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  1. I haven't logged into this account in four years. But over the many years, you guys and this community have meant a lot to me. Is anyone still here?
  2. Title says it all. Who here reddits?
  3. Found this on Reddit. It touched me.
  4. I have read the Bhagavad Gita and I have studied it with faith and love; it is one of my most beloved holy books. Lord Krishna reveals as the supreme divine secret the rejection of all dharmic yogas and instead embracing Love as most supreme! Krishna, being the very seat of Brahman, is Love incarnate. That is the quintessential message of the Old and New Testaments! Like the Vedantic religion, the Jewish religious elite put a heavy and unbearably religious doctrine on the people. Jesus, like Krishna, taught people to give this up entirely and embrace Love! The Gita says that Krishna wou
  5. I love all you guys so much. Just read this thread, this is great.
  6. I spent some time partying up in Idaho, was a bit fun. I am now in Salt Lake City, UT, and the journey has been .. interesting .. I made it in one day, and definitely met some interesting people. One guy picked me up and gave me a bunch of provisions, including some that my lizard enjoyed very much. He was a cool dude. Another guy literally kicked me out of his car in the middle of nowhere in northern Utah; he mentioned Jesus and we got into a conversation, I mentioned how Christ and God are one, and he got *very* angry. A very nice Latter Day Saint lady picked me up not two minutes afte
  7. I think that any government that hides information from it's people (read: ALL of them) is worthy of being disassembled; therefore, I am on Assange's side, and I am glad at least that Ecuador is taking him in. ~Revan
  8. Revan


    Any EWers who are into any aspect of the Goth scene? I was pretty big into it in Florida, specifically the Industrial/EBM/rivethead side of Goth. ~Revan
  9. My schedule: Mountains Hiking Reading Writing ~Revan
  10. Junction City was awful. Ended up staying there for three days. There's literally nothing there except a truck stop, a liquor store, and a lake .. we had fun anyway. I did make it to Denver via a *very* good hitch. ~Revan
  11. Hey, y'all. Posting an update. I've been headed west through Kansas for some time with my martial arts master buddy. We've made it probably about forty to fifty miles outside of Topeka, at Junction City. The road to Denver has been slow, but we're getting there. ~Revan
  12. Doesn't sound ridiculously stupid, love. I love your questions .. you know this. Questions, comments .. I welcome them all. I use the Internet at the library. One of the few frivolous possessions I keep with me is my laptop; it's very convenient to still have all of my information and data available. -- In other news, GOOD NEWS Y'ALL. I have a ride to Denver, CO! The most amazing thing happened .. I was laying in my tent when I up and decided to go out into town. There's a pizza place that hands out free pizza at around 10:45pm, and I picked up a whole pizza from them. I found some lo
  13. Learned that one of my best friends is going to be joining me on the trail! I eagerly await them here in Kansas. That means I'm laid over here still for a while, and once we meet up .. mountains. ~R
  14. Go for it. The opportunity is always there. Not much has happened in the past few days. A lot of writing and thinking, hanging out with the people I've met here in Lawrence. Fellow protestor got arrested for a day, but bailed out. My lizard got really drunk one night, though. >_> ~R
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