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  1. Welcome back! Its nice to see dedicated people coming back to the forums, even if I don't know them. Also cool to have another Whovian here. ;D -perfect.shivers
  2. Haven't been able to access the chat in the last hours. I'm getting the following error; [#CSTART-0] There was an error connecting with the chat room. Please notify an administrator. Maybe its just me. Hopefully it clears up then. Thanks. -perfect.shivers
  3. Been with mates lately, haven't been on the internets. Tis not a bad thing of course. -perfect.shivers
  4. Thanks BoMa. [= -perfect.shivers
  5. Excited! -perfect.shivers
  6. Haven't posted here in a while. O= Loved the new series, I'm making way too many graphics of it. But it was very enjoyable - and I found that a lot of the acting has improved although I still find Rory to be a bit dull. ]= Oh well, brilliant overall. I'm watching seasons 1-5 and then re-watching what there is of season 6 until 'Lets Kill Hitler'. =D -perfect.shivers
  7. Chat isn't working for me. D= -perfect.shivers
  8. Writing a schedule for my summer. -perfect.shivers
  9. perfect.shivers


    Content. -perfect.shivers
  10. Brilliantly sunny with thin white clouds. -perfect.shivers
  11. The pinks and purples....so lovely. You should be proud! ;D -perfect.shivers
  12. Want a new laptop lol. -perfect.shivers
  13. Might watch some Doctor Who seeing as there is really not much to do. Or do a 'conference call' with friends. -perfect.shivers
  14. I want to write, but my laptop is dead. >.< -perfect.shivers
  15. perfect.shivers


    Disappointed. -perfect.shivers
  16. Awww, thankee so much! [= -perfect.shivers
  17. Beautiful update! ;D -perfect.shivers
  18. perfect.shivers


    Breathless. -perfect.shivers
  19. Banned as of bananas. -perfect.shivers
  20. Going for a run and then watching tv with father. Or the other way 'round, don't know yet. -perfect.shivers
  21. Yay, Jade approves! ;P Thankkee Surya. [= I'll tell my father that we should start watching it soon, it looks like a very cool show - and it'll be nice to have a new show to make graphics of. I'm going to make some Star Trek graphics...maybe. I'll see if I can find some ok quality screencaps, otherwise I'll have to do it maself. -perfect.shivers
  22. perfect.shivers


    Nonchalant? -perfect.shivers
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