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  1. Hi! I'm Back. I can't still get over with these two. So how are you guys doing now?
  2. "I miss you both dearly". Gosh, When I heard this from her, all I thought was only Rupert. Lol Yeah, I'm looking forward for their engagement hahaha. If that will happen, thats the time I can die. I wish they'll work together again with more kissing scenes too. What do u think shippers?
  3. Well, I keep voting for them nonstop. Gosh, I'm so excited for their individual movies. But what I'm looking forward is that I hope they'll end up together! hahaha
  4. Oh, Its good to be back. Finally this site is already working in my computer. I've been trying to get in here since after the HP part 2 but the site can't reload the page. I'm happy to be back and continue to ship Rupert and Emma!!! I hope you guys still remember me.
  5. Thats the kiss Im talking about! Its not just acting, its real! Theres something in rupert's eyes. By the way, I think thats not rupert's adam apple, its his sternocleidomastoid muscle..
  6. My link "I'm trying to erase it from my mind," Grint told Dose.ca this summer, flashing back on the experience. As for Watson, she old OK! magazine: "Rupert was the weirdest. ... I just had to remind myself, I am an actress. I am Hermione, this is a role -- but it was really hard." OMG, that's all because of the kiss. Rupert said "he's trying" but still cannot because that kiss is already a tattoo in his mind. and here is Emma, saying "Rupert was the weirdest. ... I just had to remind myself, I am an actress. I am Hermione, this is a role -- but it was really hard." Oh come on Emma, why do
  7. ...lol...but let's just take note the word "yesterday" there...
  8. GOSH...shipper this is it!!! they were out again yesterday!! here is the link http://twitter.com/#!/keneseliang
  9. It says "Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!" it doesn't work anymore....grrrrrh!!...I wanna see it!!!...is it really true?
  10. Really? OMG, I wish that rumor is true!....lol...is there an article saying whether Rupert Grint or Emma Watson is in LA?
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jR8GSFV5GCw&feature=related The couple..
  12. Wow... Emma Watson will be the star of Beauty and the Beast! I wonder who will be the beast,My link].....I think Rupert is perfect to play the role "beast"...lol what do ya'll think?
  13. really? She was looking at her left? ahhhhh! where's that video? can u post it?
  14. The movie was great!. as well as the kiss!!!.....I def think that these two are together now because of the kiss!!! wooooh!
  15. You mean this one? The 3rd pic of this site http://loveemmawatson.tumblr.com/
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