and left the office, returning a few minutes later with a young girl of about six, who stared up at the mayor through wide blue eyes. He smiled down at her and sank until they were eye level with each other.

"Hello, dear..." He glanced down at the doll in her hand, noticing the pin in its eyes. The girl didn't reply, but continued to stare wide eyed at him. "I like your doll, but why does it have pins stuck in its eyes?"

"Dónde está mi madre?" The girl asked quietly, raising the doll slowly to hug against her chest. The mayor looked up at Forbes and back at the girl.

"Dear, I don't understand what you're trying to say."

"Dónde está mi madre?" The girl repeated as her eyes teared up. "Estoy perdido. Estoy buscando a mi madre. Mi mamá. Mamá!"

"She's looking for her mother.." Forbes didn't move from where he was stood by the door, his hands clasped together in front of him.

"I see..." The mayor stood again and went back to his desk, staring with a slight frown at the child as he sat down. "Would you like to sit?" He offered, gesturing with his hand the chair on the other side of his desk. The girl stepped forward cautiously and looked at the chair. She reached out and dropped her doll onto it. She shrugged out of her coat and put that next to the doll, before pulling her hat off, letting her shoulder length brown hair tumble out of it in hundreds of ringlets. She put the hat on the doll and turned to Forbes, extending her arms towards him so that he could pick her up. He did so after a little hesitation, set her down on the chair and stepped back again. The mayor watched the girl's actions with a look of mild interest.

"Pretty little thing, aren't you?" He eyed the heart shaped emerald pendant she wore around her neck. "That looks expensive, where did you get it?"

"Mi madre lo hizo para mí..." The girl picked her doll up and looked at it. "Sin el pendiente, nos quemaríamos en el sol."

"Did you understand a word of that?" The mayor looked up at Forbes, who shook his head. He sighed and leaned over the desk, looking right into the girl's eyes. "Listen here, you little brat. I have no more patience with you..." His eyes narrowed. "I KNOW you can speak English and I KNOW that you know exactly where your whore of a mother is. WHAT do you want and WHERE is she?"

The girl spat at him and turned away. The mayor grabbed her by the collar of her dress and pulled her off the chair and over the desk. She spat in his face and grabbed small handfuls of his hair. Forbes lurched forward and yanked her away. She screamed as she twisted in his arms, leaning forward to bite down on his hand. He cried out and dropped her. The girl landed on her feet and spun around to face the mayor again. Her blue eyes had darkened to black and blood from Forbes' hand seeped out of her mouth, dripping off her chin. It stained wherever it landed on the floor. The silence was almost deafening. The mayor was still sitting at his desk, Forbes was on his knees and nursing his injured hand, and the small, blue eyed vampire child was looking wildly around the office. Upon seeing the window, she let out a blood curdling screech and lunged for it. Forbes jumped up and grabbed her, lifting her away. She kicked and scratched at him. He looked towards the window and dropped her again.

"Dear god."

"What is it?" The mayor stood up, his hands on the desk.

"Dear god, Richard...they're all dead."

"What, who's dead?"


The mayor rushed out from behind his desk and went to Forbes by the window. What he saw outside made him sick to his stomach. Bodies everywhere. Men, women AND children. All dead, their blood running everywhere in thick, scarlet streams.

"Dear god..." The mayor repeated Forbes' words. The door behind them opened and slammed shut again. They both turned around and saw the girl in the arms of an older woman. The woman's eyes were closed and she and the child whispered to each other.

"Careful, that thing's a..." Forbes trailed off as the woman opened her eyes and glared at him and the mayor. Her eyes were a deep red. The child whispered one word.


"Oh my god, they're mixing..." The mayor said breathlessly, his eyes wide.

"Mentiroso..." The woman hissed, her eyes darkening to an even deeper shade of red. The child spat at him again before she turned away, burying her face in her mother's neck.

"Now listen here, you..." The mayor pointed an accusing finger at the woman. "You take your brat and get the hell out of my town."

What happened next was a blur. The woman set the child on her feet, came forward as fangs sprouted out of her upper jaw and threw her head forward, biting so deep into Forbes' neck so that when she pulled away again, the flesh of his neck came right off and he fell to the floor, dead. The woman looked down at him, uninterested, before looking back at the mayor.

"You were saying?" She spoke English this time, but with a heavy Spanish accent. She took a step towards him and he stumbled backwards. The corners of the woman's mouth turned up and her eyes narrowed. She glanced down at the girl, who'd wandered over after her attack on Forbes. "Niño, tu muñeca..." Her gaze flickered towards the chair. The girl ran over to it, put her coat and hat on, and grabbed her pin eyed doll. She came back over to the woman and held out her hand. The woman took it and pulled her up, holding her close again. She looked back at the mayor. "We are leaving now, Señor. You have a town to clean up, and quickly. I hear you are due an inspección..." She took another step towards him, her eyes narrowed even more. "If you think we are disappearing forever...you are sadly mistaken. We will be back and next time, you will not be so lucky. Adiós, Señor..." She spun on her heel and went towards the door, stepping over Forbes' body. Just to make sure what had just happened had REALLY happened, the mayor followed, but when he opened the door, the two vampires had gone. Disappeared, but not forever. As the woman had said, they would be back. Soon, although the mayor didn't know it yet, vampires would run this town. He sighed and turned to go back into his office, but when he did, Forbes' body was nowhere to be seen. It had gone. Disappeared...and then the mayor's own throat was ripped wide open and his now lifeless body fell to the floor, exactly where Forbes' body had been.

"I told you we would not be gone forever..." The woman stood behind the door, holding up Forbes' body. She threw it onto the floor next to the mayor and turned to her daughter, who was sitting on the desk. They smiled sadistically at each other, and the women kicked the door of the office shut, blocking out the rest of the world.





