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  1. I saw the movie, and I enjoyed it. It was good harmless fun where you can just forget anything for 2 hours. I know some people here are very snobby about film, I prefer to be open minded. I like a silly film where you don't have to think about anything - and this is perfect for that.
  2. Isn't this thread supposed to be about Bling Ring?
  3. I don't know who these 2 girls are, but they sound British to me, not American. It sounds like they are from East London.
  4. You did say that, because you basically said that fans have the right to know, the right to find out. What research are you talking about?
  5. HOW is where Emma in the world YOUR business? you are NOT her mum or dad, you are NOT her boyfriend (no matter how much you write horrible fan fiction to suggest otherwise) you are just an obseesed fan. She doesn't let people know where she is because a) it's her private business and 2) she DOESN'T WANT to be stalked by obsessive people.
  6. It scares me how obsessed some people are...
  7. Not a convention as such, though she and Rupert did a signing in France.
  8. You don't actually know what she is doing in California, i'm sure she is not there just to have lunch.
  9. Nobody said she was going to attend the event, somebody on here just said that there were rumours she was in L.A, so to look out for her inase she makes an appearence.
  10. Jonny, what is your POINT? Emma didn't ever say she didn't have pole lessons, so why are you saying she is a liar?
  11. I think at the time there was some confusion as to whether Emma was doing pole dancing for fun, or whether she was doing it for her role as Nicki. She took lessons for playing Nicki and so...? Some of my friends have learned pole dancing, it's a great form of exercise.
  12. Still waiting for you to show where it was said. You always try and make such a big deal out of nothing.
  13. where was it said? and wow...calm down, nobody killed anybody.
  14. Yes she did it for her role as Nicki....and?
  15. It was decided to just show basic information for the moment instead of displaying old & stale news stories. Emma is back studying, and so news is very slow right now.
  16. It's probably just the article as a whole that was rubbish, I don't know if the Daily Mail have ever actually written a true piece on her.
  17. as opposed to all the fake ones that are running around the place? ...
  18. Emma did not sit for this, and she won't be. I've seen a more advanced version of it than the pictures posted, but I too would be freaked out if someone made a wax model of me. :-s
  19. Exactly. I thought it was very clear, but I guess not everybody understood.
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