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  1. I have other questions from other people if interested 1. Would you consider releasing outtakes for some of your photoshoots? 2. What is the current situation in regards to your studies
  2. Questions i can think of 1. Does she still keep in semi regular contact with anyone from the Harry Potter cast? 2. What sort of movie roles is she looking for in the near future? 3. What is the status of "Your Voice in my Head" now that David Yates has dropped out of the project? 4. What sort of movie roles have you been offered but rejected? 5. Have you auditioned for any roles and not gotten the part? Thanks for even considering asking Emma some of those questions.
  3. I thought that was obvious. Naked ice cream wrestling
  4. If you all want to know Rupert told a reporter in Norway a few days ago that he is currently single so those rumors about him dating Georgia Groome are false.
  5. It was a very negative article about Emma (at least to me) as it portrayed Emma as someone who was willing to do anything in her push to become famous, dating and befriending people simply because they are well connected and ignoring people who are not well connected and cannot further her career. The article also said that she wouldn't let any of her friends talk about Harry Potter and the article made it sound like Emma thought she was above Harry Potter and that the Harry Potter movies owed her something. I don't believe it is true for a second but if it were true then Emma would be th
  6. The article is filled with half truths and quotes where the source is not named so i tend to believe most of the stuff written in it is rubbish. For instance i don't recall ever hearing that Emma was caught snogging George Craig at the Glastonbury festival in hospitality tents and as far as i know Emma has never been linked with a guy named Rafael Cebrian. Don't get me wrong if this article was true it paints Emma in a very bad light but i am almost certain that it is not true and the writer is simply using half truths and outright lies to make a story.
  7. Glad to hear. As for the rumour i am almost certain it was completely made up so it really isn't a issue.
  8. That is quite possible. I did hear a rumour a few days ago on IMDb that we were going to see a bit of nudity from behind in Deathly Hallows Part 2 but i am reasonably certain that person was just making it up as even a naked arse would be a huge risk in a Harry Potter movie.
  9. I hate it when people do things like this. If you have something to say you should just come out and say it instead of pretty much saying "I know something that you don't and i am not going to tell you".
  10. Even if Emma was only at this club one night as part of a Bafta party it looks like she is going to be forever linked with it http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1365510/The-Box-Soho-inside-Britains-seediest-club-enjoyed-Prince-Harry.html
  11. According to another forum the friend is her step brother.
  12. Generally speaking i think Dan prefers older girls (he admits losing his virginity at 16 to a woman quite a bit older than himself) so i tend to not believe rumours or suggestions that Dan and Emma were some kind of couple back in the POA/GOF era.
  13. Unfortunately in order to have the locket scene Ron and Hermione couldn't have gotten together in HBP. If Ron and Hermione were together for months by the time they encountered the locket it wouldn't have had the same effect on Ron as he would have been reasonably certain that Hermione loved him as much as he loved her. Plus even with the locket's influence i doubt there is anything that could get Ron down for too long if he gets to snog and possibly shag Hermione on a regular basis in that tent.
  14. Here are some more images from the same shoot. http://www.hollyrude.com/index~id~21389.htm
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