**If you don't understand the Spanish, look it up =]

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Thank you! <3


Made by Stef


October 6th, 2010

I love you. Three of the most powerful words in the world, and yet there's something about them that makes it so damn difficult to say it to a person. It's not the same when you write it down, or type it into an online conversation. You've got to be able to actually SAY it to a person's face so you can SEE their reaction...not that I've ever said it to anyone. You see a lot of people throwing those three words around like...almost as if they don't even MEAN anything. I've never said 'I love you' to a person because when I say it for the first time, I want to mean it. REALLY mean it. I just haven't found the right person to say it to yet. Who knows, I might meet her today. The girl I love might be the first girl I meet on my first day at Mira Loma High School, California. That's where I'm going now. My parents and I moved to Sacramento, California from Marion County, West Virginia a few weeks ago, but it's only now that we finally got around to enrolling me in high school. Not that I'll enjoy it, because I won't. I know I won't. I won't expect to make friends either, but I'm used to that. I'm used to being a 'loner', that's what I'd be labelled as. The lonely new kid. I'm seventeen years old, and a Junior in High School. I've never had any real friends that I could actually keep, so I won't get my hopes up today. They'll ignore me, I'll ignore them. It's a win-win situation. Or would that be lose-lose? I don't know...but Hell on earth, here I come...

* * * * * * * *

Jeff Warren was an awkward teenage boy, tall with green eyes and dark brown hair that was in desperate need of a cut, even though it wasn't that long. He held onto the straps of his backpack with such a grip, that his hands and fingers had started to go numb. He stood just outside the gates of Mira Loma High School, his gaze flickering at the crowds of students around him. They were all wearing short sleeved t-shirts, shorts and converses, even though it was only the start of October and rather chilly outside. Although, they WOULD dress like this. They were probably used to the weather and of course, this was California. He looked down at his own jeans and long sleeved jacket, rolling his eyes. He was obviously the odd one out, he hadn't received the note on the California dress code.

"You must be new here..." A voice behind him almost made Jeff jump, but luckily he didn't. He turned around and found himself looking at a girl he must've missed whilst looking around. How the hell could he have missed this one? She was by far the best looking girl he'd seen so far in Sacramento. Her brown hair looked a shade or two darker than his but her most striking feature was...her eyes. They were blue, but...they weren't just any blue. They were light blue, dark blue, sky blue, ocean blue, midnight blue...all wrapped up into the magnificence of her eye colour, but that wasn't just it. Around the pupil in the middle, there was some sort of faded golden ring that made the blue around it look almost black.

"Um...how do you know?"

"I know pretty much everyone here, I haven't seen you around..." The girl started to reply, her voice a pitch or two higher than he'd expected. "It's the start of October, so the semester began weeks ago...and you're the only one wearing jeans..." The corners of her mouth turned up.

"Yeah, I didn't get the note that said I wasn't allowed to..." Jeff laughed weakly, lowering his gaze to the ground.

"Maybe you'd like to be shown around?" The girl asked and started to turn away, only to turn back right away, the already upturned corners of her mouth turning up even more as she began to laugh. "How rude of me, I've not even introduced myself. My name's Ruby..." She stuck out her hand. Jeff shook it, trying not to give away that he had indeed just flinched at the cold touch of her hand. Weird. It was warm outside, but her hand felt the exact opposite.

"I would've thought, with eyes like yours, you wouldn't have a name like Ruby..." His eyes widened as he realised what he was saying. He blushed and let go of her hand. Ruby bit on her bottom lip, her eyes narrowing slightly.

"Because it's a type of red and I have blue eyes, right? I have a cousin named Sapphire...and Scarlet, Cerise, Aqua, Silver, Indigo, Violet, Cerulean, Emerald, Lilac, Amber, Amethyst, Lavender, Cobalt, Cinnamon, Crimson, Cyan, Magenta, Fuchsia, Mauve..." She turned around, shaking her head. "Sorry, lame joke. I don't have any cousins. Come on, I'll show you where to get your class schedule, whatever you need..and then I'll show you to your first class. At lunchtime, I'll show you where everything else is. It's easy to get lost here, so you'll need to know where you are at all times. By the way..." She stopped and glanced sideways at Jeff when he caught up with her. "You're going to need a whole new wardrobe if that's all you have and you're going to be around for a long time."

"Do I stand out that much?"

"Like a vampire amongst a pack of wolves...or vice versa."

The corners of Jeff's mouth turned up. "You like reading about all that supernatural stuff too?"

Ruby lowered her gaze to the ground and she raised her hand to the necklace she was wearing. "Yeah...let's go with that."

* * * * * * * *



"Are you coming? It's lunchtime. I was going to show you around, remember?"

Jeff looked up from his desk. Ruby stood a few feet away at the back of the classroom. He packed his things away and stood up.

"I didn't know you were in this class."

"I'm not.." Ruby turned to walk out, Jeff behind her. "My class was dismissed early today so I came and waited outside yours. You were sat there doing nothing for fifteen minutes.." She glanced briefly back at him, her eyebrows slightly raised.

Jeff lowered his gaze to the floor. "Yeah, I sort of tend to just....zone out a lot. Sorry you had to wait."

"It's alright..." Ruby lifted her shoulders in a half shrug. "Come on, I have to show you around AND you need to eat."

"You already ate?"

"No, school food isn't edible. Fact.." She looked over her shoulder again and smirked. "I eat when I get home....Do you want to put your things in your locker before I give you a tour of the school?" She grinned as she came to a stop.

