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  1. I came across this amazing post in reddit, one of the best I have ever read about the R/Hr relationship. It talks about how bickering forms an important part of their relationship to balance out each others flaws. https://www.reddit.com/r/harrypotter/comments/3940zv/in_defense_of_ron_and_hermione_arguing/ Why don't all the people out there who chastise R/Hr for their constant arguments see through and realize the importance of them bickering? I think the movies played its part as it showed Hr as a perfect superwoman while reducing Ron to a mere sidekick.
  2. @ Romione_Sim. Yeah, that's the best thing to do. Lets forget that there was even a book called Cursed Child. For me the Harry Potter series ends on Platform 9 3/4 19 years after the war. By the way I watched the Fantastic Beasts movie. It was pretty good I liked it a lot. I have'nt read the book, but I heard that it doesn't have much of a relation with the book. I think JKR herself handling the screenplay instead of Kloves made a whole lot of difference. Personally, I do not like the HP movies much compared to the books (except for the first 2) since it deviated too much away from the book
  3. I usually don't like fan fiction unless they are very true to canon and if the characters stay true to character. But I was simply bowled over by this great work by a RHR shipper who compiled together many chapters of missing Ron and Hermuone moments from all books. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/6922387/1/Moments What I liked the most was how Ron and Hermione are perfectly Ron and Hermione in her stories. Chapters 1,2,6.15 and 29 are some of my favourites. This FF has got rave reviews from many users and is totally worth reading. Unfortunately, the author stops midway through Deathly Hallo
  4. I have started re-reading the 'original books' just so as to forget this entire cursed child saga. Yes, the R/Hr moments were fine, but there are far too many things to dislike about the book that I do not even want to accept this book as canon. I found all characters except Ginny and Prof McGonagall behaving out of character. I totally hated the fact was Ron was made to look just like a sidekick for comic relief passing stupid jokes in the worst of circumstances. I just do not think he would ever gift a love potion to anyone after what one such thing did to him. I hated the fact that Her
  5. Well, I have finished reading what would probably be the last of the original HP stories.. :sigh: To be honest, I am very disappointed. Yes I had already read all the spoilers beforehand, but I had a hope that things would be better when I read the script. The writing surely did not have the JKR touch. I felt that reading the script leaves out a lot of stuff and you do not get as involved in the story as when you read a novel. Not to talk about the ordinary plot and plotholes. Many characters seemed to behave out of character. I liked the R/Hr moments, but, they are no way close to the gr
  6. Finally got my copy.. Took a day off from work specifically to read and re-read the book. Shall share my thoughts with you guys, but I generally hear/read -ve reviews..
  7. I totally agree with both of your comments. The reason why we liked Ron and Hermione is because their relatioship was developed very well over the books- both had their flaws- but the transition from the bad start to friendship to Jealousy and finally falling for each other, was developed very well gradually over the years. I don't think we would have liked the relationship if it was rushed into all of a sudden. Rowling may have decided to pair up Ron and Hermione when she conceptualized the story in the beginning and developed the plot accordingly, but some people think that she forced the
  8. After reading all the spoilers, the RHr shipper in me jumps with joy, but as a fan of the Harry Potter series, I am totally disappointed with the plot. For anyone who wants to have a sneak peek at the RHr moments, here is the link. ** SPOILER ALERT: DO NOT CLICK IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO READ SPOILERS *** http://victorkrvm.tumblr.com/post/145721923231/happy-hinny-and-romione-spoilers-from-part-two ********************************* I shall share my thoughts on these later when we are allowed to..
  9. Welcome to the forum Ronmione.. Glad to see more people joining us here rooting for the best couple in the world. Yes, you are spot on when you said RHr is the only well developed relationship in the entire series. JKR did so well making the relationship evolve from year to year- but it felt very strange when she made some of those comments about the relationship afterwards. Even though she did'nt directly imply anything, such comments were totally unnecessary and blown out of proportion by others. Anyway, the first previews of Cursed Child part I and II are over, and there are lot of spoil
  10. Well, I have no clue about how could Rupert Grint make such a stinging comment about R/Hr relationship, which has left us all RHr shippers gasping. To be frank, I have always been a book purist. Book Ron and Book Hermione would always stay in my heat as a made for each other couple who definitely had some flaws. An actor who has gelled well with the character he portrays, would have never made such a comment.
  11. Yes, both Ron and Hermione have made mistakes, and that is one of the reasons why I consider this relationship to be a realistic. Ron should never have channelized his insecurities and frustrations on Hermione. At the same time, Hermione's continuous insistence to Ron that she and Krum were just friends, was wrong. Acts like praising Harry's fanciability right in front of Ron(probably to arouse jealousy), and her comments in the changing room after Ron's Quidditch game in HBP, were gross mistakes. Anyway, all these proved to be learning experiences for the couple to correct their mistakes. Hen
  12. Superb posts Mr Pumpkinhead, cbmac. Totally agree with you. It was obvious from CoS that the relationship was blossoming. I am sure, Hermione was very much aware of Ron's feelings for her, from PoA onwards. You have one particular scene in the PoA book, which is similar to the awkward shake hands scene in the CoS movie. When Hermione breaks down hugging Ron after they reconcile, Ron becomes terrified awkwardly patting Hermione, and looked very relieved when she let go of him. in GoF, Hermione clearly hoped to get invited to the Yule Ball by Ron- she seemed more interested in Ron's comments a
  13. Thanks friend. Yes, I love that added scene- the expression of Hermione's face was brilliant. Today(21st July) is 8 years since we got to know that our dear couple became finally official! 8 years ago, on the same day, the final book was launched. Can't believe it has already been 8 years, time has been flying. I still remember jumping in elation after finding out that the trio were safe aaaaaand R/Hr finally got together..!!
  14. There are also many subtlle things about R/Hr which I enjoyed a lot like : Aren't you a witch/Aren't you a wizard moments in Book 1 and 7. And how Ron remembers Gamp's Law of Transfiguration in Book 7, from Hermione's explanation even though he was irritated by it And the "Always the tone of surprise" by Hermione to Ron's "Always the tone of surprise" was cute And as mentioned in the earlier post Ron took to heart what Hermione told him in Book 4 and sure enough did "pluck up the courage and asked her out before someone else does"...
  15. Wow... That's a brilliant post- it sums up everything as to why Ron and Hermione are a great couple! Thanks for sharing it. I always like the way Ron protects and defends Hermione from Malfoy and Snape. And even from Harry's bad temper... And love the way they both bicker over small issues. If not for their bickering, would this relationship have so much heat?
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