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  1. breakfast- peanut butter toast, grapefruit, chex mix with nuts lunch- watermelon, a bananna, carrots dipped in hommus dinner- turkey sandwhich on rye bread with a slice of cheese snack- 3 peppermint patties sounds like a lot lol
  2. I remember you Welcome to the new forums Tara
  3. Yay, I'm so excited It does suck that it's not until October but in a way that's kind of a good thing. We have the movie to look forward to in July and once that's over we still have Pottermore coming up in a few months. Keeps the excited going even after the series is finally over
  4. -overslept and missed my first class resulting in having to read and outline an entire chapter before work -argued with my mom -drove through a thunderstorm and made it to my shift just in time, finding out i had to work register when i wasn't supposed to which totally ruined my day -left work and took a crazy detour to get back to school because the roads are all messed up -now i'm sitting here (for the past 2 hours) starving waiting for my class to start and stressing out about the test we're having i'm just having a really bad week. blah
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    Stressed and bummed
  6. Waiting for my class to start so I can take my test, rush home, and finally eat something =/
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    I miss being a kid
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