"Oh, yeah....right.." Jeff opened his locker and threw everything in. "There we...ouch! Oh...I cut myself.." He raised his hand, but Ruby had turned away, her posture slumping slightly. "Hey, are you alright?"

"Cover your hand with something, will you?"

"But I-"

"Just do it, I'll take you to the school nurse."

Jeff rummaged through his bag with his non injured hand and brought out a handkerchief, which he pressed against the cut on his hand. Ruby slammed his locker shut and grabbed hold of his arm, practically dragging him down the corridor.

"Here. Go in. I'll wait out here..." She kept her gaze fixed on the ground. Jeff, deciding it was best not to say anything, nodded once and went into the nurse's office.

A few minutes later....

"Hey Ruby, she said I must've caught my hand on something. The cut's not deep, so it should heal fairly quickly..." Jeff trailed off as he left the nurse's office. Ruby was nowhere to be seen. Where she had been standing, now stood another girl. She was taller than Ruby, although her hair was exactly the same dark shade of brown. No, it was actually darker...and her eyes were different too. They were really dark, they looked black...and Jeff could swear that he'd seen a hint of red when she'd just blinked, the corners of her mouth turning up as she stepped towards him.

"Hi..." She reached out to take his hand. "Ruby had to leave, so she asked me to show you around instead. My name's Isabel."

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  • 6 months later...

Made by Stef


“Does your hand feel any better?†Isabel glanced down at Jeff’s bandaged hand, her eyes narrowing ever so slightly.

“Stings a bit,†Jeff bit on his bottom lip. “So…you’re a friend of Ruby’s?â€

“I know her, if that’s what you mean…†The corners of Isabel’s mouth turned up as she started to turn away. “Let’s go then, shall we? So little time, such a big school,†her eyes widened and she smiled almost mockingly. “Coming?â€

“Right behind you,†Jeff stumbled after her. Isabel walked quickly with long strides, so he had a little trouble keeping up with her. As if she sensed this, Isabel slowed down a little.

“I’m sorry. I tend to walk a little too quickly sometimes.â€

“It’s alright, I can keep up…†Jeff looked down at his bandaged hand. “Are you a Junior too?â€

“I’m a Senior,†Isabel glanced sideways at him when he’d finally caught up. “So, you’re new in town. I’m assuming so, unless you’ve been home schooled until now?â€

“No, I’m new. Actually we’ve lived here for a few weeks, but only now we’ve got around to enrolling me in high school…†Jeff glanced briefly at Isabel when she looked away. “How long have you lived around here?â€

“A year, maybe. I’ve been all over the place. New York…Chicago…Europe…†The corners of Isabel’s mouth turned down. “It’s like I’ve never been able to stay in one place for too long. I’ve found it difficult to settle down anywhere…†She rolled her eyes and shrugged. “I’ll probably leave again after I graduate. Haven’t really thought about where to go yet.â€

“If you don’t go, do you think you might actually settle here?â€

Isabel looked at Jeff again, her eyes narrowing as the corners of her mouth turned back up. “I might…if I find a reason to stay.â€

Jeff smiled weakly at her and they both walked on in silence for a while.

“Do you like reading?â€


“Library…†Isabel opened the door on her left and stepped in, gesturing for Jeff to follow her. “Where people come to study, as well as do other things. How do I know? Because it’s mostly me, but let’s not get into that…†She rolled her eyes and turned to leave again. “I wouldn’t recommend going in there if what you want is peace and quiet. It’s very unlikely that you’d ever get it,†Isabel glanced briefly over her shoulder before turning to look ahead again. “If peace and quiet is what you’re looking for, you’re better off going back home.â€

“We’re not supposed to…†Jeff clutched at the straps of his backpack. “Are we?â€

Isabel shrugged and carried on walking. “Never stops me…maybe that’s why I keep getting into trouble. Oh well, at least they can’t use the ‘I’ll call your parents’ excuse.â€

“Why’s that?â€

“My parents are dead,†Isabel lowered her gaze to the ground.

“Oh…†The corners of Jeff’s mouth turned down. “I’m sorry for your loss.â€

“Don’t be,†Isabel looked up but seemed to be avoiding his gaze. “It was a long time ago.â€

“Really? How have you managed?â€

“All on my own.â€


Isabel looked at Jeff. “Yes, seriously. No one offered to help, so I didn’t see the point in asking anyone. No living relatives and I wasn’t going to ask someone my parents knew or some stranger. Anyway, I’m over it. I can take care of myself.â€

Jeff took that as a sign to be quiet and they walked side by side in silence. He glanced at Isabel, who turned to look at him a few moments later.

“Something wrong?â€

“No, I just…†Jeff stopped walking. “You don’t…seem over it.â€

“Would it matter if I wasn’t?†Isabel looked away and frowned.

“Of course it would matter,†Jeff took her hand and turned her to face him. “You don’t need to keep your feelings bottled up all the time. If you need someone to talk to, I’m here. Besides, I’m going to need a friend, aren’t I?â€

“Thank you,†Isabel eased away from him and nodded. “..and yes, you’re going to need at least one friend if you’re going to survive here.â€

“Ah, there you are!†A man with greying hair and thick black eyebrows came towards them, extending his hand to Jeff. “You must be Mira Loma’s new addition. It’s lovely to meet you, Jeff. I’m your principal, Robert Jenner..†He glanced at Isabel, his eyebrows raised. “Isabella, don’t you have somewhere to be?â€

“Yes, I should be telling your wife about the affair you’ve been having with-â€

“Well, I must be going. I have a lot to do, so I hope you enjoy your time here. Jeff, feel free to drop by my office anytime if you have any questions,†Principal Jenner tipped his head forward in a nod, turned around and walked back in the direction he’d come from.

