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  1. Before my mother died i thought that there was no such thing as life after death. but when she died my mind altered and maybe that was due to grief i do not know. Either way I believe that in some way there is life after death, there has to be.
  2. I have travelled most of this bloody country recently due to my bf being in the Royal Navy. So i travel to Portsmouth, Plymouth, London, Lincoln and even to Yeovil in Somerset. I drive everywhere for that man but I am thankful for it as I have seen some beautiful cities and towns. Somerset was my favorite, the countryside was beautiful.
  3. I am in love with this game, I have completed it on Normal and ive decided to start it again but on highest difficulty ohhhh yeah. The game is slick, action packed and clever. I enjoyed her story and the origin of Lara Croft. I also love how she isnt perfect, she screams, moans in pain and cripples over in agony. Love those little details.
  4. ^ by attacking everyone in my way haha. And i havent accomplished it yet, its very hard lol.
  5. I have all the Sims 3 expansions and a few stuff packs. I love to play it every now and then.
  6. Thank youuuuuu love it. Wish i could do graphics so i could give you one back lol.
  7. Bought the game on release day and omg I love it!!!!
  8. ^I have finished the game on high chaos. Now im restarting to get the ghost trophy. SO HARD lol
  9. To be honest I havent played Skyrim, only ever saw my brother or boyfriend playing it. So i cant speak from experience. Personally it is a strategic game just like Hitman, but set with magic and set in the past with no gadgets etc. So you have a gun and a sword. Personally I love it. Every action you take changes the game, so its pretty cool.
  10. Bought this game the other day after IGN going mental over it. And my god I loooove it!!!! I have already finished it by killing everyone in my path, and now im restarting to do it stealth like. I love it. Graphics, the story, and the powers just makes this a flawless game. Anyone else play?
  11. Imagine


    You guys who smoke get on some medication called Champix. Its brilliant. You take the pills and it stops you from smoking, geniunely does. I did it for a week and i tried a cig and my god it was disgusting to me because of the pills. It tasted nasty and the smell was horrible too. I put it out after two puffs. I havent smoked now for about 4 months. I got mine through my GP though.
  12. She finally has a iphone!!! she looks great and her hair has grown so much.
  13. Read all three, i knew it was a twilight fan fiction before this so i was expecting it to be cheesy like twilight. But I was wrong, it is a grown up story. It is about a girl who falls in love with a charismatic billionaire Christian Grey. But Christian is a controlling character, and it makes it good because he is complexing. Yeah there is a lot of sex in it, and its very graphic. But hey nothing wrong with erotica. Each book reveals more and more about him, and thats what i like about it. Plus it is better written than Twilight.
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