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    since feeling is first
    who pays any attention
    to the syntax of things
    will never wholly kiss you;
    wholly to be a fool
    while Spring is in the world

    my blood approves,
    and kisses are a better fate
    than wisdom
    lady i swear by all flowers. Don't cry
    —the best gesture of my brain is less than
    your eyelids' flutter which says

    we are for each other: then
    laugh, leaning back in my arms
    for life's not a paragraph

    And death i think is no parenthesis
  1. Millennium


    fight the sleepiness zzzz
  2. getting ready for work but also stalling, as you can see
  3. being too lazy for my own good
  4. lol I can't have carpet because I get terrible allergies you really do like my room Dax thanks!
  5. you are so beautiful! aw your dress is mermaid-ish; super pretty! You have dark eyelashes; you lucky girl Your brother is talented and I absolutely like your look You're cute! but now I want some Starbucks me faking short hair
  6. I like the shapes and lines and angles of your body.
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