“Who’s he having an affair with?†Jeff looked at Isabel, his eyes widening slightly.

“The Geography teacher..†Isabel rolled her eyes. “He’s been married to his wife for nearly thirty years and then he goes and has an affair with a man half his age….I know. Come on, classes start again soon.â€


Jeff was now in his last class of the day, History. There were ten minutes left of the lesson and he could not get two names out of his head. Ruby and Isabel. Isabel and Ruby. Why couldn’t he get either of them out of his head? How the hell had they managed to brand themselves at the front of his mind? It wasn’t because they happened to be very attractive girls, he wasn’t that shallow. Well, maybe he was more attracted to Ruby physically, but he’d talked a lot more and had gotten to know Isabel more. There was just…there was something about her. She seemed a lot more comfortable with herself and more confident. Why was he excited at the possibility of seeing her again before going home?



“I said you can leave.â€

“Oh…yeah…right,†Jeff packed his things and jumped to his feet. He grabbed his bag and rushed out of the classroom. He moved with the crowd and made his way outside. The corners of his mouth turned down when he didn’t see either girl outside. He lowered his gaze to the ground and walked out of the gates towards the buses.

“Want a ride?â€

Jeff turned towards a silver car parked behind the bus he was about to get on. The window on the driver’s side was wound down and Isabel was leaning out. “Yeah, I was talking to you. Come on, get in.â€

Jeff walked around to the passenger’s side of the car and opened the door. He got in and closed the door again, reaching for the seatbelt. “Thanks.â€

“School buses are a pain,†Isabel looked around and pulled away from the side of the road. “High school kids are so immature.â€

“But…you are one?â€

The corners of Isabel’s mouth turned up and she bit on her bottom lip. “No, I’m actually an international spy sent from Russia….just kidding. I’m an assassin…kidding again. I’m a vampire.â€

Jeff’s eyes widened. “Kidding again?â€

“Not at all,†Isabel glanced sideways at him, shaking her head slowly. “Of course I am. They don’t exist, right? Nothing supernatural does. Angels, demons, vampires, werewolves, witches, zombies…none of them. So whereabouts do you live?â€

“Oh, my house is uh….three blocks away.â€

“No problem. So do you have any idea what you want to do after you leave school? Well…after college?â€

“I haven’t really thought about it yet. I like writing, but I like history-â€

“So write about history?â€

Jeff laughed weakly and thought for a moment. “I guess I could do that. Hey, maybe I will.â€

“Let me know how that works out when you get around to it. Here.â€

“Hm? Oh…†Jeff looked out of the window and saw that they had already arrived at his house. “That was quick.â€

“Clear roads, no traffic. You’re welcome.â€

Jeff nodded and opened the door. “You know, I’ve written a lot of things. I’ve got them stored away somewhere if you want to come and have a quick look.â€

“Sure,†Isabel started to get out of the car but stopped, her eyes narrowed. “Hey, do you have a dog?â€

“Yeah, Lucky. He’s a golden retriever. Something wrong?â€

“Yeah, I’m not a big fan of dogs. They’re not my fans either, so I shouldn’t. Besides, I’ve got to get home. Maybe another time?â€

“Sure, that’d be great..†Jeff got out of the car.

“Hey Jeff?â€


“Are you doing anything on Friday?â€

“I don’t think so, why?â€

“I’m having a party and I want you to come.â€

“That’d be cool.â€

“Great. It’s at my house, so I’ll pick you up. I’ll let you know what time.â€

“Awesome, I’ll see you tomorrow then?â€

“I’ll see you tomorrow,†Isabel tipped her head forward in a nod and drove away. Jeff watched her until her car had disappeared around the corner before he turned to go into his house. A smile was plastered across his face as he stepped in and was greeted by his family’s three year old golden retriever, Lucky.

“Hey boy, mom and dad home yet?†He went into the kitchen, followed by Lucky. A knock on the door distracted him and he turned to go and answer, making sure Lucky was locked in the kitchen. He went to the front door and opened it, to find Isabel standing outside. “Oh, hey!â€

“I guess I could stay for a little while.â€

“Great,†Jeff smiled and turned to go back to the kitchen. He looked over his shoulder and saw that Isabel was still standing outside. “Something wrong?â€

“No, I just…†Isabel lowered her gaze to the ground. “Where’s your dog?â€

“Oh, he’s in the kitchen. Come on in.â€

Isabel looked up again, hesitating briefly before crossing the threshold into the house. “Are your parents home?â€

“No, not yet.â€

“Great, so let’s go and look for those little snippets you’ve been writing.â€

“Oh yeah! Yeah, let’s go,†Jeff turned and headed upstairs. Isabel looked around and followed him. She followed Jeff into his room and closed the door.

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Holy Crow the long awaited chapter. :P I really liked it. I love the long chapter, I told Stef before how I like long chapters. It's more to read and to distract me with. I did read the second chapter a while ago but I failed to comment so great 2 chapter Ellen. :D I hope there'll be an update soon!

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Thank you so much, Jade! :D Here's the next chapter. It's not long, but the next one makes up for the shortness of this one :P


Made by Stef


It was dark, too dark to be able to make out where he was. At least he knew his feet were on solid ground, at least he thought it was that anyway. He was running, he didn't know what or who from, but he could hear whatever or whoever was chasing him, one second sounding strangled and the next growling...and then he fell. Further and further into the fiery pits of the horror he'd been sucked into. He was falling, but he wasn't going anywhere because the sky fell with him. No, it was closing in on him. Where the hell was his attacker? Where had everyone gone? What was this hot, sticky substance dripping from his forehead? Before he could reach up to find out he hit the ground, but didn't appear to feel a thing. He didn't cry out in pain, he didn't scream or even grimace. Every bone in his body could have been broken, but he was numb to it...Now he could feel a presence. No, more than one. He turned his head to one side and found himself staring at Isabel on the ground next to him. Her eyes were wide open and blood dripped from an open wound on her cheek. Wait...why were her eyes scarlet? Nobody had eyes that colour. Were her eyes bleeding? How was that possible? He turned his head and saw Ruby sitting a few feet away. Her hands and face were covered in blood and her teeth...no, those weren't teeth. She had fangs, but...she couldn't be. They didn't exist.


