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    Nervous. -perfect.shivers
  2. @Raindrops - Oh Kim closed it. I'll start experimenting again, I've had no one to tell me too in a while even though I should've done. Thank you though. =P @Boma - Thankee. [= --- update; --- Exams in a few hours, wish me luck! ;D -perfect.shivers
  3. @Surya - Thank you so much, I've only now started to like my stuff a bit. Means so much, your colors are so very lovely. ;D @LoverBoy - Thank yoo. ^.^ -perfect.shivers
  4. In love with your colors. <3 -perfect.shivers
  5. Bio; Name - Josh Gender - Male Birthdate - 1996 Hobbies - Graphic making, reading, running, writing Delicious foods - Pizza pops, chocolate. TV shows - Doctor Who;Star Trek;X-files;lots... Books - Harry Potter;Eragon;Twilight[shup yoo ;P];Redwall Country - Canada Heritage - Asian;European Tumblr - perfectshivers Artists - Linkin Park;Green Day;Hollywood Undead;eDIT --- Graphic info; Program - Photoshop [CS5] Experience - 1+ year Requests - Just ask, will or will not [depends]. Tutorials - Link --- Examples; More... --- Onwards; If you like my graphics or wish t
  6. Cannot find my glasses. >.< -perfect.shivers
  7. Missed your beautiful walls. And they've only gotten better. <3 -perfect.shivers
  8. So much running lately... -perfect.shivers
  9. Debating whether to talk to a certain someone or not. -perfect.shivers
  10. perfect.shivers


    Worn out. -perfect.shivers
  11. perfect.shivers


    Nervous. -perfect.shivers
  12. Hi everyone, thanks for all your comments. <3 Sorry that I've been gone for so long, but I'm back for now. Here's some [Doctor Who] graphics; -look for them in my new showcase- If you'd like me to do a siggy for you like the ones above, I will be accepting requests though the time I make them in will vary from a few days to hours. I'll be back online in a few days as I have exams tomorrow and the next, but summer is after that so I'm back for a while. ;D ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT:Mm could an admin/mod del
  13. Beautiful graphics, hope to see more soon. =D -perfect.shivers
  14. Gorgeous graphics as usual. <3 -perfect.shivers
  15. Missed your graphics, love the new icon set. [= -perfect.shivers
  16. perfect.shivers


    Slightly guilty. -perfect.shivers
  17. Ooh, nice set. Me likey. [= -perfect.shivers
  18. Thanks Boma, I'll make some attempts! -perfect.shivers
  19. Hai. I have Photoshop CS5, and I am absolutely stumped on how to separate an object from the picture, properly. I've tried magic eraser, and then magic wand - but nooop, I cannot get anything/anyone out of a picture onto a transparent background. Everyone here is amazing at graphics so, help possibly please? [= -perfect.shivers
  20. Tons of English questions. I'm much to tired for this. >.< -perfect.shivers
  21. perfect.shivers

    I Miss

    I miss a special friend of mine. -perfect.shivers
  22. perfect.shivers


    Very sleepy. -perfect.shivers
  23. Watching Yogcast. =D -perfect.shivers
  24. perfect.shivers


    Undecided. -perfect.shivers
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