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    Grabbing people up by the straps of their boots and off their knees and onto their feet. This seems to work best with a determined attitude and a positive, passionate, purposeful frame of mind.
    Reading, instrument playing, languages, and psychology. Cycling and running.
    Throwing away reservations of self-judgment and learning to know and knowing to learn that no one will ever love me like I love myself.
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  1. I think this is such an interesting topic you raise. I believe experiences are different for everyone according to their circumstances. I had some tough teenage years and was generally different from a lot of my peers. Circumstances were such that I had never given myself the time to experiment and socialize with friends because of the complexity of familial issues I was dealing with. I'm in my twenties now and I can partially relate to how you feel. I think what I confront now are different issues and complexity with personal relationships. I have been able to approach both my past and my c
  2. Sipping my second cup of tea and listening to jazz music before bed. Super relaxing.
  3. Kim!!!! You were an awesome moderator. I know I haven't been around so much the past year, but thanks for all the time you contributed to the forum. Good luck in whatever you're up to!
  4. Happy belated, Arie! I hope you are doing well.
  5. Kim.

    I'm back!

    Welcome back, Ashley! Supremely glad you're happy and feeling better! I thought about you recently when I was browsing the forum. Good to know you're back! xo.
  6. I'm already planning into next year.
  7. Amen. I was at a candlelight vigil at my church to mourn and pray for the families and victims affected by that tragedy this week. ---- Please pray for me, I've had an internal struggle all day today that started right after I left my church service. I think there was something in the sermon that struck a place of the past in me and offered mixed consolation. I will meditate on those words over the next few days. Also, I've felt a little down all day but I know that won't last for long, but I'm a bit upset now because I know someone who I'm starting to care about a whole lot and this p
  8. Talking to a girl friend of mine. She's awesome!
  9. Hey all, Apologies if this is a topic somewhere in the "Help Desk" forum, though I'm pretty sure I double-checked prior to making a duplicate thread. I recently received a new laptop and started using the Forum on my laptop. The browser I use is Internet Explorer 9 (Update 9.0.8) [no jokes, please lol]. I didn't like my previous experiences on Firefox or Chrome (though, I'm talking a few years ago...haven't tried since). Anyway, when I go to a friend's profile and type a comment, then press "submit" it will submit duplicate (double) comments to the person's profile (and possibly send
  10. I will do Revan. I miss talkin' to ya. Great talk last time, though! ------- Guys (and girls), please pray for my friend. I won't name the person by name, but they just woke me up half an hour ago and I'm talking them through something. It's already 2am, and I had been set to sleep, but wherever the Spirit calls to lead me, including being up at almost 2:30am, I will go if I can make a difference to someone.
  11. Indeed, and many people who are down on 'luck' fail to acknowledge even these little but necessary things sometimes. I've done it before. Of course! ----- I'm grateful for the gifts which God has given me. I was able to use one of them tonight--cooking--and again astounded my sister and her son. I'm also grateful my prayers were answered this week for finding a job. Income's been really tight since my surgery a few months ago. I didn't just get one job, but two jobs (looong story), and though as overwhelming as they can possibly become, I know God has a reward for me at the end of th
  12. I am seeking spiritual renewal, especially in dealing with a high-priority issue in my community. So much new work.
  13. I don't care if you posted 5 months ago, Kimmeh. And oops, yeah re-read that conversation lmao. I laughed so hard. Well, one of the only's? --- Not only would I like to live on a Greek island one day, I'm also considering Fiji. Someone I know, who is on vacation, posted a picture. *drool* It seems so calming and soothing. Ahhh!
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