An alarm went off, and Jeff's eyes flickered open. He stared up at the ceiling for a few moments, trying to gather his thoughts. What the hell was that? He blindly felt around for the alarm clock and hit the snooze button. He picked it up and held it above him. Ugh, 3:33 AM. He dropped it back onto his bedside table and rolled over onto his side, reaching out to wrap his arm around the pillow he usually kept next to him on the bed. Instead, he found his arm wrapped around another body. A slim, warm body that didn't even flinch at his touch. His eyes widened but he didn't pull away. He leaned over, but Isabel's eyes were closed. Jeff bit on his bottom lip, unsure of what to do.



"I am awake, you know."

"Oh, I'm...sorry," Jeff pulled away and sat up. "I thought you were sleeping."

"So you decided to put your arm around me?"

"Not exactly. I decided to put my arm around the pillow I usually keep next to me on the bed."

"I'm a pillow now," there was a hint of laughter in Isabel's voice as she sat up next to Jeff. "I stayed a little longer than I expected to. I didn't mean to fall asleep. Well, I woke up once and wanted to leave a note instead of just leaving. I went downstairs and bumped into...well, I assume he was your dad. He said not to get caught by your mom because she'd kick up a fuss about you sneaking a girl into the house and having her stay the night. So yeah...I'm sorry if you get asked any awkward questions."

Jeff felt the colour rise in his cheeks, the corners of his mouth turning up a little.

"You don't need to be embarrassed, honey.." Isabel shook her head, standing up. She walked over to the window and looked out. "Nothing happened and it's not going to happen," she turned around and stared at him, her head tilted to one side. "Don't you have any siblings? Change of subject might make you feel less awkward."

"No, it's just me. Do you?"

"Two sisters and a brother..." Isabel avoided his gaze, the corners of her mouth turning down. "I haven't seen them since who knows when, though. They...sort of want nothing to do with me. Don't ask why, it's not really all that important. It's not like I care about not having them around, even when I need them..." She turned away to stare out of the window again. Jeff lowered his gaze to the floor and frowned. Why did he suddenly feel really sorry for her? Why did-

A knock on the front door drew his attention momentarily away from Isabel and he stood, edging towards his bedroom door.

"I'll be right back," he glanced briefly at Isabel again and opened his bedroom door. He went downstairs, slowing down as he approached the front door. The knocking continued, so he opened it.

"Ruby," his eyes widened.

"I know it's a ridiculous time, but I wanted to apologise for my behaviour in school-"

"How'd you find our where I live?" Jeff suddenly remembered that...that nightmare he'd been having before his alarm had woken him up. "Go home, Ruby. We can talk in school."

"I'm not going back to school, Jeff..." Ruby bit on her bottom lip and sighed. "That's another reason why I came. I'm sick and I have to go away for a while, but even if I do come back here, I'm not going back to school. So...it was nice meeting you and I hope you settle in nice and quick. I'll see you around," she tipped her head forward in a nod and started to turn away.


Ruby stopped, glancing back at him.

"You don't have to leave right now, do you?"

"I guess not."

"Then come on in. Isabel's upstairs, I'll get her and we can-"


"Yes, Isabel. I can-"

"Isabel is in your house?"

"Yes..." Jeff frowned, looking over his shoulder and back at her. "I can-"

"You invited her in?"

"Yes, I did. I can-"

"Why did you invite her in?"

"How sick are you? Come on, you need to sit down.." Jeff watched as Ruby stumbled slightly as she tried to take a step backwards. "Ruby, please come in," he reached out to take her hand, but she flinched away and nearly lost her balance.

"No, I'm...I'm going to...I'm going to go," Ruby's bottom lip trembled and she turned to walk away again. "But I can't leave you with her. She's...she's freaking insane, Jeff."

"The way you're acting, I don't think she's the one-"

"Don't even begin to suggest that I'm the insane one," Ruby stumbled sideways, raising a hand to her hand. "I'm sick and I...I have to go.." She turned and ran. A few moments later, she was gone.


Jeff turned and saw Isabel standing at the top of the stairs.

"Something wrong?"

"No," Jeff shook his head.

"Who was at the door?"

Jeff closed the front door and turned to go back up the stairs. "It doesn't matter, she wasn't staying."

"Who was at the door, Jeff?" Isabel didn't move when Jeff reached the top of the stairs.

"My parents could wake up at any moment, you know. My mom will kick up a fuss. I'm her only child, you're a strange girl-"

"Why, thank you."

Jeff bit on his bottom lip to stop himself from laughing out loud. "You know what I meant. You're strange to her, she doesn't know you-"

"Neither do you. You don't know what I'm really like," Isabel stepped to one side to let him pass. "No seriously, you don't...and you probably wouldn't like to find out."

"Why's that?" Jeff glanced over his shoulder at her as he went back into his room.

"I'm fucking horrible," Isabel rolled her eyes and followed him, closing the door once they were both inside. "Really, I am. So don't get on my bad side or you're going to regret it."

"I'm going to get cranky if I don't go back to sleep," Jeff climbed back into bed, pulling the covers up. "Coming?"

