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  3. Thank you for the lovely comments Amy Macdonald
  4. Thank you.. It's far from my first though. I have lots more, not just of Emma which I will upload when I get the chance.. Here are a few more for now though Katherine Jenkins Katie Melua Mary-Jess
  5. Just something I made up... and now set as my new desktop background
  6. Amy's awesome, I absolutely love her! <3 I saw her in October at the Lowry, Salford which is a small intimate venue. It was a seated concert but she had the audience up and dancing along, it was an amazing atmosphere and the music was beautiful, her vocals were perfect. As soon as I saw more dates were added for this spring I just had to book up again, this time for Sheffield City Hall. Guilty most certainly not! Pleasure definitely! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38dLVIPWvA4
  7. Thank you so much! I get so many compliments on my make up, I love it!
  8. In the last year I have seen Katie Melua and Amy Macdonald live. I'm going to see Any Macdonald again in Sheffield in March
  9. I download a lot of my music from Amazon and listen through Amazon Cloud Player across my devices. But if it's an artist I really like I will buy the CD, I go to a lot of concerts and usually get them signed. The last CD I brought was Songs From The Silver Screen by Jackie Evancho <3
  10. Mumford & Sons - Lover Of The Light <3
  11. I really can't wait for Doctor Who this year. For me the last two series have focused way too much on the relationship between Amy, Rory and River Song and less on the Doctor himself. In the Christmas special for the first time we saw a more human side to Matt Smith's Doctor after losing Amy & Rory, it reminded me much of David Tennant's Doctor towards the end. Asylum of the Daleks is by far my favourite episode since Moffatt took over, it is Doctor Who at it's best! I love the introduction of Jenna-Louise Coleman as Clara, we may have only seen her in two episodes but her character is a
  12. Thanks A lot of people have asked me what I would prefer them to call me and I just tell them whatever they feel most comfortable with, but I do like it when people call me Danielle. Eventually I will tell people to call me Danielle or Dani all the time
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