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  1. Listening to Audiomachine. -perfect.shivers
  2. 8 Cupcakes? -perfect.shivers
  3. Got past my chores [finished them] now looking forward to an enjoyable afternoon. -perfect.shivers
  4. Still chatting on MSN. I'm learning some C++ stuff as well. -perfect.shivers
  5. All your stuff is showing up, tis all there. My laptop had a similar silly problem a little while back, except with my graphics. -perfect.shivers
  6. Listening to Travie Mccoy. -perfect.shivers
  7. Banned because my brother is playing Halo. -perfect.shivers
  8. Oh, thankey for much. [= 10! -perfect.shivers
  9. perfect.shivers


    Minecraft. -perfect.shivers
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