"Now what would that look like if your mom walked in on us in your bed in the morning? Sure nothing would have happened and we'd still be fully clothed, although under the covers, but she's your mom. Imagine how embarrassing that would be. You go to sleep, Jeff. I'll stay for a little while longer."

"But you won't be here when I wake up?"

"I won't exactly have disappeared, honey. I'll leave a note for you, telling you what time I left and where I've gone.." Isabel laughed and leaned towards him, pressing her lips briefly against his. She pulled away again and sat back. "Now sleep."


After making sure Jeff had gone back inside his house, Ruby came back. She sat on the doorstep for a short while before standing again. Yes, she wanted to go away for a while, but she couldn't now that he'd invited her in. Well, that wasn't exactly his fault. He didn't know and she didn't want him to find out yet..or ever. He didn't need to know and if he did happen to find out, she just needed to keep him safe. If she could only have one thing in the world, it would be to have him safe. She didn't know how she felt about him yet, but it hurt to stay away from him, even though they had barely met. She'd watched them move in, watched them for a few weeks...and then he appeared in school. She thought things might have been alright, but why the hell was she getting involved? What was she even doing here? Things had just gotten a lot more complicated, and Ruby had no idea what she was going to do, but she had to make things better. She just had to.

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Made by Stef


One step forward. Another two steps forward...no wait, take one step back. Turn on the spot and face left. Two steps forward. One step to the right and another four steps forward. Look up...the moon is north east so you're going the right way. Estimated time is two thirty six. Plenty of time until they start to wake up. Keep going...keep going...keep going-

"Damn it!" The girl with the dark hair, blue eyes and pale face hissed, lowering her eyes to the ground. She pulled the hood of her jacket over her head and went back to the twenty four hour diner she'd left a few hours ago. She'd even go as far as saying she liked it because the only time the staff talked to you was either to take your order or if you'd spoken to them first. She pushed the door open and went straight to the furthest table, relieved that the diner was empty. Just so that she had something to do, she ordered a cup of coffee but left it untouched after it was put in front of her and the waiter disappeared into the back. The girl didn't flinch when the bell above the door chimed to signal another presence in the diner. She listened as footsteps echoed on the tiled floor as the new presence crossed to the other side of the diner, sitting at the table furthest from the one she sat at. A steady heartbeat, but...not quite human. Definitely not human. The smell was different...and revolting. Wait...did that thing just growl?

She glanced up, but saw no one sitting anywhere else in the diner.

"Hunter, isn't it?"

She rolled her eyes to her left and found the new presence sitting next to her, his yellow eyes glinting almost gold in the darkness.

"What's it to you?"

"Come on, Hunter. I know you know who I am. Nineteen seventy six, New York City. We met at a party. Well, it turned out to be more of a riot, didn't it? After that werewolf tried to touch you where you didn't want to be touched, so you broke his neck and threw him through another werewolf...literally," he chuckled and picked up the cup of coffee. He gulped it down and threw the empty cup across the diner with a mere flick of his wrist. "Quite the temper you got there, don't you Ruby?"

"I get that from my mother, clearly."

"How is that fine-"

"Don't talk about her like she's some...some-"


"As much as I try to stay an entire planet's distance away from her, she is my mother, Brendan. She's still married to my dad-"

"Isn't your dad dead?"

"She wouldn't be interested in you," Ruby stared straight ahead with a blank look on her face, obviously ignoring what Brendan had just said.

"Why, because I'm a werewolf? I didn't think she had a preference..."

"Not because you're a werewolf, dumbass. It looks like she's interested in someone else-"

"I'll kill him!" Brendan jumped to his feet, his hands balled into fists. "It was my turn next!"

Ruby put her hands on the table and dragged her nails across it. Brendan flinched and sat back down.

"Need I remind you of what happened on November 15th, 1816? We wiped out an entire town. Willow Creek, California-"

"I've been there...there's nothing there."

"Exactly. It's a ghost town, Brendan. Has been for nearly two hundred years and only now they're even considering re-building anything there. I distracted the sheriff and the mayor whilst she ran around ripping heads off, ripping throats out, ripping bodies apart...the streets ran red with blood, that's how bad it got and believe me, we can both do so much worse. Don't worry though Brendan, you're safe enough for now. The so much worse I can do, I'll be doing to her. I'll take her daylight ring and then I'll push her out into the sun but just before she dies, I'll pull her back into the shadows and rip her into so many tiny pieces, no one will ever be able to count how many."

"What's his name?"


"You like the guy she's interested in-"

"She's not interested in Jeff. The only thing she is interested in is using him and when he's no longer useful to her, she'll..." Ruby trailed off and closed her eyes, shaking her head as she turned to face the window. "I'd never use him like that. I know he doesn't want me, but...I want to keep him safe and as long as he's with her, he'll never be safe. I'm scared, Brendan," she turned to face him, the corners of her mouth turned down. "I'm scared that she'll hurt him. I don't want to see him hurt."

"No one's going to let her hurt anyone ever again, you can count on that. I'll help you, alright? I know a bunch of other werewolves and sure it'll be hard to persuade them to help, what with you being a vampire, but not impossible. I'm here for you, yeah?"

"You can't always be around to watch my back. We're not even supposed to be friends," Ruby rolled her eyes, lifting her shoulders in a half shrug. "Although the whole vampire versus werewolf thing is getting a little tiring now. We sort of have our own whatever that's been going on since I don't know, forever?"

"Oh yeah, the whole blue eyes and red eyes thing? How the hell does all of that work, anyway?"

"No one tells me anything. The likelihood of me being told anything interesting or useful...well, it's about as likely as humans finding out about us and we're pretty secretive."

