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  1. Hey Vanessa,

    I'm good, what about you ?

    Long time ago you didn't login :P

  2. Yeah, planning on taking my Masters in San Fran.

    Oh, I've heard of Orange County, from OC (TV Show) haha :D

  3. I sure hope so, I'm thinking about moving to San Fran.

    In which region of California do you live ?

  4. Haha, good to know :P

  5. I'm good, you ?

    You still remember me ? :o

  6. I'll got to San Francisco :P

  7. Hey Donna.

    Ah, that sucks :/

    I don't work, I study full time which can be pretty exhaustive aswell haha.

    I saw you're from California :o

    I'm going to California in July for 3 weeks :P

  8. Haha, I'm indeed a stranger for you guys despite the fact I've been on the old forums aswell but not that active :(

    So, how are you ? :P

  9. I'm nineteen.

    You ? :P

  10. Hello!

    I'm good, you ? :D

  11. Not often, I come here randomly a few times. Been here since the "start" of the last EW-forums.

    Judging your amount of posts I'm guessing I can assume you come here often :P

  12. I'm good, thanks for asking.

    You ?

  13. Well, hello there D:

  14. Gonna start being more active, been offline for a while :P

    1. Hogwarts Lover

      Hogwarts Lover

      Very good!It will be great if you update your showcase! :)

    2. cypren
    3. cypren
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