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  1. I love reading your posts, Joe. It's really cool to just read into people's lives and the wonderful things that happen to them!
  2. I think that the testaments are written but the interpretation changes as society changes over time. Plus, everyone's different, and so many people can have different interpretations of the same text or idea.
  3. that's fantastic! and welcome, I don't think I've seen you around before. I just went to the diwali celebration at my school and I got to hear some hindu prayers which was fantastic. If you wish, you can post some general info about hinduism in the "learning about new religions" thread!
  4. awwwww that is so sweet Joe!! I seriously love little kids, they are the best and they learn how to overcome situations so fast!
  5. I think that's pretty common with young followers of religions now! I think that more young people are realizing they can be devoted to their religion but also change with society. It's very important to be adaptable!
  6. heh...I'm procrastinating on an essay that I have to write I am also eating soup. and waiting for my tea to brew.
  7. Yup, I've seen this a lot and I've heard it, too. My anthro. prof says her boyfriend's mom is SUPER catholic and there are crosses over every doorway, she prays about everything, etc. At my house, I have a crucifix in my room that's been there forever and I can't bear to take it down, but maybe someday I'll hang a cross that's more my style in there I think the same thing; it's nice to know that there are other people besides my boyfriend who think the same! I think there is One God but He is comprised of many different beings and he brought all religions/faiths to the earth in the forms
  8. Although it is important to study the old testament, Joe is right - the old testament doesn't really apply to born-again christians or many christian denominations. However, in some denominations like Catholicism, there are readings from the new and old testament, and one of the gospels at church.
  9. I've actually been researching paganism and wicca just out of personal interest. I was talking with my boyfriend about what I want to do when we move into an apartment together and I said I wanted to do a native american smudging ceremony to get rid of bad energy. If it makes us feel better, why not? If it has actual spiritual properties then it'll work. If not, then I'll just be waving around a stick of sage, you know? No harm, no foul. Learning about smudging led me to research paganism. I had known a bit about it but I wanted to find out more. One thing I've noticed is that at a lot of wicc
  10. Yep, I was raised Catholic I've found myself on a spiritual journey lately and it's been very difficult but also very rewarding. I'm content with not labeling myself as anything in particular and forming my own relationship with God - I know He will reveal all things to me in His time. So I'm cool with that! Ok so here's the thing I didn't like about Catholicism. Yes, it was hard to connect with God through the formality of it all, and I also didn't agree with all of the doctrines of the Church. I'm not much into tradition and to be quite honest, Catholicism is dying out. People are sick of
  11. Yeah I read the book "Girl Meets God" this summer and it's about a Jewish woman who converts to Christianity and I thought it'd be good but it really wasn't. You might like it, I don't know. It was funny in some parts but it was just meh to me. I thought it'd be much more heartfelt but the way she experiences Christianity is different from the way I do it so it was just okay I guess. And Arie's totally right, I bet Holocaust memoirs would be fantastic! My boyfriend just got back from the holocaust museum in DC the other day and he LOVED it. He said it was gritty and intense but fantastic. A li
  12. yes! also, I think Gabrielle Giffords, the 16 year old olympic gymnast, is a Christian and there was someone else, as well, but I forget who he was :/
  13. I can give you a couple of reccomendations, such as the book "Weird" by Greg Groeshel (not sure if that's exactly how it's spelled), not quite an autobiography but still good. Also, if you haven't read it, Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller is FANTASTIC.
  14. yep it's true! which is awesomeeee is that you joe?? new usernames always get me
  15. I will pray for you kim, arie, and the victims in colorado. Please keep me in your prayers as I just registered for my first teaching exam and need to pick a day, time, etc. It was a little spur of the moment but I pray I'm prepared! thanks all.
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