"You'll have to tell him you know, if you two ever get involved, get together," Brendan leaned back and put an arm around her shoulders. "He'll notice that you don't change at all and if you plan on sticking around-"

"You're bleeding."


"You're bleeding..."

Brendan raised a hand to his head and lowered it again to look at the sticky crimson substance on his fingers. "What the fuck?! I didn't even cut myself! People don't just suddenly start bleeding and...what the hell is going on, Ruby?"

Ruby had already turned away, unconsciously rolling her tongue over her aching fangs. Oh god, when was the last time she even fed? "Brendan...run."

She gave him enough time to run a few steps out of the door before she jumped up and leaped across the table. In the half a second it took to rip the door from its hinges, her fangs jutted out and her eyes burned black. She caught up with Brendan, now in his wolf form, in no time and lifted him off the ground. She wrapped her arms around his middle and squeezed until she heard every single one of his ribs break before she let him go and he fell to the ground. Ruby circled him slowly as the wolf shook. She dropped to her knees and reached out, wincing as she snapped his neck. "Sorry, Brendan..." She mumbled, her fingers still tangled in his fur. "I'm just so hungry," she lowered her head but before she did anything else, a new sound came to her ears. A new presence. Someone clapping. She raised her head and found herself staring at Isabel, who was leaning against a tree a few feet away.

"So this is how low you sink? So low, I find you on the verge of drinking the blood of a werewolf. What's the matter, couldn't find a tasty enough human? I've found one, I'm just waiting for the right moment to...you know, crouching there and staying as still as you can isn't turning you invisible. I can still see you, darling. Stand up."

Ruby stood up slowly as her fangs disappeared back into her mouth, but her eyes remained black. "Why're you doing this?"

"You're the one who just killed a werewolf who was merely trying to help you, although..." Isabel bit on her bottom lip. "I don't think it would have taken me much to persuade him otherwise. By the way, just a little tip for you: don't drink the blood of a werewolf. It tastes nasty and leaves a horrible taste in your mouth afterwards. Stick to human blood, it's...much more than satisfactory, it's...there's no word for it, really."

"I don't drink human blood.." Ruby glanced briefly back down at the dead werewolf and back at Isabel.

"Oooooh, how does the blood of a bunny rabbit taste? Honey, animal blood doesn't even sound appealing. Human blood tastes so much better...." Isabel took a few steps towards her, beckoning for someone who'd been hiding behind her to step forward. "This is Ben. I've compelled him to do just about anything I tell him to do and not say a word. I know you can't completely resist blood being spilled before you, so..." Her eyes darkened and her fangs poked out over her bottom lip and she leaned forward, biting into Ben's neck. After a few moments of drinking his blood, she raised her head and stared at Ruby, the corners of her mouth turned right up. "Aren't you even a little....tiny bit tempted? Go on..." She shoved Ben forward and he fell at Ruby's feet. "You don't have to completely drain him, all at once. Just take a little bit...and then a little more....and then even more. Give in, Ruby. You're a monster, embrace that. Think about it...we can wipe out more towns...cities...countries, even. Give in, honey. Think of what we could do,Ruby. Embrace the monster. Join me-"


Isabel's smile faltered slightly and she stepped forward, grabbing Ben by his hair and dragging him to his feet. She closed the gap between him and Ruby, leaving only two or three inches. "Let's see if you can resist this..." She pulled a knife out of her pocket, reached up and cut Ben's throat.

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Made by Stef


"Not so tidy when feeding from a human," Isabel's eyes narrowed as she watched the blood drip from Ruby's mouth, face and hands as she sat in between the dead human and the dead werewolf. "Never mind, it's been a while so you just...lost control, lost yourself in the moment. Oh well, practice makes perfect."

"I'm not a monster. You made me do this..." Ruby's entire body shook as she got to her feet, her eyes slowly returning to blue.

"I didn't make you do anything..." Isabel tilted her head to one side, turning the knife over in her hands. "You latched yourself onto that human, you murdered that werewolf...I didn't physically force you to do anything. You did it all yourself-"

"NO!" Ruby threw herself at her, but Isabel merely stepped to one side and Ruby lost her balance and fell forward, landing with a rather heavy thud on the ground.

"You're going to have to be a lot faster than that if you want to pin me down. Remember, I've been drinking human blood for a very long time. I'm a lot stronger than you, my reflexes are much faster. Even my hearing is better than yours. I'm able to compel people a lot better than you can. Vampires are supposed to be intimidating, and you? You have SO much potential. You should be ripping heads off, ripping throats out, ripping bodies apart, wiping out towns on a daily freaking basis! What do you do, though? You wait until it's dark and even then, you kill animals. Why do you do that? It doesn't make you any better than vampires who kill humans because you're still a killer. It makes you weaker, less intimidating, pathetic. You're a waste of space, you might as well be freaking dead. Do you know what weak, pathetic vampires get?"

Ruby scrambled to her feet and looked around, but Isabel was no longer there. She couldn't even hear her moving amongst the trees. It was quiet. Too quiet. Where the hell had she-

"This..." Something warm was plunged into Ruby's back and she was lifted right off her feet. "Yeah, that's my hand in your back.." Isabel didn't even bother to try and disguise the laughter in her voice as she pulled her hand out of Ruby's back and let her collapse again. "You know, I was debating whether to use a knife or my hand. Then I thought that using my hand would show you just how strong I am and how strong you can be," she stared at the blood on her hand. "Your problem is that you care too much. You have feelings," she dropped to her knees beside Ruby. "We're not supposed to care..to have feelings. We switch off all emotions and give in, embrace what we are."

