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  1. I'm completely agree!! Well, I'm going to the beach for a week, so I'll be out. See you soon!!
  2. Really? Poor Dan! I really hope Rupert and Emma go to the Baftas (like last year). The glances the gave to each other were lovely!! They are so obvious!!!
  3. Cute R/E vid I miss them together...
  4. Did someone see J. Edgar? I watched it yesterday, and I think it's a good film. Leo is really good in it!! I felt a bit sad for Armie Hammer's character, because he was in love with Edgar, but Edgar was always so cold with him...
  5. I hope Harry Potter wins all the awards!!!!!!!!!!
  6. New "Into the White" trailer!! http://www.trustnordisk.com/film/2011-white I can't wait to see this film!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Lovely vid! Ron and Hermione forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Can you find a link? I don't remember Emma saying that.
  9. Me too!! Because we know it's Rupert and Emma
  10. According to the tabloids they split in October.
  11. It's her boyfriend. They went to Mexico last month, and they were seen kissing.
  12. Many R/Hr kisses!!! http://rompert.tumblr.com/post/15248412506/ron-and-hermione-kiss-in Which is your favourite?
  13. I find this very funny, but the most important thing about it is that Emma isn't very happy. I wonder why... http://rompert.tumblr.com/post/15181239889/daniel-i-was-very-much-excited-about-rons-scenes
  14. I hope we have a great year!!! Happy 2012 for all my R/Hr shipper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :3m_sie:
  15. This vid is lovely and the song is beautiful!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_nku0AChOo&feature=player_embedded
  16. Rupert and Emma won for Best on-screen couple of the year!!!! http://www.nextmovie.com/blog/best-on-screen-couple-2011/
  17. Rupert looks REALLY GOOD in that picture!!!
  18. I just want to wish Merry Christmas to all my R/Hr shippers!!!!! :3m_sie: Love you!
  19. Well, it isn't surprising Ron and Hermione were winning yesterday (the last time I voted), but now they lost? Hmmm... how convenient!!! Never mind, Ron and Hermione will always be the best couple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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