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  1. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I don't think I said she is seeking fame or that I'm against feminism, I just stated my opinion and you all getting defensive. Apparently, you are not even welcoming other opinions who are not agreeing with you and another thing is I studied about feminism and I'm aware of it as I'm English Literature student. You need to accept other opinions and not attacking everyone and going on on thinking they are thinking of something else as you said she is not see
  2. ^ Dear, I'm a woman myself and I guess there are other cases could be good to open other people's mind about as well as feminism, but anyway I don't like to discuss this more with you as your attitude is annoying and so defensive!
  3. well, even Robinson Crusoe is good. I guess you are aware that literature is not just about "feminist" and as I said if it was about literature in general, it would be more appealing and this is my point of view. I'm not forcing you to accept what I say, but there are many other topics in literature it would be good to discuss these from different analysis theories. Hope you read about this to be more informative instead of getting annoyed or whatever it is!
  4. This is really interesting, but I guess if was more about just books in general maybe it would be more appealing to everyone. I'm actually not interested of the feminist books much, yet it would be great to give it a try! Ashley feminist books mostly talking about women's rights, rights for education and equality. These are the major themes of every book!
  5. Having Green Tea and chatting with a friend
  6. I rarely reply to any topic, but seriously you consider what you are doing as "normal"? I feel like you are far faaaar away from what is called normal! One more thing, could you just understand that Emma will not reply to you in the forum. For God sake just understand this and stop your personal topics about what you like and what you would like to do regarding Emma's opinion!
  7. Soooooo beautiful darling <3 thanks a lot!
  8. ^ I already followed you there! Anyway, when you open your account you will find "reading list" at the left aide and there's "Add" click on it and follow others using their blog link >< just copy the link and past it to and follow. Is this clear? I feel like I made it complicated.
  9. I use blogspot. Actually I don't write there much, I just use it to upload some of the photos I take. I'm not that good in writing stuff! And here's ma blog http://dreamzyphotography.blogspot.com
  10. PinkBerry (Frozen Yogurt) Books Kik Whatsapp
  11. The Woman in Black by Susan Hill (didn't watch the movie)
  12. Bryan Adams - Everything I Do I Do it For You
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