"You were human once, though. You were in love once," Ruby didn't even try to get up this time, she stayed on the ground and stared wide eyed at Isabel. "Didn't you love my dad when he was still with us? Is that what made you break down and turn into this monster, this thing with no feelings? Everyone, no matter what species, has to have some sort of feelings. We need feelings to function properly, we're not robots. Please, just...leave him alone, okay? You can leave town and we can pretend that none of this ever happened. You can pretend that I don't exist and I can pretend that you don't exist."

"You really think it could all be that simple?" Isabel sat up, staring blankly at the ground in front of her. "Nothing has ever and will ever be that simple. You can't just...erase an entire part of your existence. We're family, I can't cut you out of my life, just like that."

"You haven't acted like a mother should since I turned seventeen. I've been seventeen for a long time. We're not a family anymore. I don't have a mother, I haven't had one since 1828. It's too late to fix anything, it's way too late for that. We're strangers now, and that's all we'll ever be."

"There was a time when I would have done anything for you. You were all I had left when your dad died. Yes, I did have feelings then but any stupid young vampire would. You don't know what you're doing when you're still sort of new to things. I still had a lot to learn and now that I have, I don't see why good vampires exist. Good vampires say they're there to protect humans from bad vampires, but how do you think humans would see us if they knew we existed? They wouldn't see any difference between the good and the bad. Vampires are vampires, the'd see us all as the same. They'd say we're all evil because we're supposed to be dead, but we're not. Demons, that's what we'd be seen as. They'd say vampires are demons and demons aren't good. After all, we're hardly angels. Let me ask you something Ruby, and I'm being serious when I ask this. How can someone without a soul be good?"

Ruby sat up next to her but didn't reply. What could she say? How could someone without a soul be good? There had to be some sort of answer, didn't there? She didn't go around killing humans just for the hell of it...but she did steal lives.

"You can't think of an answer, can you?" Isabel glanced sideways at her. "We don't have souls, Ruby. We're not even supposed to be alive-"

"Oh so just because you're not supposed to be alive, it automatically means anyone you kill isn't meant to be alive either?" Ruby got to her feet and took a few steps away, pausing briefly to add, "I don't get why my dad didn't just let you die. A lot of people would still be alive right now if he had," she turned again to find Isabel standing mere inches away, her already scarlet coloured eyes burning even darker.

"You know what I did when I turned into this? I made a promise to myself. Any member of my family who was turned into a vampire, I would hunt down, torture and kill. I have yet to break that promise."

"You haven't killed either of your sisters or your brother yet though, have you?"

"I didn't say I'd kill them right away, did I? Maybe you're at the top of my hit list. Maybe I'm coming after you first, maybe that is why I've been following you."

"You're a freak..." Ruby took a step backwards, but Isabel stepped with her so that the gap between them remained the same.

"I've been called a lot worse," Isabel shrugged, the corners of her mouth turning up. "Is that the best you can come up with? Come on, surely you can come up with a lot worse."

"Knowing you, you'd hurt me if I called you anything worse than a freak."

"Honey, you're allowed to call me a whore. Your werewolf friend did."

"So you made his head bleed."

"You can't prove that was me, I wasn't there. I was outside, waiting for you to come out," Isabel stared at the knife and bit on her bottom lip. "I could just kill you now, but I think I'll drag it out for a little while longer and I know exactly how to torture you. That boy...he is how I am going to torture you. You see, unlike you...I don't care about exposing us to humans. It would be all too easy for me to disappear, go and expose us all over the world. Look at it this way...if I'm not here, who're the humans going to blame? They'll take out their anger, their revenge, on you."

"Why would you want to kill your own family?" Ruby glanced briefly down at the knife. "You don't actually want to kill us."

"We're strangers now, remember? You said that yourself only minutes ago. We're not family," Isabel dropped the knife, her eyes darkening even more. "So why should I care about killing a stranger? That's the thing, I don't care. I don't let myself care. I don't let myself feel anything, it would be insanely foolish of me to do so. So...are you going to, not so much see the light, but have you got any sense in that pretty little head of yours or am I going to have to beat you so hard-"

"Really? You won't kill me yet but you'd beat me?" Ruby glanced at the knife and back at Isabel. "No wonder everyone hates you. Your sisters and your brother don't even want to know who you are, they pretend it's just the three of them. Just Christa, Sierra and Gilbert Callisto. That fourth little brat never existed. Have you ever even tried to get in contact with any of them since you ran away from home when you were seventeen?"

Isabel lowered her gaze to the ground, her eyes narrowed. "How do you know about that?"

"I see the three of them all the time. They're not as sadistic as you are, thank god. They prefer animal blood. Gilbert's been on and off it for years, but he's been doing a lot better now."

"Good for him," Isabel rolled her eyes. "Does that mean his eyes are purple?"

"No..his eyes are blue," Ruby frowned, shaking her head. "It's too late for you to turn back now, but you could show something-"

"Have you not listened to a word I've said?" Isabel hissed and turned away, looking around at their surroundings. "You know what, forget it. I'm giving you ten seconds to run as fast and as far as you can because I think you'll find that in this town, a lot of people love me already..." Her eyes darkened again and she held up the knife that Ruby hadn't even seen her pick up off the ground. "No one'll miss you if you leave. Want to know something else? If a strong vampire is much, much, much stronger than a weak vampire, me being the stronger one and you being the weak one, the strong one can compel the weak one to do anything.." She waved the knife and her eyes widened almost mockingly. "Guess what I'm going to make you do?"

Ruby's bottom lip trembled and she continued to shake her head. "I'm not killing anyone for you. Not anymore. Never again."

"Oh, but honey..." Isabel tilted the knife so that the tip rested against Ruby's forehead. "I'm only just getting started."

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