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  1. The Impossible--Naomi Watts should get the Oscar for this role!!!
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APgnhNqJ32w Wow!!! I guess when ya gotta go---ya gotta go!!
  3. Great idea. You'll get your best suggestions and ideas--in private.
  4. Great idea---and have all the BIG PHARMA thugs on that island along with them--UNARMED--let's see how long they survive. Karma is a b**ch!!!
  5. Hi Jo--- Do you have any plans in the near future, to meet with Emma? I'm just wondering if you'll have a chance to ask her some of our ?'s from last fall. Is she busy taking her last semester of classes, and graduating this year??
  6. Jon, sorry about your brother-in-law's brother. It's getting to be an epidemic in this country. I think along with the NRA, BIG PHARMA should be held responsible. I heard on the "news"that shooter at Sandy Hook was on 3 different types of anti-depressants/psychotropic drugs that cause homicidal/suicidal thoughts. You'll never see BIG PHARMA held accountable tho, because they're in bed with the government/media. Just look at the "news" shows, all you see are nasty drugs with disclaimers and all the side effects during commercial breaks Those ads are saying: If you take these drugs, they c
  7. I don't know how many GA fans are out there, but I'm addicted to this show!! It's on the Travel channel Fri/Sat nights. Zac, Nick and Aaron, have had some really cool encounters. Sometimes, the spirits will call them by name, and they will have a cool, hair-raising sensation around them. I love when they have their "midnight lockdowns"--using their EMF/infrared/ultra-violet equipment and meters. One of my favorites was in Salem MA, when they were in the Witch House. They actually picked up the energy of Bridget Bishop--the first women accused and hung for being a witch. After she sa
  8. HAPPY 2013!! I hope that 2013 sees our ship come in!!
  9. I thought it was pretty good--loved the scenery of New Zealand!! Is it my imagination or does Gandalf look a lot like Dumbledore?? I guess if you've seen one wizard-- you've seen them all. LOL!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIMoQHpvFQQ
  10. I heard that guy in CT was on several psychotropic drugs--mix that with guns, and you've got a real recipe for disaster!! Big pharma will never admit that their drugs are the problem here--all you need is to listen to the disclaimers on the drug ads--they're telling people these prescription drugs are going to kill you or others. This is really sick!! It seems its every year, there's several of these shootings--remember the Batman premiere?? Columbine???
  11. Those scumbags Rupert Murdoch/Piers Morgan should both be locked up and all their media control folded. They're part of the elitist cabal that controls the news. I love that Hugh Grant is leading the charge against this trash. He along with Sienna Miller, Jude Law, Jo Rowling, the McCanns(parents of little Madeline who was kidnapped in Portugal), and several in others, were in court to testify against these idiots.
  12. Hey Kris--those are my fav happy things this time of year too!! As for John Rutter--he's a great choral composer and his music is beautiful--but a "Superstar"--I don't think he'd consider himself as such.
  13. Yea, Kris, I would love to see a complete video of ALL the HP movies OUTTAKES--that would really be like watching home movies of these two. Also, the big after party that was held at Leavesden--in the Great Hall. Ummm..and what about some videos/pics of R/E serving ice cream from his Mr. Whippy's ice cream truck, the last day of filming. I'm sure somebody had a camera that day. Also, Happy Thanksgiving to all!!
  14. Yea, he looks fantastic with longer hair--his hair might be the perfect length by the time Beauty/Beast starts filming.
  15. Awww, the little kid looks confused. He looks like he's about 5-6 yrs old, and he's probably only seen SS and COS. In his mind, Hermione is a 9-10 yr old little girl. Most little kids under 6 have only seen the the first two movies, as it gets darker and scares them.
  16. Now this is adorable!! by wonderfulmagicalworld Is it my imagination, or is Emma's hair looking more ginger all the time?
  17. Be safe all--it's supposed to rain/snow/hail or in other words a "SNOWICANE"!!
  18. In their own words: The statement where she says "I had to go for Large" I think she was talking about the t-shirts she buys him. The statement he made "She's like a member of the family now"--meaning she's at the Grints' house when she's with Rupert. Remember what she said:"I'm going to meet Dan at restaurants (public), and Rupert at his house". (private) I think she texts Rupert now. He doesn't go on Twitter or Facebook. That would just be way too obvious!! How much longer will they try to hide their relationship???
  19. Jon--Dude---Kris is so going to put you in TO!! HIGH FIVE!!! On second thoughts I was just thinking-- maybe she was messing with us shippers---again!!! I'm sure her fellow Potter cast members would say quite the opposite!! I don't think she ever missed a chance to hug, kiss, admire, touch, laugh or hold her ginger man!! Remember---Emma is all PublicDA---Rupert in PrivateDA.
  20. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xLhO900pvI&list=FLIQKKPHibkiXY5cPcX7cY6Q&index=1&feature=plpp_video Ummmm.... The video-previously posted by Luciana (nice find)--says it all. She wants us all to think that she hasn't seen Rupert since July 2011--@ the NY premiere?? That's just sad. Btw, the above quote was made Sept 29, 2012--a few weeks ago.
  21. Did you all notice every time HR makes her entrance in the movies, she's always w/the Weasleys?? She just happens to be at the Burrow/or House of Black. I think JKR was setting the table early on for their marriage.
  22. Ummmmm.....ok--so how long did you say I have to stay in TO????
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