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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=59848MEPqgc what was james saying??? he said two things, but i couldn't understand. people are saying he kind of revealed something. does anyone know what he is saying???
  2. notice, whenever he, emma or somebody else is talking about his and emma's kiss or emma's love life , Rupert always drinks a ton of water. i also noticed that in the half blood prince press conferance too.
  3. now you guys are getting me excited! i'm going to see it in a couple hours!!!!
  4. i'm going to my grandparents house, so i can't go until the 18th. so upset!!!!
  5. you guys need to see rupert on regis and kelly! when the kiss came up before rupert could even say anyithing, kelly said " let me guess you guys are like brother and sister" but the way she said it is just perfect, like she doesn't believe it but she's heard that line so many times that she's mocking it. you have to go see it.
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=32C3k3S57UA this is soo cute. awww rupert. i love dan! Dan: are you ok? Rupert: yeah, yeah dan: Not you!!!
  7. can someone post a link to the speeches
  8. i just read this article in which dan says he and emma give each other dating advice. I find this really funny. I bet i know who he is giving emma advice on i wonder is he's giving rupert dating advice to. i can soo imagine dan trying to matchmake them. I love that idea!
  9. This is a BTS pic. You see how emma moves her legs so one of her leg is pressing against ruperts leg. BOBY LANGUAGE!!!!
  10. Sorry i haven't been on for a long time. I've been busy with exams, but now it's summer! here a picture i thought was cute.
  11. her and johnny simmons are costars. there's pictures of them walking together. and there is a picture that could be of them kissing, but its impossible to tell. you can only see emma and you cant see where her lips are.
  12. the look he's giving her in the half blood prince premire is just love, they are love. there is another hald blood prince premire pic where emma is looking at him the same exact way. notice the half blood prince premire is post-kiss.
  13. haha! if dan is doing that, than that's so funny. i actually can imagine dan doing that. i always love when they're talking about the dan and emma kiss, rupert always brings up his and emma's kiss. For someone who apparently felt nothing in the kiss, he sure talks about it a lot.
  14. haha! DAN!!!! thank you. he pretty much just admitted that they like each other. no, sadly i don't know where the interview is from, but i would really like to know so if anyone finds it please tell me.
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